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Joe Veres confirms release from the UFC

Lightweight fighter Joe Veres confirmed his release from the UFC via a message board post under his official account on the Underground Forum at

Veres was 0-2 while competing in the UFC. He made his debut for the promotion at UFC Fight Night 11 on September 19 and was knocked out by Gray Maynard just 0:09 into round one. He last fought at UFC Fight Night 12 on January 23, where he lost to Corey Hill via TKO at 0:37 of round two.

Veres is just one of multiple fighters to have been released from their UFC contracts. Many fighters have had their profiles removed from in recent weeks but so far Veres, David Terrell, Hermes Franca, and Doug Evans are the only confirmed fighters to be released.

While it’s never a good thing to see someone lose their job, these releases could be considered good for the careers of the respective fighters listed. In the case of Terrell and Franca, it’s been reported that they requested to be let go. As for Evans and Veres, they now have the freedom to seek fights elsewhere as opposed to being stuck in a state of limbo.

  • Jeremy says:

    Not a big surprise with Veres and Evans at all. Terrell, what are you going to do with him, he never fights, so nothing really crazy there besides the fact he wanted more money. Franca is a bit of a surprise since he is on suspension right now. He’s a pretty good fighter in the lightweight division of the UFC, I wonder what’s up with him.

  • bjjdenver says:

    Jeremy, scroll down the home page a bit and there is a story detailing Franca’s situation.

    Franca-Great guy who made a mistake and owned it. The result? Double the suspension of guys that cheated and lied about it. Great job CSAC! I expect him back in the UFC, but it wouldn’t bother me if EXC or someone came in and got him PAID! He is a family guy who supports his family through mma and this was a devastating blow to him financially and career wise. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve the punishment, but his should have been 6 months also, or Baroni and Sherk should have gotten 12 months as well.

    Evans-The UFC LW is loaded with good fighters. I was a little surprised to see Evans let go, but I think he can be a solid performer for another promotion.

    Veres-Just to many quality lws in the UFC.

    Terrell–Man, get healthy, I want to see him freakin’ get it going. I expect him to end up with EXC.

  • Jeremy says:

    Thanks bjjdenver, I actually saw it after i wrote that originally. Agree with your thoughts on the 4 fighters as well. Evans is fighting on an upcoming ShoXC card at 140lbs., should be interesting to see how he does with them. Terrell would be a decent addition to the EliteXC middleweight division, he could be an excellent addition if he can ever manage to stay healthy.


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