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5 Oz. of Pain sponsored fighter LeVon Maynard set to fight TONIGHT in Virginia


Welterweight prospect and sponsored fighter LeVon Maynard is scheduled to return to the ring tonight in a 170 pound matchup against Jay R. Palmer.

The bout will be the co-main event of Combat Sports Challenge 23 at Toad’s Place in Richmond, Virginia. Doors for the 14-bout Pro/Am card open at 6:30 p.m. ET with the first bout scheduled for 7:30 p.m. ET.

On behalf of the entire 5 Oz. staff, I’d like to wish LeVon the best of luck in his fight tonight. He has a big future ahead of him in MMA and tonight’s fight will put him one step closer to reaching his dreams.

For more information about the show, please go to the Combat Sports Challenge web site.

The entire card is as follows:

Amateur Bouts…

  • Antwone Collier (Ruff Houser MMA) vs. Todd Gimian (Team Combat)
  • Ruben Lopez (The Wat) vs. John Bradley (Hybrid Academy)
  • Julian Handschuh (Black and Blue) vs. John Hope (Team Combat)
  • Erin Grayson (The Wat) vs. Vanessa Christiansen (Linxx Academy)
  • Clint McElhiney (Maryland BJJ) vs. Jack Greene (Team Combat)
  • Andrew Wilson (The Wat) vs. Mark Wayne (Linxx Academy)
  • Dan Root (Maryland BJJ) vs. Keith Berish (Black and Blue)
  • Stanley Pradel (The Wat) vs. Brandon Mickens (Team Combat)
  • Monroe Hall (Maryland BJJ) vs. Zach Davis (Evolve Academy)
  • Joe Stripling (Team Balance) vs. Joel Wyatt (Hybrid Academy)

Professional Bouts…

  • Nick Vaughan (The Wat) vs. Francois Ambang (Team Combat)
  • Anthony Biondo (Tom MMA) vs. Anthony Morrison (Team Combat)
  • Nelson Sobral (Canadian MMA) vs. Dwayne Shelton (Team Combat)
  • LeVon Maynard (Global MA) vs. Jay R. Palmer (Ruff Houser MMA)

Click here for more information on LeVon Maynard.

  • jaydog says:

    I live in Richmond and I had no idea there was an MMA show in my town tonight. The tix are $25, which ain’t bad. I’ve seen some of Jay R. Palmer’s past destruction. So, it’d be good to see where he’s at now. And of course, root for the 5oz fighter. I’m on the fence, cuz I gotta consult my wife (7.5 mos preg-o). But, this sounds like a cool event. I wish the local BJJ gym that I attend very sporadically had a fighter in the mix.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jay, if you go, please let us know how everything went.

    For those who might be on the fence, if you enjoy 5 Oz. and want to know how you can support us, going to the show tonight and supporting LeVon would be a great way to do it.

  • jaydog says:

    Sam. I got the green light from the little lady (now kinda big) ;0)
    Bought my ticket and I’ll be riding my bike the two miles it takes to get to this new downtown venue (standing room only w/1440 capacity) and I’ll be taking some notes so I can email you a report back. Later today, I’ll read up on LeVon and watch some highlights of his past fights. I write a lot as a hobby (no, I’m not linking to my blog for yall), so it will be my pleasure to be an intrepid reporter for the night. Go team!

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jay, if you don’t mind, we’d love to use your report for display on the blog. We’ll hook you up with a XL 5 Oz. t-shirt for the effort.

    I’m excited that you’re going to get to see LeVon. He’s going to put on a good show tonight and give you a story to tell in the future, because when he makes it to the big time you’ll be able to say you saw him in his second ever pro fight.

  • jaydog says:

    Done deal. Sounds like I am officially deputized for deployment.
    You’ll have a report in the AM. Tonight is gonna be fun.
    I’ll try not to drink too much.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Whip that ass, LeVon!

  • Patrick says:

    Couldn’t manage to talk any of my buddies into heading down to Richmond, but good luck Levon!

  • jaydog says:

    LeVon Maynard comes out to Eminem’s “Til I collapse,” exemplifiying his own attitude of perseverance. (I’ll be sending a full story and some lousy pictures to Sam, ASAP)

    Palmer, true to form, charges Maynard at the sound of the bell swinging wildly. Maynard backs up toward his corner, moving his head, avoiding mostly glancing blows. Maynard throws a few of his own and the fighters clinch. Quickly, Maynard presses forward using his superior strength and trips Palmer to the mat, landing on top in full mount. In total control, Maynard sits up in a high mount, trying to free his hands of Palmer’s desperate grip. Punches start reigning down from Maynard until Palmer rolls over, giving up his back. Palmer, now turtled on the canvas has Maynard wrapped tightly around his back, hooks in and landing shots to the sides of Palmer’s head. Maynard works a hand around the neck of Palmer while slowly flattening out the veteran fighter. As Palmer struggles valiantly, both fighters roll, with Maynard maintaining back control and continuing to work for the rear naked choke. Maynard looks calm throughout, while Palmer struggles to free himself of the rear mount. Just as Palmer begins to twist away, Maynard throws a leg over his face and jerks Palmer right arm into near hyperextension and the fight ends with an armbar submission.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Nicely done Jaydog, thats a well earnt shirt.

  • Tanner says:

    sounded impressive, congrats LeVon

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Way to go LeVon! Congrats, buddy. Hopefully the IFL was watching.

  • peter aguinaldo says:

    CONGRATS LEVON! good play by play jaydog!

  • jaydog says:

    I had a great time taking in this show. There’s a lot of great stories to tell from the evening, including some news about Jens Pulver’s future plans. Trying to get Sam via email, so his gang can pretty-up my story.

    Oh, and I just noticed it was a “XL” 5oz shirt. I wear a 40s blazer. Medium shirts are too small and large is too big. Not sure what I’d do with a XL. May have to hold out for the 2nd run.


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