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Yahoo! and the UFC announce formal Internet PPV partnership


The UFC and Yahoo! formally announced a partnership on Thursday that will entail Yahoo! serving as the fight promotion’s official distributor of pay-per-view events through the Internet.

It may not seem like a big deal now, but with television sets and computers becoming increasingly compatible, there could come a time where everyone’s cable TV needs are met through their PC or lap top.

If Internet PPV takes off, it could create a scenario where more fight promotions run PPVs because the costs of distributing them will go down significantly with the middle men (the cable companies) being circumvented.


  • Luke says:

    They can say the media department is distinct, but this really calls into question an already questionable news outlet’s bias for the UFC.

  • Tanner says:

    So i’m guessing this is going to replace the UFC on Demand PPV events. But leave the 1.99 and such videos at

  • ossBASHA says:

    I can’t believe they’re actually charging the same price. I highly doubt this stream will have quality as good as PPV. I guess they’re relying on this catering to those who can’t buy the PPVs on TV.

  • Yeah… I think this is a good move. The stream should be fine for people with high speed internet….. good luck with your 1440 dial up HA!

    If you ever watch the videos on Yahoo now the quality is great. I agree the price should be less then on cable but we shall see….

  • Eric says:

    Agreed completely with oss. I’ve never understood how these companies can charge the same amount for a televised PPV as an internet PPV. The quality has always been worse not to mention there are 50 times as many problems reported with internet broadcasts from all media that have done this before.

    It has to be a small market size. No one that’s paying $45 for a TV broadcast would pay $45 for the internet instead. So really your market would be down to people without PPV access that would be willing to pay full price for the product.

  • jj says:

    this could have been good, but now we’ve exchanged the cable company middle men for the yahoo middle men.

    rio heroes really showed the potential of internet streaming.

    now the price and quality have to be good enough that it will actually sense. i will never pay for an internet stream unless it is high quality, high reoslution h264.


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