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Dana White: “Tank Abbott absolutely will be in our Hall of Fame”

In a recent article by ESPN writer Michael Woods focusing on what lies ahead for recent Kimbo Slice victim, David “Tank” Abbott, there are a couple of quotes from UFC president Dana White on the recent EliteXC event.

White gives respect to Abbott but not to the recent Showtime production. EliteXC: Street Certified has now been lumped into the same category as Fedor Emelianenko with Dana White labelling the recent event a ‘farce’.

UFC president Dana White watched the Slice-Abbott fight Saturday after taking in the Kelly Pavlik-Jermain Taylor fight.

He prefers that Abbott call it a day.

“I think the whole thing was a farce,” White said of the EliteXC promotion. “I love Tank. I have nothing but respect for him; he’s always been good to me. But I don’t want to see that again.”

White would like Abbott to concentrate on the book and his next logical out-of-the-cage career move.

The article finished with Dana White making somewhat of a surprising statement.

“Tank Abbott,” White said, “absolutely will be in our Hall of Fame.”

I know half of you probably choked on your cereal when you read that but you have to admit that Tank Abbott was an integral part in the development of MMA. Tank Abbott is a constant reminder of how far the sport has come and in the earlier years he was the yardstick as to whether or not your ‘style’ worked.  That being said, I find it very hard to picture a ceremony in which the guest of honor is Tank Abbott.


The ESPN article also featured some post-fight comments from Tank. In defeat Abbott seemed impressed with Kimbo’s progression as a fighter.

Kimbo definitely came out differently than I thought he would. He’s improved his punches; they are straighter. He didn’t come out like he did in his videos. But I was whacking him, and he wasn’t moving, like a telephone pole. Usually when I hit someone, they move.

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  • Evan says:

    I think he belongs. You have to ignore his record.

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss says:

    ‘Eff Dana and his sarcasm.

  • JacRabbit says:


  • mike wolfe says:

    I don’t know if there’s a ceremony for induction into the hall of fame. But if there is, and if Tank is inducted, I’m sure it will involve those famous cocktails. With vodka, thank you very much.

  • bjjdenver says:

    UFC HOF=Joke.

    Put Tank in the Toughman HOF or something.

    I know he has been around since the early days, but so what. UFC has many guys that deserve induction much more than him.

    Put him in the EXC HOF.

  • Danny says:

    tank deserves to be in the HOF. he was a draw when he hit the scene and he was able to expand beyond mma. yeah i know his stint in pro wresting wasnt that big but at least he had name recognition. he still does 4 that matter. so i’m 4 him in the HOF.
    by the way, i think that a match between lesnar and slice would be a huge draw. and they’d the perfect opponents 4 each other. lesnar would be fighting a guy who hits hard and he’d have to try and take down and slice would be figthing a guy who is actually more intimidating lookin than he is. and he’d be fighting a guy who would actually try to take him down.

  • Evan says:

    Have Tank and Coleman square off in a “Legends” fight and induct them together. I think that would be a great main event to a UFC fight night.

  • Rich says:

    “UFC HOF=Joke”

    are you serious??

    Shamrock, Gracie, Couture, Coleman… and you think one addition [that isn’t even that badn] makes the UFC’s HOF a joke??

    come on..

    sure.. there’s other people who need to be inducted.. but.. it’s not like the UFC’s running outta time or something…

  • lol at Tank Abbott being in any kind of Hall of Fame

  • screwface says:

    Thats the difference between new mma fans and fans that have been here since UFC 1. We know the history. sure tanks career is over, but once upon a time, if his name was on a card, that was enough to order a ppv alone. Without guys like him and the others, the ufc name wouldve been meaningless and zuffa never wouldve bought it. He deserves to be in the HOF imo. but tanks doin what hes gotta to put money in his pocket, cant blame him for still fighting. do u get a fat check for being inducted dana?

  • HexRei says:

    Tank belongs in the UFC HOF. Most of the UFC HOFers don’t have outstanding records, that’s not what its about… it’s about honoring the long-standing icons of the UFC.

  • Evan says:

    “lol at Tank Abbott being in any kind of Hall of Fame”


  • The Stank says:

    Tank has fought lets see
    Don Frye-UFC Champion
    Oleg Taktarov-UFC Champion
    Dan Severn-UFC Hall of Fame
    Vitor Belfort
    Yoshida -Pride Champion

    Watch Ultimate Ultimate 1996 Tank has always fought the best in the world.
    He is a legend!

  • The Stank says:

    Tank has fought…….

    Oleg Taktarov-UFC Champ
    Frank Mir-UFC Champ
    Dan Severn-UFC Hall of Fame and Champ
    Don Frye-UFC Champ
    Vitor Belfort

    Put the best Heavyweight against these guys in there prome and we will see there record look just like Tank’s

  • skank says:

    yeah, i hated tank when he first came out, but he kinda grew on me.

    i always rooted for him to lose, becasue of his “barrom” brawl style, but i gotta admit, it was tank that got me fired up about the UFC.

    withuot tank, maybe mma fighting is not what it is today.

    and its true, you could test your “style” against a streetfighter in tank.

    altho i knew it was over for tank when viotor belfrot beat him at his own game, punching and knocked him cold in a UFC bout.

    tank never had good cardio and now it was empty, as in “no gas” in tank

    to me the best will always be royce. the guy used to win toournaments, not one fight and out. know how hard that is to do???

    in fact, they dont do it anymore becasue they cant. they will say its for the safety of the fighters, and thats true, but its true beacause the fighters dont have the same conditioning/cardio that they did in the early UFC fitghts. and any fighter knows, you get hurt when you get tired.

    saem as why they dont have heavyweight boxing matches go 15 rounds anymore. they simply cant do it…but give the same reason..the fighters saffety…yeah, when you get tired, you will get hurt in boxing too!

    ive seen to first 25 UFC fights and to me, under the origninal tournament rules, the best are/were:

    1) Royce Gracie

    the rest of the best:

    Oleg Taktratov
    Ruas (if he started earlier and then didnt get hurt after)
    Coleman (no one more dangerous in the first few minits-he couold literally destroy you in that time)
    Tank (gotta put him in, because he was a dangerous fighter that no one wanted to face. a real wildcard early in his career)
    Frye (anyone wininng an Ultimate Ultimate has to go in)

    interestingly, i leave out shamrock. i hated tank in those days, but had to agree with him. “glamrock” as tank called him, was a lot of hype. i do think that he was a very good fighter, but overated himself quite a bit. now, haveing said that , if you take oveseas japan into account, he was very good, mabe even the top 3 all time, but we are just talking UFC here, not pancrase, etc.


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