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Wanderlei Silva hints at move to middleweight

Former Pride middleweight champion (205 lbs.), Wanderlei Silva has hinted at a move to middleweight on his official website.

The following has been translated on

There will be a fight of Anderson Silva against Dan Henderson that will be a great fight, and if Dan Henderson wins it, I don’t think twice about lowering my weight to fight him,

This is a little surprising considering that the ‘Axe Murderer’ has stated previously in an interview with Yahoo! Sports that he couldn’t cut to middleweight as it would be too much weight to cut.

According to, Silva’s physical trainer, Rafael Alejarra has also said that the Pride legend is considering a move to middleweight.

From Rafael Alejarra on

Wanderlei made the most of his holidays to rest his body and mind. But we’ve already done a bit of training this weekend and starting tomorrow things will pick up. As we only just got back now and today is a holiday here (Las Vegas) we can’t confirm anything about the next fight, if just because there is the chance Wand will drop down in weight. Every fight and adversary is different, which is why we have to wait to define our training plan. If he should drop to middleweight, we will work on his losing weight and preserving his muscle mass, losing only water and fat and not strength and size, since he normally weight 98 kilos (216 lbs.). But nothing’s for sure yet, we’ll wait and see.

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  • Rich says:

    i thought Wandy’s move to MW was official…

    i thought the UFC announced that a while ago..

  • Bradster says:

    I would like to see Wandy @ middle. . .I think that weight class could use some more stacking & Wandy would be the guy to add. I’m not sure what’s w/the PRIDE guys coming to the UFC & cutting weight to a lighter div. (Henderson, Wandy). Makes me think that they can’t hang w/the big boys. But nonetheless, add someone like the Axe Murderer to the MW’s would be great. Now we just need to get some more stacking in the Heavy’s. Maybe someone can gain the weight & move up? Any ideas?

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Cutting weight is more of an American theory. It pretty much stems from amateur wrestling and making yourself as big as you can possibly be.

    Henderson fought at 183 in Pride as well as 205, he just prefers 205 but Dana White and ZUFFA wanted him to drop to 185.

  • Sergio says:

    You have to look at Pride’s 205 division to understand why Wand would consider a cute to 185.

    Rampage was arguably the largest 205er Pride had that was in title contention.

    In the UFC, however, you’ve got enormous 205ers like Forrest, Tito, Rashad, and to a lesser extent Liddell.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Is it possible to cut from 216 pounds to 185 pounds (31 pounds) without losing muscle mass? Seems a little optimistic to me. Anyway, the move to middleweight seems logical for Silva, who was at a height and reach disadvantage with Liddell that he couldn’t seem to overcome.

  • Wayne Williams says:

    He can’t do it… He has to cut weight to get to 205… at his age he’s better off moving up to heavyweight… he was heavier than crocop both times they fought.

  • chris says:

    sean sherk walks around @ near 200lbs, yet he fights @ 155.


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