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Paul Buentello calls out Kimbo Slice

Former UFC heavyweight title challenger, Paul Buentello has called out former Youtube street fighter, Kevin ‘Kimbo Slice’ Ferguson.

Buentello was a recent guest on MMAWeekly radio and said the following:

People want to see it. I think everybody wants to see it. Me and Kimbo should lace up the gloves. Everybody wants to see it and I think it’s time. He’s fighting all the guys I’ve already knocked out and I’ve already exposed. He needs to get off that buffet line I put out there and come over to my Paul Buentello taco shop and see if we can get to work.

I give him much respect. He stepped up. He went from street fighting to MMA and everybody thought he couldn’t produce, but he’s doing it

A fight between Buentello and Slice is probably a little too soon for Gary Shaw’s liking but it is a definitely an option for the future once Kimbo gets some wins over lesser opponents. I for one would definitely like to see this fight as it would show everyone what level of striking Kimbo actually has and let’s face it, it would be a slug-fest.

Buentello last fought at Strikeforce: Four Men Enter, One Man Survives for the vacant Strikeforce heavyweight title and was demolished by Alistair Overeem. He is scheduled to fight on the March 29th, Strikeforce card but an opponent has not yet been named.

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  • cwc says:

    I think this is the only fight that makes sense. Obviously it’s a risk for Shaw, but my god, if Kimbo wants to be taken seriously he has to fight a legit opponent.

  • canadianfightfan says:

    Buentello is rotten! I think even at this early date, Kimbo knocks hin out!

  • dice says:

    Hey any fight in MMA is a risk. I have to give credit where credit is due, Dana white had enough balls to throw Brock Lesnar into a fight with a former UFC heavyweight champion. I think Shaw should grow a pair and actually put Kimbo against someone who has a winning record. For what they(ufc and elitexc) are paying these guys (lesnar and slice) they shouldn’t have to baby them. Kimbo has had 2 fights against guys with losing records and knocked both of them out in less than a minute (I am not even going to count the Mercer fight as a legit fight). He needs to go up not one but two or three levels. As far as I am concerned I don’t think throwing him cans is going to improve his game much. He needs to fight someone that will provide some sort of test.

    ps I don’t think he would beat Paul, but he could definitely provide a good standup war for the fans.

  • Rich says:

    maybe Buentello’s taken one too many blows to the head…

    Kimbo would KTFO him..

    “…throw Brock Lesnar into a fight with a former UFC heavyweight champion”

    —-“shouldn’t have to baby them”

    you just contradicted yourself..

    obviously Lesnar’s not being babied.. he just came off a fight against a former champ.. and the best heavyweight sub’ist at that..

    idk.. Kimbo’s kinda getting babied.. but.. u just shouldn’t have said “them”..

  • Rln says:

    “I think Shaw should grow a pair and actually put Kimbo against someone who has a winning record.”

    I think Shaw’s mentality is completely different than that of the MMA mindset. He’ll want to feed Kimbo only people that he is relatively sure he can beat for as long as possible, just like they do in boxing. The talent pool in MMA is so shallow, especially the heavyweights, that we’re use to seeing the best fight the best asap.

    The UFC really had nothing to lose with Lesnar fighting Mir. When he lost it wasn’t that big of a deal because it’s only his second fight and against a submission specialist. If he had won it was just icing on the cake. Kimbo has everything to lose in a fight against Paul B. Getting ktfo would destroy his reputation, at least imho, and Shaw knows this. I foresee relative cans for his next 5 or 6 opponents.

    “maybe Buentello’s taken one too many blows to the head…

    Kimbo would KTFO him..”

    Lol @ this retarded statement. Remind us of how many times Paul has been ko’d in his 33 MMA matches against much better fighters.

  • adam Lightfield says:

    Kimbo can probably bang with anyone in the heavyweight division, i would be wary of Buentello’s kicks though, he could try to keep his distance and work Kimbo over to try to chop him down. Other than that I think Kimbo would lay him out.

  • Mikey Gilz says:

    In my opinion. Kimbo Slice has had 2 opponents take dives against him. Tank didn’t come to win that fight. And Cantrell took the most obvious dive i’ve ever seen. With that said, Let’s not forget that Kimbo has had 3 mma fights in total. No amateur matches. Let’s give him a few more fights before he steps into the cage with a former UFC title contender.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    “People want to see it. I think everybody wants to see it.”

    I feel bad for Buentello. Nobody wants to see him fight and he knows it. That’s why he has to beg for a freak-show fight on the radio.

  • Shawn says:

    Agreed. Buentello is good but he knows that despite his superior skill level, or at least much more experienced skill level, Kimbo is not only the much bigger draw but one of the bigger draws in MMA right now. Buentello is the only one that guarantees to gain from such a match. Just by fighting Kimbo Buentello gets his name back in the spotlight and if he wins, holy shit his stock would skyrocket. On the other hand EXC is taking a huge risk by putting their new sugar momma Kimbo into a fight he could lose too early. Kimbo needs at least another fight or two before he steps in against a legit contender. If Kimbo destroys Ken Shamrock or Sean Gannon in brutal first round stoppages, have him step in the cage with Buentello. If Kimbo then beats Buentello somehow that’s when we see him fight Bigfoot to crown the EXC heavyweight champion.

  • Rich says:

    agreed with adam Lightfield

  • dice says:

    Rich, reread my post.

    I didn’t contradict myself at all, you just read what you wanted to read. I explicitly state that Dana white didn’t baby lesnar. I then go on to say that guys who make the kind of money that lesnar and kimbo do should never be babied. Note that there is a big difference between the word “shouldn’t” and the word “did”.

    I noticed that you didn’t quote my entire sentences and instead choose to take little snippets out. Next time quote my entire sentence instead of trying to misrepresent what I said.

    PS. Mir as the best submission heavy out there? Don’t think so, all his subs have come against guys who have zero ground game. Guys like nog, werdum, Fedor, and De Pano all have better ground games.

  • Rich says:

    first of all..

    i didn’t read what i wanted to read… you clearly stated LESNAR ANNNNND SLICE.. and then said they should have to baby THEMMMMM.. you DID include Lesnar… all i was saying is that you shouldn’t have said THEMMMM… and should have mentioned just SLICE.. nothing personal…


    De Pano??? one of the best HW sub’ists..

    why won’t you people give Mir his credit??

    i’ll admit.. Nog’s got great sub’s… but Werdum and De Pano ahead of Mir is just stupid…

    and although Fedor has good sub victories.. i wouldn’t call him a sub’ist..

  • Grape Knee High says:

    Rich, do you have Down Syndrome?

  • dice says:

    Rich I think you are the only guy who is having trouble deciphering my post.

    I was making what we call a blanket statement when I said that you shouldn’t have to baby guys like lesnar and slice when paying them big money. Never, in my post do I say that this is what the UFC DID. In fact I say the opposite, stating that I am giving Dana White credit for at least trying to test Lesnar. The whole point of the post was to show how the UFC and Elitexc are taking different routes with 2 guys who share a lot of similarities. So I will say it again, reread the post.

    As far as your comments regarding the submission skills of heavyweights, well I want to thank you for making yourself look like a complete idiot. (hint: google “ADCC”) You sound like Mike Goldberg when talking about Mir. He has a very good ground game but has never been world class. Just take a quick glance at his submission victories, tapping guys like Abbott, Williams, Hardonk and Lesnar doesn’t mean that you are the best heavyweight submission artist out there.

  • dice says:

    Oh and about Fedor, well do you know what Sambo is?


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