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Nate Diaz added to UFC Fight Night 13?

According to, Nate Diaz has been added to the already stacked UFC Fight Night 13.

The site claims that Diaz has been added to the card and that they are looking to name the opponent in the next couple of days.


Nathan Daz has been added to the April 2nd, UFC Fight Night card. Diaz has submitted every opponent he has faced in the Octagon and is looking to continue his winning streak. He will be facing tough competition and we hope to announce his opponent in the next couple of days.

This is pretty crazy news considering that the UFC has already claimed to have finalised the April 2nd card and that the card is already stacked. The card is stacked with so many intriguing and exciting match-ups that Spike has been bombarded with emails from fans demanding they lengthen the broadcast from 2 hours to 3.

You would have to think that has misspoke or have being given false information because it doesn’t make much sense to add Nate Diaz to the card considering how much talent there already is on the card.

The apparently finalised card features:

  • Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon
  • Tim Boetsch vs. Matt Hamill
  • Karo Parisyan vs. Thiago Alves
  • James Irvin vs. Houston Alexander
  • Frank Edgar vs. Gray Maynard
  • Spencer Fisher vs. Marcus Aurelio
  • Din Thomas vs. Josh Neer
  • Tommy Speer vs. Anthony Johnson
  • Clay Guida vs. Samy Schiavo
  • George Sotiropoulous vs. Roman Mitichyan

An opponent that has been rumoured as a possible next opponent for Diaz is Kurt Pellegrino.

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  • MJC_123 says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time gracie fighter has been wrong, but on the other hand if spike are going to 3 hours it makes sense to have the Ultimate fighter 6 winner on the card, especially as season 7 of the show airs after.

    Just a thought

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    I smell a hybrid PPV event in the offing. Or maybe the ‘undercard’ fights will be on Spike and ‘a network to be named later’ will have the featured fights.
    I will be dissatisfied to have the only means of watching these undercard fights be
    1. after the fact
    2. solely available online.
    At this point, that’s the only way to screw up this event is to make the ‘undercard’ fights available with 2nd rate technology and late.

    I know it’s UFC’s product to do with what they please, but it seems a terrible waste of talent and opportunity to present this fight card to the public in any way other than groundbreaking and spectacular. It’s the equivalent of making the Super Bowl available not on TV, but exclusively on HiDef radio. Why would anybody think that’s a good idea?

    Speculation: Has the recently resolved writer’s strike has put some kind of monkey in the wrench or ointment in the flies of what UFC FN 13 was s’posed to be?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    I don’t think there is any plans for a hybrid PPV offering or any plans for it to be more than a Spike TV broadcast. One element some people are looking is that UFN 13 will be held at a mid-size arena in Broomfield, Colorado. Since the show isn’t at a small club in Vegas, the UFC had to tried to construct a lineup that was strong from top to bottom so that it would not only appeal to fans watching at home on TV, but also entice people to pay to see the event live.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Can anyone tell me what is usually run on Spike an hour before a UFC Fight Night?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Sam, usually re-runs of “Unleashed.” It makes too much sense not to go three hours.

  • Jeremy says:

    Three hours would be fantastic, this card is loaded with great fights and fighters. I would think if Spike was willing to do so, they could easily fill the hour and even maybe tease us with a preview of the new season of TUF. Heck, interview Rampage and Forrest during the show or have them do so play-by-play. 3 hours of fights and then potentially the beginning of the prelimary round of TUF with 32 fighters fighting to make it in the house would be a great block of tv for spike.

  • Da Twin says:

    Thats great this card is stacked but what sucks is that we wont be able to see all the fights unless you do the UFC on demand thing which i dont. i think that the UFC needs to start selling the UFN’s they should do box sets like Pride did ( like UFN 1-4, UFN 5-8 ect…). They sell TUF season why not UFN???

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    If they are going to show you some of the 16 fights in the first episode of TUF then they could just make the Ultimate Fight night 3 hours and sell it as an MMA marathon.

    Just a thought though, theres a lot of these fights with a high potential of going to a decision which could eat away at the number of fights we’ll see. Edgar/Maynard, Lauzon/Kenny, Parisyan/Alves…

  • Jeremy says:

    The UFN is now 3 hours long according to!!! They are only reporting that a source has told them this from Spike TV. Hopefully this turns out to be true.

  • Derek B. says:

    They are full of it. The show is not going to be televised 3 hours long.

  • Rln says:

    I read that on MMAJunkie too. Pretty nice change for an awesome card. Nice step up in competition for Diaz as well. I think Pellegrino is going to beat his ass down though.

  • Derek B. says:


    “The UFC has made no official announcement, and Spike TV could not confirm the news, but a source close to the event exclusively told ( that April 2’s UFC Fight Night 13 event will, in fact, run three hours.”

    This all just a big rumor. You have to think that the TV network has to allow their other programs to be able to run so they can be more diverse with their advertisers.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Derek, I have to say that I think you’re speaking out of place here.

  • Derek B. says:

    Well this is the place for that Sam.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Derek, there is no place on this site for erroneous statements. You’re questioning Junkie’s reporting, which you really are in no position to do. He didn’t report it was a rumor, which makes your statement incorrect. The site’s track record for reporting speaks for itself. You can’t be reckless and try to besmirch someone’s reputation unless you have your facts straight, and in this case, you clearly do not.

    If you’re going to say in public that someone’s report is wrong on this site and not expect to be challenged, you better damn well state a reason why you feel the report is wrong.

  • Derek B. says:

    Sam there’s no official announcement made. I can call my Media Rep right now and confirm that there is no 3 hour long fight night in Spikes TV scheduling. Unless this is some kind of thing that’s going to happen last minute it’s not in their scheduling for air times.

    That’s all Sam no big deal here.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Derek, stop trying to put words in other people’s mouths. It is a big deal. Stop telling trying to tell me what’s allowed on my own site and how I should feel.

    No official announcement has been made but you don’t even know who the source is. And if you believe a site can’t report anything until something is officially announced, maybe you should stop reading this blog and all others because that’s what a lot of blogs do — BREAK NEWS BEFORE IT IS OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED.

    We do it all the time here at 5 Oz. and I think our track record for reporting speaks for itself. Countless times we’ve reported stories that weren’t official, only to see them become official days later.

    So go call your media rep. I’ll take Junkie’s sources over yours any day of the week.

    That’s all Derek, no big deal here.

  • Rich says:

    so, who’s “Nathan Daz”??


  • Sergio says:

    Damn, Sam.

    I think you took home some of that Latin temper from Miama!

    But honestly, I agree with you 100%. Calling bullshit on a rumor being reported by a highly reputable news site just because it hasn’t been officially announced is ridiculous. Take with a grain of salt, sure but outright calling it a lie is dumb.

  • Sergio says:

    *Miami… you know what I meant, dammit!!

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    No controversy now. Sam was right.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Has anybody taken note of the fact that the UFC cards are heading towards having more fights across the board? UFC 79 had 10 fights, 82 is scheduled for 10 fights, and the April UFN looks like at least 10, maybe 11. Any theories as to why? My pet theory is that the UFC has signed too many fighters and suddenly finds themselves struggling to schedule fights for all of them.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    That or maybe they are trying to make their PPV’s more lucrative since they went up in price.


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