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Is Tito Ortiz really going to fight Lyoto Machida?

In a recent interview with, former UFC light-heavyweight title contender, Renato Sobral stated that he believes a fight between former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz and Lyoto Machida which was tentatively scheduled for a UFC event in May, may no longer be going ahead.

‘Babalu’ said the following:

PDG: Last time we talked you said that Lyoto Machida would be the UFC 205lb Champion someday. What do you think of his rumored upcoming match with Tito Ortiz?

Babalu: I heard that Tito is not going to fight him anymore, so they are going to have to find another opponent for Machida. I got the news a couple of days ago that he was fighting someone else.

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen  but if there are any updates we will be sure to bring them to you.

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  • JoeRoganIsAnAss says:

    Sounds like Tito pussed out to me.

  • cyphron says:

    That’s more like the Tito we know. Tito doesn’t like to fight people who has a good chance of beating him.

  • Rich says:

    If Tito’s gonna keep this shit up.. he needs to stop acting like he’s the best.. do us all a favor.. and either retire.. or destroy someone.. but, quit ditching out on matches and getting boring split decisions/draws…

    i mean, he even ditched out on boxing Dana… what a douche..

  • andy says:

    haha this was sort of predictable.

    everyone was saying he didn’t want to fight Machida in the first place, and given that Machida has a solid chance of beating Tito – yet more importantly lacks the name of a Liddell or Couture – this isn’t surprising.

    Tito will only risk losing to a big name – losing to an underrated and underappreciated fighter like Machida will further expose him. Real fans know the potential of Machida to be a 3 or top 5 LHW – but most don’t. If Tito loses to someone like that, it’ll send him much, much farther down the ladder and significantly reduce the offers he would get coming out of the UFC after this fight in my mind.

    I see Tito’s “back injury” flaring up again before this fight.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Tito has a tough choice. He wants a win to enhance his value to a new org., but if it’s not against a quality opponent, the win won’t serve. But if he fights a quality opponent and loses, his value drops. Meanwhile, he owes UFC another fight. Might be too difficult to quibble his way out of this one.

  • slimm says:

    The ufc is going to feed Tito to Wanderlei, i believe just to painfully get rid of Tito and allow Wand to avenge his last fight against Tito…. IMO

  • bubbfat says:

    Nobody like how Tito seems to duck these big fights but, do you really think he doesn’t have a chance of beating Machida or Silva? If he get them on their back, I’d say he can win. And I know Tito ‘ain’t gonna’ stand and trade.

  • Cradick says:

    It seems Tito is afraid of losing, but I think he stands to gain a lot with a win over Machida. The UFC may reconsider signing him and if not, then some other organization is going to pay him a lot of money. And if Tito loses? Someone will still pay him.

  • Tito Lost says:

    Well all of you were wrong. Tito stood and traded kicks (or should i say received them). He got frustrated and got his butt kicked. If it was a 5 round bout Tito would have gotten destroyed!

    Tito sucks—-not a worthy UFC fighter anymore.

    Tito LOST the fight tonight!


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