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M-1 To Launch Team Challenge is reporting that M-1 Global is launching a new project called M-1 Challenge. The first event is scheduled to take place in Holland on March 2nd. The first event will have four teams from Russia, France, Holland, and Germany.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Randy Couture will be heading up an American team, but we have yet to find a source to back up this claim.

Click after the jump for the team rosters.

From m1mixfight:

M-1 Global is launching a new project – M-1 Challenge that will show the best teams all over the world battle it out against each each other. The events will take place in different countries. Each team will consist of 5 MMA-fighters competing in the following weight categories: 70, 76, 84, 93, +93

Based on the information from the Dutch MMA sites the teams (and their respective trainers) from the following countries will be represented:

Russia – Fedor Emelianenko

Finland – Petteri Maunu

Spain – Alexandro Iglesias

Germany – Human Niklasmak

Poland – Maciej Kawulski

Skandinavia – Marco Leistens

France – Bertrand Amoussou

Holland will be represented by 2 teams under Remco Pardoel and Bob Schrijber.

March,2: The inaugural M-1 Challenge show is scheduled to take place in Holland (Topsportcentrum in Almere) where 4 teams will be placed in brackets with one fighter in each weight class competing against an athlete from another country.

Muay Thai
Anuwat Kaewsamrit vs TBA

Saenchai Sor Kingstar vs Rachid Bellaini

Samranchai 96Penang vs Menno Dijkstra

Andy Souwer vs Yodsaenklai Fairtex
Germaine de Randamie vs Maria Verheijen

Ali Gunyar vs Farid Villaume


M-1 Team Challenge Russia vs France
Red Devil (Russia) – Team Amossou (France)

-70kg Mikhail MalutinCasimir Bendy

-76kg Erik OganovKhacha Mohamed (to be confirmed)

-84kg Dmitri SamoilovAmassou Karl

-93kg Mikhail ZayatsDaffreville Christophe

+93 Kirill SidelnikovAssenin Akim

M-1 Team Challenge Holland vs Germany

+93kg: Jessie Gibbs vs Thorsten Kronz

-93kg: Gegard Mousasi vs Jacoub Ünül

-83kg: Jason Jones vs Daniel Weichel

-73kg: Romano de los Reyes vs Franco de Leonardis

-65kg: Jordy Peute vs Robert Scott Westermann

Single Bouts

Brian Lo-A-Njoe vs Sergey Bytchkov

Dave Dalgliesh vs Kamil Uygun

Oktay Karatas vs Furdjel de Windt

  • Evan says:

    Is Randy dead set on pushing the UFC every few weeks?

  • mike wolfe says:

    That would be unwise while the lawsuit is pending. Repeatedly violating his contract wouldn’t look good to a judge or a jury, if it gets that far.

  • Gabber says:


    It’s like M-1 pitched the idea to everyone about the TV and most keyboard fans just slagged it. Now they’re pitching idea 2, yeah team based combat.

    So first, try to copy TUF now try to copy IFL?

    This organization seems like it lacks direction. It’s scattered. I would have alot more respect for them if they just stfu, sign a bunch of fighters, throw a couple good shows and get someone other then a hip-hop circus freak to fight Fedor.

    They just keep trying to build a brand, made of nothing. They should have just called it Fedor vs the World. πŸ˜› I want to see good fights and good shows. Not this crap. πŸ˜› Sign a decent stable of fighters and make people brawl. Make something that is a unique experience for M-1.

    These dudes have all the opportunity in the world to make things happen as MMA has just taken off! All they can do is look like wads. πŸ˜›

  • hankd says:


    War Kiril :-)

  • Evan says:

    I agree with hankd

    But also..war Kaewsamrit!

  • Steve M. says:

    Are you guys serious? M-1 is planning on doing it global..hence the name! They have people in just about every corner of the world (remember there are other places then lust the USA) Huge potential markets worldwide that dwarf the US, why do you think UFC is “trying” to expand internationally. The problem for them is that Dana is such an idiot, foreign markets or the reps. won’t deal with his bad attitude. I think the TV with Fedor is a GREAT idea (US and internationally)! As far as a TUF rip off, c’mon…ever here of TUFF-Enough or maybe The Contender? These shows are not brain surgery as far as concepts, so get off TUF nut huggin (not original in the slightest) As for international show and teams…INTERNATIONAL MARKET. The problem with most of you that say..GREAT IDEA is that you can’t get your head out of your ass long enough to realize there is a big world out there. Now go play in traffic:)

  • TLP says:

    Gabber: you’re dead wrong. They’re doing the smartest and best thing they could be doing: standing out.

    If you can’t stand out by doing something new, you do old things better.
    IFL had team challenges, M1 brings the extra dose of nationalism.
    TUF4 is closest what they’re doing here: TUF4 promised a title shot, but these guys have Fedor.

    Why would you want them to sit down quietly and promote a small show?
    Your sense of business is acting up; you must have a great one since you can afford giving advice on the blog comments section. Not.

  • Nate says:



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