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BJ Penn Talks Steroids in MMA & Sean Sherk

MMAWeekly posted an exclusive interview with newly-crowned UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn.

The interview covers a multitude of topics, including Penn’s training, work ethic, steroids in MMA, former lightweight champ Sean Sherk and more. When asked about his recent war of words with Sherk, Penn stated:

“For me, honestly, it’s not personal at all,” he stated. “The man was cheating. I called him a cheater; then he got all personal. So I think all the personal stuff is on him. He said this is the first time a fight’s personal and this and that and whatever. I couldn’t care less. I’m just going to go kick his ass.”

“How can you sit around saying you’re the champ, say the other guy’s the fake champ, and you got busted for [steroids]? We knew he was doing ’roids the whole time, and all this stuff, and about it’s nothing personal, he went and made it all personal. I was calling a spade, a spade.”

Penn and Sherk are set to square off in May at UFC 84 where we will see this war of words come to a head. Many people have criticized BJ Penn’s training and work ethic in previous fights. However, Sherk has been known for his remarkable ability to maintain a high pace of action. This will certainly prove as a formidable test for Penn in that respect.

  • Derek B. says:

    I’m hoping penn can pull a GSP in this fight against Sherk.

  • truth says:

    People who knee opponents on the ground could be called cheaters too.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    While Sherk keeps up a high pace in the cage, I’m not sure I’d call it “action”.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I don’t really have a problem with Sherk’s style. The Florian fight was good and in the Franca fight, whether or not he was juiced up, he still passed Franca’s guard like it was nothing.

    He did that the whole fight, just the boo-happy UFC 73 crowd were against any type of ground behaviour.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    I think it will be action when BJ Penn is fighting him, and not Hermes Franca…

  • Evan says:

    Watching Sherk makes me really wish knees were allowed.

    I am not sure what to think about his case because while it’s obvious steroids are a massive problem in sports everytime I read something about the way the CSAC handles drugs I am not sure they can do it properly.

  • Patrick says:

    This fight will depend on: Is Sherk a viable fighter without the juice, and which BJ Penn Shows up.

    I do hope BJ messes Sherk up though, I would really really enjoy that.

  • ctownhood says:

    He may have passed Franca’s guard, but BJ would love to have Sherk there. If BJ comes into this fight in the same shape as the Stevenson fight, Roid-boy is in trouble

  • garth says:

    I loved the exchange I randomly saw on the Sherdog forums:

    Poster1: “Just you wait, Sherk will prepare like he’s never prepared before”

    Poster2: “What, without steroids?”

    I also admire how BJ can talk so much shit and not even seem to notice…”It’s nothing personal, he’s a cheater”


  • gatsu says:

    BJ is stating a fact that Sean seems to ignore. An independent commission found him guilty of using steriods. Thus he was stripped of the title by the UFC.

    Whether or not it was intentional doping or not (i.e. tainted supplements), it does not matter. An Athlete is responsible for what goes into his body – this would be the same standard olympic athletes are hold to.

    I hope the Las Vegas Commission is true to its word when it stated that they will performed random testing at all times. This would eliminate someone from juicing up on a cycle and then be clean during the fight.

    If Sean wants to shut everyone up – win the fight and test clean.

  • Sergio says:

    “While Sherk keeps up a high pace in the cage, I’m not sure I’d call it “action”.”

    Hee hee, that tickled me.

    I remember watching his fight with Franca with a bunch of guys who hadn’t really seen any MMA before. They were starting to get restless around the middle of round two and I was trying desperately to explain that Sherk is maintaining excellent control and had a solid gameplan.

    Three rounds later, I just gave up. “Sorry, guys, Sherk is pretty boring.”

  • Grape Knee High says:

    I love the grappling/BJJ aspect of MMA, but Sherk just doesn’t cut it for me. I prefer to see someone get a takedown, pass guard and attempt a submission than shitty one-dimensional rock’em sock’em brawlers like Alexander, Leben, Irvin and Sakara.

    But I don’t like Sherk. I’m sick of his little arm punches in guard. I’m sick of him passing guard and then achieving absolutely nothing with it. I’m sick of him fighting to not lose, rather than to win.

    Anyone remember the interview he did during the PPV for PRIDE Bushido 2? I believe he said something about hoping that he puts up an exciting fight for the fans. After that snoozer of a fight, PRIDE rightfully declined to bring him back. And regardless of anyone’s opinion of PRIDE (or former PRIDE fighters), DSE for sure knew how to put on exciting shows. And Sherk booted himself right out of their plans.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Penn is a tough match up for anybody, but especially Sherk. Any attempt to ground and pound puts Sherk at risk for a submission, especially with Penn’s longer build. It’s Penn’s fight to lose, imo.

  • BJPennIsADBag says:

    Sherk is going to destroy him. I can’t wait to see it either.

  • SteroidsRbad says:

    Was Sherk on Steroids? = Yes
    Is Sherk a boring/decision fighter? = Yes
    Will Sherk Bleed fighting Penn? = Yes

    Watching Sherk bleed is the most exciting part of his matches…

    Take a look at Sherk before all this started and take a look at more recent photos. Dude was juicing. I’m not the biggest Penn fan but at least he is clean. Even if Sherk wins, he will always be known as a Roid user and a cheater.


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