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Sokoudjou: “I choked (against Machida)”

Earlier this month, conducted a phone-based interview with Pride and UFC veteran, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

In the interview, “The African Assassin” covers a lot of topics including, his most recent fight against Lyoto Machida, why he didn’t sign with EliteXC or K-1 and how come his parents don’t know that he’s a mixed martial artist.

It’s especially interesting to hear his thoughts on his fight with Machida where he says he “choked”.

To check out the full interview, click here.

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  • Patrick says:

    People really don’t give Machida enough credit.

  • Ehyo says:

    Not enough credit at all! He’s beaten alot of top fighters.

  • Evan says:

    While he did come out lifeless and uninspired he did get beat by the better fighter. Machida is going to steamroll Tito.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    “Choked” or “Got choked”. I guess there’s no difference any more.

  • Patrick says:

    Thank god for that, someone really needs to put the “bad boy” in his place so he’ll shut his mouth for a few seconds… sadly after he taps out to the choke he’ll open his mouth again.

  • Adam lightfield says:

    Watch, Machida will stagger Ortiz with a stiff jab and finish him with less than 2 minutes gone in the first round round. Machida is extremely accurate with his exchanges, kinda like Anderson Silva, and Ortiz can’t really bang with any good strikers.

  • Rich says:

    i suppose you guys make good points.. but.. not #6..

    yes.. Machida’s striking is technical, but he doesn’t use it the right way.. and where’s the power??

    and secondly, he’s not agressive enough..

    this is a guy who can’t finish fights.. and you think he will “steamroll” tito? or “finish him with less than 2 minutes gone in the first round”?

    the last person to finish tito was chuck..and then before that? chuck… chuck’s a finisher…Machida’s not..

    and you think machida will finish him??

    i mean, idk… it could happen…it just doesn’t sound logical..

    i don’t think Tito will end up being stuck in the striking game.. it will probably go straight to the ground… so #6 prediction is probably off..

    but i’m counting Machida out by no means..

  • Adam Lightfield says:

    Im not saying he is good at finishing fights quickly , that’s just how i see the fight going down. I don’t think Tito can stand with him or easily take him to the ground.

  • Rich says:

    as technical as Machida is.. his striking just hasn’t impressed me..neither did his wrestling or jiu jitsu until the sokoudjou fight..

    i don’t really see Machida sub’ing Tito.. Tito usually does a pretty good job of staying away from that stuff.. and has pretty good sub defense… not that we really see it..

    and i DEFINATELY don’t see a KO.. although, i know it could happen..

    one of them is going to grind out the decision.. and Tito’s just a bigger dude.. he’ll use his same old boring tactics..

    but, i really hope Machida proves me wrong.. i mean.. i don’t really like the guy.. and for me… he still has a little bit to prove.. but..

    Tito talks this huge game.. and considers himself the best fighter in the world.. and i don’t like that.. seeing as how :

    first of all, his record’s 16-5-1… THAT’S NOT EVEN GOOD..

    and second of all, how can he talk soo much trash and say he’s the best, yet, he hasn’t finished a fight in 7 years [aside from the shamrock fights.. but those were all JOKES].

    i mean, if you’re going to talk soo much trash.. and act like you’re the reason the UFC exists.. you could at least back it up..


  • Patrick says:

    Machida is going to be looking to press this fight hard. I think you’ll see a different Machida in the fight because he’s looking to become a serious contender and to do that he’s going to have to put on shows. Machida has serious technical skills and has no problem banging out fights if it comes down to it.

    For some reason I really really like Machida to finish this fight in the second round. Just a feeling I have.


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