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Chris Leben reveals new UFC contract

Middleweight Chris Leben has indicated publicly via his MySpace page that he has signed a multi-fight extension with the UFC.

“I actually just re-signed with them,” Leben answered in a MySpace response to a question about his contract status with the UFC. “They’ve been great with me, they gave me what I wanted so I resigned with them. This next fight is the first fight on my new contact, which is pretty nice, so I jump up to 25 and 25 rather than 10 and 10 where I was at. You know, it’s still not what I think athletes at our level should be getting paid, but it’s a nice boost for sure.”

Under the terms of his new deal, is reporting that Leben is guaranteed $25,000 per fight with a win bonus of $25,000. He had been publicly critical of the terms of his old contract, which reportedly paid him a $10,000 guarantee plus a $10,000 win bonus.


  • Jason Brewer says:

    Leban is completely irrelevant as a fighter. Had he not been on the reality show nobody would be paying attention to him…he is a disrespectful fighter and has been as inconsistent as anyone I can think of. What a waste of a roster spot.

  • Evan says:

    I used to not like the guy but I do now. He brings it every fight…glad to see he is staying.

    Yet another solid fighter M-1 passed on. The Fedor Rental Service simply isn’t doing anything.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    There’s got to be a reason that this is actually wrong and evil. Dana White is fiendishly clever, you know.

  • Evan says:

    Going on a limb here…

    If 5oz ever has a Chris Leben T-Shirt contest I don’t think Jason Brewer will be in the competition.

  • Zack says:

    Leben won me over a bit after his last two fights. He’s certainly not boring.

  • Rich says:

    Leben won me over too… but not because he’s exciting… but because after he took his ass beatings from silva, MacDonald, and Starnes… he grew mentally IMO..

    He was very technical in his fight with Terry Martin… it’s just a shame he was getting pummeled the whole time… but i mean… he’s no longer a slugger.. he had smooth, crisp shots that still packed power… and at one point he had Martin in a triangle… he was consistently going for sub’s when that fight was on the ground..

    So, obviously he’s taking steps toward being a more complete fighter..

    and after the fight he showed amazing respect… which really won me over..

    I guess sometimes people just have to get the respect beaten into them, but, he finally changed his punk attitude and i will no longer root against him..

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Wait a second, a fighter who was talking about leaving. . . actually STAYED with the UFC? The UFC isn’t collapsing in a web of its own evil??? I’m stunned!

  • bubbafat says:

    I don’t think the question is whether he is a good fighter or not. I think the question is, compared to what other fighters at his level in the UFC are making, is he making too much? I for one think that the UFC seriously underpays it’s bottom tier fighters . This would be an exception to that analysis, and an unfair one at that. Don’t get me wrong, I think Leben deserves that cash, but that’s because I think a 25/25 contract should be the minimum when you’re fighting on a ppv or national tv. Undercard or not.


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