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Tim Sylvia clarifies previous comments about the UFC and M-1 Global

Ever since Tim Sylvia posted a comment on his website about how he feels he deserves more money, every man and his computer-literate dog have been posting and commenting about how Tim is halfway out the UFC’s metaphoric door or is already halfway through a jump into M-1’s pantaloons.

In response to the reaction that post caused, Tim posted a follow up comment on his site:

well let me just start off by saying people r fucked up by saying that i want to leave the ufc. I dont its my home and i would love to be there for the rest of my carear. Second I didnt say i wanted or even was thinking about m1 u guys (forum users) asked about it and I told u my manager runs it thats it, so please dont take shit out of context. Some of u people are going to get me in trouble with the ufc.

Also on a side note, after I was finally able to obtain a membership to his website I asked Tim why Pat Miletich was not in his corner, to which he responded:

and to ur ques. about pat is he was realy busy for this fight and had a lot of stuff going on and wasnt around alot so we talked and he told me who i should take with me.

Cool your jets people, nothing appears to be happening anytime soon.

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  • el feo says:


    Seriously, he isn’t doing wonders for his reputation with these messages. “Carear”?
    This looks like a junior high school kid IMing.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Haha. Right off the bat when I saw the initial post, I figured that Tim made a drunk post or something. But he can’t get all defensive now and say that people are taking stuff out of context. He said he didn’t want to, but he is going to go where the money is, and how Brock makes more than him and he didn’t like it. And then he’s all like, “my manager runs m1 so i have a pretty good in so we’ll see what happens” ???

    The “forum people” must’ve read that one wrong… stupid forum guys.

  • Evan says:

    Someone told him his free agent market value isn’t as high as he wishes it is.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    That post is now gone by the way. That M-1 one.

  • TomK says:

    Someone told him the UFC likes to keep their lawyers busy, and if the UFC knew he was planning on jumping ship after his next fight, he’d develop an extremely bad case of bench rash… you know… from sitting on the bench for an extended period of time.

  • ctownhood says:

    Seriously Tim……mix in some spell check

  • Jeremy says:

    I actually agreed originally with what Tim thought about his salary and that of Brock Lesnar. But the hot free agent always gets more in sports, now it’s Tim’s job and his manager to get him more money, that’s kind of how it works. I didn’t agree with how he went about it though. And now to get upset with people for his own comments is a bit ridiculous.

    Paul your point(quote of Tim’s) is right on.

  • laner says:

    definatley he is back peddling. He definatley referenced his manager s the founder of M1, and he said”what do you think if he’s my manager” now he tries to act like he wasnt talkin that shit. He’s an idiot and the perfect example of someone who’s mouth can get them into trouble. This guy called Fedor a pussy……..would love to see Fedpr beat his goofy ass.

  • garth says:

    Of course he’s backpedalling…he has to, or he’ll get armbarred by an injunction and breach of contract suit.
    Timmeh needs to keep his yapper shut, fight out his contract, try to get as much money from the UFC as he can, and if they’re not forthcoming take a look around. Sylvia-Emelianenko happening outside the UFC woulda been unthinkable a few years ago, wouldn’t it?

    I wonder what Sylvia thinks the little red underline is in Firefox? “The computer loves my writing so much it underlines the coolest parts! I am teh geertest!”

  • The House says:

    “I am teh geertest!” ……. hahahaha. I could totally see him saying that.

  • Patrick says:

    Tim should just stop talking.

  • Eric says:

    I think after his last fight, Tim gained some respect from people, including myself, but with his latest forum posts, he can go to M1 for all I care. Take his excuses for losing, his inability to finish fights and his piss poor attitude with him. He is trying to blame people on the internet for blowing his posts out of context but he isn’t doing himself any favors either. He didn’t say his “manager runs it thats it” when talking about M1. He said “in case u didn’t know my manager runs m1 so i have a pretty good in so we will see what happens in the next few months”. That doesn’t seem like “it” to me. To me it seems like a threat that he will leave if he doesn’t get a raise. Go ahead and leave. Fight Fedor once and then fade off into obscurity.

  • Anton K says:

    His manager should do his job and keep Sylvia from sounding like a Neanderthal.

    I tell you though, props to Tim on the Nog fight. He won me over.

  • u guiz r fuhked up f u don’t reelize dat Timbits iz zha besd UFC feiter n all so a gd speller he juszt duz thinks his own whey.

    bunch a puzzys.

  • just replace with good talent, and i mean overall not just heavyweight.bring lawler ,lindland ,gomi ,fedor, alexs, mark hunt, fihlo, faber . go lookinf dont wait for them to beg you dana. losing big tim is not the end of the world.lose one get five dont need areality show to boost your org, plenty of graet fighters out there ,only named about 5 percent of them.


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