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Diego Sanchez Talks GSP

Diego Sanchez has lost his last two fights via decision to Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch and is currently looking to take on David Bielkheden at UFC 82. Perhaps looking ahead of himself, Sanchez seems to be quite focussed on UFC interim champion, Georges St-Pierre.

In a great interview with MMAmania, Sanchez talks about feeling cast aside when St-Pierre joined the Greg Jackson camp, which at the time was the same camp as Diego.

Jesse Holland ( Can losing a high profile match or back-to-back matches make a fighter question whether or not he belongs in a certain weight class?

Diego Sanchez: I don’t know, I think it depends on the way that you lose. Look at some of these other guys getting their jaw knocked into the fifth row. You have this guy who is supposed to be unbeatable, an MMA God and Matt Serra went in there and knocked him around.

Jesse Holland ( That tone leaves me with the impression that you’re not entirely sold on GSP’s immortality.

Diego Sanchez: Oh no. You know what? I respect him, he’s a great warrior who is very strong, but I don’t fear him like some of the other guys at 170. He’s just a man. I could have went down to 155 to avoid him but my dream started at 170 and I’m gonna see it through. He’s out at my old camp now.

Jesse Holland ( He’s now with Greg Jackson and you’re not. Based on what you’ve said thus far I’ll assume that’s more than just a coincidence?

Diego Sanchez: I have so much respect for the Jackson camp. Keith Jardine, Nate Marquardt, all those guys, they’re still my boys. My loyalty was very strong. But GSP could have gone to any camp he wanted. He knew that place was my home, my dream. That took a little something out of my heart. He’s training in the cage that I bled in, that I sweat in and cried in.

Jesse Holland ( Did you feel pushed aside when he arrived?

Diego Sanchez: Put yourself there for a minute. You’re an undefeated fighter coming off two of the biggest wins of your career (Parisyan/Riggs). Now they’re bringing in the champion of your weight class to train with your guys? For three months I was telling Greg that my heart wasn’t feeling it. Greg kept telling me “Trust me, trust me, you guys are going to make each other the best” but I kept feeling like their true intentions were to make me go down to 155. I mean most of the Jackson fighters cut a lot of weight and that’s not me. I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t bowing down to Georges St. Pierre. I ain’t riding nobody’s coattails. I’m Diego Sanchez and just because I had two decision losses – one while I was sick and one controversial to a top five welterweight – does not mean that I’m gonna give up on my dream, my dream to be welterweight champion. Maybe me and GSP will throw down in Albuquerque somewhere in the future. Dana told me there is going to be a show in Albuquerque. I don’t want to fight him unless it’s for the title. I want him for five rounds.

Jesse Holland ( What would you do to prepare for that fight?

Diego Sanchez: The way GSP destroyed Matt Hughes I said to myself the only way I’m gonna beat this guy is to outwork him. I have something in my heart that he doesn’t have. Maybe he has something that I don’t, but you know what? That’s what we’re gonna put against each other in the ring. I just pray that it’s a five round fight. I don’t want it to be about points. I want him to be the champion at the time and have to fight me for five rounds. Believe me if Koscheck and Fitch had to go five rounds things would have been different. I’ll never get tired. It’s genetic with me, all in my DNA. I’m here to fight.

Sanchez needs to be focussed on his next fight and nothing else. After two consecutive losses, he still has something to prove before he gets in the cage for a shot at the title.

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  • screwface says:

    i do like diego as a fighter, and do agree he beat himself in last 2 fights, but hes def feeling salty about gsp taking his place in the jackson camp. and honestly any camp wants a champion so i wouldnt of turned down a chance to train gsp and get that credit for his improved performance, but still a dick move on jacksons part imo. if i was diego i would of left too and felt betrayed. sort of a catch 22. i just hope diego can find someone to bring him to that next level in training, cuz he has not improved since he left jackson. he has a lot of potential, just needs the right camp. where hes at now just isnt working for him imo.

  • Diego. Try this. You have lost 2 fights in a row. Quit talking GSP and get a win first. You are no longer a contender, and are fighting on the undercard now. Get your mind out of the gutter, off of Ali, and on fighting. Got it? Good… Let me worry about Ali…

  • d-train says:

    he should have used gsp as guidance to improve, but instead he chose to go the different route and use his presence as a distraction and leave… gsp is the younger, quicker, and more talented fighter. he would crush diego at anything and everything…

  • TomK says:

    I can’t believe a camp would try to have multiple fighters in the same weight class working together… I mean other than AKA which has Fitch, Koschek and now Swick all fighting at 170.

    It’s too bad Diego can’t see the benefits of training with talented teammates in the same weight class. He should know firsthand how beneficial it is having just dropped consecutive fights to 2 of those types of teammates.

  • bigfish042 says:

    Jealousy may be a problem with Sanchez. I never really liked him because of his own god complex of himself. He needs to rack up 4 or 5 quality wins and against top WW’s before he can start running his mouth.

    Let me see???? I am Greg Jackson. Should I push away St Pierre just because Diego may be bothered?? Grow up, Diego. Start winning every fight then maybe you can talk about St Pierre.

    It is good to be confident, but Diego takes it to a different level, where he hasnt backed it up.

  • Craig R. says:

    Bear in mind that Jackson only brought in GSP full time after Diego and GSP lost their fights at UFC 69.

    Jackson always maintained that he would not train GSP if it came that Diego and him were to on a collision course to meet in the Octagon. However, that meeting was derailed with them both losing on that card.

    One would think that they would benefit from working with each other: GSP could help Diego with his wrestling and striking and Diego could help GSP with his submissions. It is not unusual for camps to have fighters who might compete against each other in the future.

    I understand Diego’s hurt feelings, but in life sometimes you have to put your ego aside for what is best for your career. The move away from Jackson’s camp, in hindsight, was a mistake. He might have won the Fitch fight if he had a training camp with elite wrestlers like GSP.

  • Wang Chung says:

    diego is good, but i really don’t see him, karo, swick, hughes, davis, alves, or even kos touching georges. the only guy i see being a real threat is fitch. all these guys are excellent guys, but the rate of improvement compared with st. pierre, plus the fact he’s already so far ahead of people in his division makes me second guess all of them matching up against georges. and you throw serra in that mix against any of these guys and it changes things as well. i think serra will lose to georges, then after that i’m in the small percentile who thinks he’s good enough to give hughes a run for his money. regardless of a loss to both georges and hughes, i think serra is a big problem for all of the top WW’s.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Where is this “controversy” that Diego is talking about in the Fitch fight? Fitch put it on Diego and won convincingly.

  • Nate says:

    Im getting tired of fighters saying they were sick of injured during a fight and that is the reason they lost. Diego, Kos is better then you and you will never be at George’s level…..EVER!

  • glock says:

    There was a time when i though diego vs. gsp would have been THE fight at 170. But looking at their losses, i look at gsp and think WTF was the matter with him tonight ?? I look at diego and think, he got beat. Period. Koschek did everything better, so did Fitch. And Koschek was walking into a BIG fight – for him, and he shook it all off and just went to work. After that , gsp gave Koschek a lesson or 3 in mma fighting, and out wrestled him too!! Just beat his ass.
    Diego talks about that something special in his heart, but if you ask me i think he’s only got heart when things are going his way.
    After his losses Gsp picked up, went back to the gym, and exorcised his demons and is now better than ever. Diego is whining about sour grapes.
    Not only does he NOT deserve a shot with gsp– he’d get demolished . If he had half a brain he would have tried to learn everything he could from and about gsp in camp so if he ever found enough heart to WIN HIS WAY to a shot at gsp ‘s belt he’d at least have given himself a chance.
    Right now he sounds like a guy that burned through his trust fund and just found out now, he’s gotta WORK for a living.
    Ain’t gettin no tissues from me dude…..

  • Patrick says:

    Diego needs to close his mouth and concentrate on the matters at hand. He’s getting ahead of himself and it’s going to end up coming back to bite him.

  • JustMike says:

    Diego just sounds like a guy who couldn’t stick around if he wasn’t top dog. I’d think the chance to train and work out w/ a guy like GSP would be something to value. To me, Diego threw away a great opportunity.

  • Kogepan says:

    Greg Jackson knows talent and he chose GSP over this punk. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • Brian Pastore says:

    Everyone – SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diego sucks, that is all that needs to be said……………………………….


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