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Tim Sylvia Leaving UFC?

In a recent post on the forums, Tim Sylvia himself stated the following:

i have one fight left on my contract i want to stay with the ufc but i am going to go were the money is right now Brock is making more m0ney then me that has to change i have a better name then him and i am a better fighter then him, in case u didn’t know my manager runs m1 so i have a pretty good in so we will see what happens in the next few months.

If this is for real, this will be another serious blow to the UFC heavyweight division, obviously. This seems like just another indicator of how Zuffa is really running the UFC. It’ll be interesting to see how Zuffa handles this situation, be it giving Sylvia more money or letting him leave for M-1, and if it will effect other fighters perception of the UFC and how Zuffa is handling their fighters.

For UFC 81, Sylvia earned $100,000 for his losing effort against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, plus an addition $60,000 for “fight of the night” honors. Brock Lesnar on the other hand, earned $250,000 for his loss against former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir, and had he won he would have earned an additional $200,000.

  • What a winy bitch, the reason Brock got paid more was because people like him. I started to like Timmy but now hes making a fool out of himself. He should feel lucky he gets paid 100K plus another 60k for getting choked. Maybe if he made for a more likable character and fought with some heart he would be making more directly from the UFC.

  • screwface says:

    this is what randy started, and its only the beginning….

  • Paul Hanna says:

    i like how he said “u”

  • Tanner says:

    The funny thing is that people thing that M-1 is going to throw all this money around and they haven’t signed or done a god damn thing besides signing fedor. Monte Cox even said they aren’t going to make anything when fedor fights. They’re going to have to keep pouring more and more money into this thing and in the shot term lose shit tons of money. They said they’d have other fighters announced for their roster two weeks after the announcement. Have we seen anyone else sign with M-1 since?

  • Tanner says:

    plus whenever stuff like this goes down, and obvious conflict of interest in monte cox part its not going to take long before Dana White says no more dealing with Monte Cox as an agent.

  • Ian says:

    Tim writing like he didn’t pass remedial English doesn’t surprise me. He’s not exactly a road scholar.

    Also, as sure as I was that it wouldn’t take much more than a minute for Mir to Submit Lesnar, I’m even more sure that Tim wouldn’t make it out of the first with Brock. It would be a slaughter, and I’d pay to see it.

  • Shawn says:

    Tim needs a new manager. If he can’t understand why Brock got paid the money he did, he’s got some shit going on. Honestly, take out Tim’s KO of Arlovski (which was awesome) and his TKO of Ricco back when everyone thought Ricco was awesome, and what has he really done? I don’t hate Tim like most people; I just think he needs to realize that the situation he has right now is pretty sweet and taking a massive risk to leave the UFC on bad terms and go and fight Fedor isn’t exactly worth it. The thing is he could somehow win, which I don’t see happening, and the UFC would come crawling back. But the bigger probability is him losing badly and basically ruining his career. Someone needs to tell Big Tim the reason Monte Cox wants him in M1 is so Fedor can fight another top 10 HW and keep his rep going.

  • Rich says:

    oh no…

    if Tim leaves… who will i hate?? who will i have to root against?? who will i have to complain about?? who will i have to talk trash about??

    hell, the UFC’s already soundin’ a lot better without Tim !

  • Trip Fontaine says:

    The funny thing bout this is

    When Timothy leaves the UFC

    Dana will say the following at the press conference:

    “Sylvia got his ass beat by our champions, he has nothing left.”

    “Sylvia is a complete joke, hes not a real fighter. Tim is a no talent piece of shit scumbag!”

    “He cant get the fuckin ufc belt so he needs to go somewhere else!”

  • drewdoodoo says:

    Notice how you don’t hear the guys making $3k a fight complaining? Tim needs to be humbled a bit. This is getting out of control. If anything, these guys are making too much. How about they pay Tim 50K and spread the other 50K around to the other guys on the card? If he doesn’t like it, he can f*ck off. Oops, sorry 5oz, though I was on Fightlinker for a second.

  • Anton K says:

    Brock Larson will soon be standing triumphant on a pile of cans.

    It doesn’t matter if people love or hate Sylvia. He’s been a major player in some of the biggest matches in UFC history, and now it seems like all the heavyweights are leaving…

    Couture, Arlovski, Sylvia gone…

    Cro-Cop who knows where?

    Brock Lessnar is the great white hope? Please.

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    WOW maybe now that clears some room money wise for Dana to sign Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Maybe Chyna? Maybe Ric Flair who nows but at the rate that we are going there going to change the name to WWE.

    Truly Yours
    Vince McMayheim

  • TomK says:

    Does anyone else remember when Monte Cox said that being a fighter’s agent and president of M1 would not be a conflict of interest? That lasted long…

    If I were Tim Sylvia’s agent, I’d tell him to quiet down, win a few fights convincingly and then wait out to see if M1 turns into anything substantial. If Timmy leaves the UFC for M1 only to maybe fight Fedor once and then watch M1 go bankrupt/shut down, do you think there’s a chance at all, that the UFC would resign him for a fraction of what he’s currently getting paid?

    The UFC may have one-sided contracts and they pay a lot of undercard fighters poorly (at least on the record), but Tim Sylvia is doing okay for a guy who no one really likes and until recently was only fighting not to lose and not fighting to win like he was against Big Nog.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    i reckon M-1 will struggle to put together a decent show on April and then continue to struggle and Monte Cox will pull out as CEO.

  • Evan says:

    I agree Sam. Everyone keeps talking how M-1 is going to sign all of these people yet Josh, Gomi, and Hunt went elsewhere.

    I am very curious to see where Ben ends up.

  • Maybe someone showed Tim the light or he was told that M-1 doesn’t have the money he thinks he thinks, but this specific post has been removed from his blog.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    It was still there when I checked like 20 minutes ago.

  • cwc says:

    the fighters are getting screwed, this has to come to a head sometime.

  • ufcfan says:

    #4 says it best

    right now m-1 is all talk

    let’s wait and see

  • mike wolfe says:

    Competition is good for everyone, especially the fighters. If M-1 wants to pay fighters stupid money, UFC and other competitors will have to match it to stay competitive. The more fighting orgs you have, the more fights and the more fighters we’ll have to watch.

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    This is for #6 (Ian), WTF is a “road scholar”? Doesn’t sound like you’re all that much more educated than Tim either. To be correct it’s “Rhodes Scholar”. Maybe you & Tim should take a class together. Albeit, Tim held the belt for quite awhile, not to mention his record is one of the best in the UFC. His wins have been over some of the HW’s best. I don’t like him personally cuz I feel he performs like an over grown clumsy retard. But I give him props for beating some of the best in the HW div. Oh well, he goes to M-1, that’s his loss. I figure that if you wannabe the best, you have to fight the best, and the best are in the UFC.

  • Matt says:

    It would be ironic if Dana White alienates enough guys (Arlovski, Sylvia, Ortiz) and a year from now they’re in EliteXC. Even though these guys may not be everyone’s personal favorites, and they’re not on the Pound-for-Pound ranking along the likes of guys like Spider, GSP, or Rampage, they’re NAME fighters, which would help EliteXC, which is still a young promotion. Get more name fighters in there, and people will start to take notice of the younger, lesser-known talent (Noons, Shields, E. Alvarez, Paul Daley, Carano) they already have. I think that Dana White is playing a prospectively-dangerous game here. Lesnar may one day become a great HW champion, who can say, but guys like Tim, Arlovski, and Tito are name that helped build up your promotion after the Fertitta brothers’ purchase.

  • […] since Tim Sylvia posted a comment on his website about how he feels he deserves more money, every man and his computer-literate dog have been posting and commenting about how Tim is halfway […]

  • Ian says:

    This is for big bad bradical. It’s awesome that you’re big and bad. It’s also really neat how you managed to combine your name and radical, in a mind blowing juxtaposition of the 2 meanings.

    Rhodes scholar is specific to Oxford, and wouldn’t have much meaning in the context I wrote it, while a Road Scholar specifically means learning through travel and experience. Road scholar has much more meaning in America than Rhodes would, as there are several academic and work related institutions that use the term in a context most Americans would understand. I’m glad I could educate you today, Bradical of Big Badness.

  • Jameson says:

    Ian, I find it humorous that the big badness that is Bradical is able to correct others’ grammar, yet uses terms such as “WTF” and “cuz” and finally “wannabe.” Brad, Timid Tim has not lived up to his own hype in the past 2 years. With the exception of the April 06 quick TKO of Arlovski, Sylvia hasn’t done anything impressive since his infamous head kick delivered to Tra in August of 05. All of his victories came via decision and lacked excitement. Not your typical Tim Sylvia (typical meaning 2001 to early 2005). Tim is gone; good. There are enough fighters in the UFC, specifically the Heavyweight division to keep a stacked card for many years. No worries here.

  • bob says:

    It’s “Rhodes Scholar” there genius!!!! Your are one to talk……


    # 6 Ian Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 12:26 am
    Tim writing like he didn’t pass remedial English doesn’t surprise me. He’s not exactly a road scholar.

    Also, as sure as I was that it wouldn’t take much more than a minute for Mir to Submit Lesnar, I’m even more sure that Tim wouldn’t make it out of the first with Brock. It would be a slaughter, and I’d pay to see it.

  • brent harrison show horses…

    As you seem to know what your doing blogging wise, do you know what the best time of the week is to blog and have them read?…

  • Frank 'Purple Face' Trigg says:

    Tim is an incredibly boring fighter to watch. Fedor finished him quick-fast and now Tim has absolutely nothing to sell promoters or fans for that matter.

    Tim you should have stayed in UFC making 100K + 60K for getting choked out. Now you have no job.

    Dana even dissed Fedor and you couldn’t last 30 seconds with the man.

    You big goofy duck-stance waffle warrior.


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