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Dana White guarantees UFC event in New York or Boston by year’s end

According to Loretta Hunt of The Fight Network, UFC president Dana White is quoted in a recent edition of The Patriot Ledger as guaranteeing that the UFC events will be hold an event in either Madison Square Garden or the Boston Garden by year’s end.

“I’m going to be as bold as to say I guarantee you either we’ll be in the Boston Garden or Madison Square Garden,” White is quoted as saying.

New York passed legislation in 1997 that bans mixed martial arts. Massachusetts doesn’t have any legislation on the books that specifically prohibits MMA but it’s also not regulated by an athletic commission. MMA promoters do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Boxing Commission and only need permission from the town they intend to promote a show in.

According to Hunt, UFC V.P. of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner has confirmed that the promotion is currently engaged in talks with both states.

Pennsylvania is another state that major promotions have an interest in conducting shows in. Legislation was passed early last year to clear the way for MMA to be regulated in Pennsylvania, however, the state is still writing the actual legislation. The first-ever sanctioned mixed martial arts show in the state’s history could be held in Philadelphia as early as June.


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