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UFC 83: St. Pierre and Serra Getting Serious on TSN’s “Off The Record”

Georges St. Pierre and UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra recently made an appearance on TSN’s “Off the Record” program to hype their upcoming title fight at UFC 83, and things get a little tense.


Special thanks to Bloody Elbow.

  • jd says:

    Only M$ Windows is supported to watch that video.

    What about Linux and Mac users? Get with the times TSN!

  • BLOodyMEss says:

    I cant get the video to play at all, this is a great website though, keep it up

  • How about for the image?

  • lovethefights says:

    serra is such a friken tool

  • Wang Chung says:

    i’ve seen this up at sherdog, mmamania and a couple other spots…and it seems people think georges is super pissed or something. to me he seems the opposite and is actually pretty mellow. serra on the other hand rightfully gets in douchebergs face…beyond that i don’t see what the big deal is.

  • drdsanders says:

    I hope GSP wins. Serra made a good point in that the interviewer repeatedly interrupted his (Serras) answeres. Why ask someone a question if your not going to listen to the answere. Very unproffessional and disrespectful.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    You’re right Mania! My mistake! Consider it done

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Matt Serra makes me think he’s the perfect genetic combination of Don Rickles and Ralph Cramden. GSP sounds like Inspector Clouseau but acts like the Terminator – eyes to the front, next target please.
    A little of Matt goes a long way, but he did a good job in a relatively hostile environment . . . that he brought on himself, because that’s just how the Matt rolls.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    The interviewer wasn’t exactly professional though… it seemed like GSP just didn’t want to be there. He was acting the same way on TUF4 when Hughes was smack-talking him at the sushi restaurant, a little reclusive.

  • Owen says:

    I’m glad serra stuck up for himself and called the guy a prick. He cut matt off in mid sentence right after he asks a question. Total disrespect.

  • Tim says:

    That’s the way the show works…it’s called Off The Record for a reason. It’s not like your typical softball interview show. Equal time to speak for each person. Serra likes to run his mouth, and Landsberg cut him off…good on him. Serra’s just not used to being put in his place.

    In addition…Serra is an ignorant idiot. The “frenchy” thing was ridiculous. Does he have any clue how much of a tool he comes off as, or does he just not care?

  • BigBad Brad says:

    MAtt is Matt. . he’s the boisterous obnoxious guy people love to hate. I can’t nor will talk s–t about Serra simply because that’s what he loves. GSP proves himself w/action! Talk isn’t necessary for Georges. Serra’smouth will get him in trouble. He now has to live upto the words hat spill outta his mouth. I can’t wait for GSP to bend him over & spank him. Then, when the Hughes/Serra fight does take place, Hughes will do the same thing. After that, we won’t hear from Serra for a loooong while.

  • That host sounds exactly like Mauro but less professional. I like both guys but Matt was a little harsh towards GSP. Its not like GSP said Serra was a dirty Guido and he should go and shoot somebody.

  • Dave Beneteau is an idiot if you watch the videos after the GSP and Serra vid.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    Serra, I think deep down, is a nice man. However, I think sometimes his inner Long Island meathead takes over and brings out the douchebaggery.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Grape, I would agree to that. GSP and Serra are great examples of two polar opposite personality types too. GSP is not a talker, but is all about showing up for the fight. Serra is a BIG talker and a type-a personality, but isn’t exactly a lame in the ring either. Get a bunch of guys like Serra together, you’ll need some earplugs.

  • Thomas Whigham says:

    Look that interview was rediculous. In america on every interview I’ve seen you don’t cut people off like that, especially not when you’re asking them tough ass questions. Im glad the interviewer tried to stop the sugar coating bullshit, but you know what, when all people are supposed to say is sugar coated bullshit…it was abrupt and I’d be pissed if I was Serra and there was for sure a Canadian bias.

    On the other hand, I also noticed that GSP didn’t seem to really like that interview mode either, almost as though he was uncomfortable for serra LOL.

  • Rln says:

    “In america on every interview I’ve seen you don’t cut people off like that, especially not when you’re asking them tough ass questions.”

    Maybe you should take the time and Google Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, et al? I think the fact that the Serra resorts to attacking GSP’s heritage speaks volumes about the person he is.

  • drdsanders says:

    Serra was explaining where the “Frenchy” comment came from but got cut off. Also Serra was retaliating for the excuses GSP made towards their fight. Serra has a right to be frustrated, he was given no respect prior to the fight, and isn’t given any afterward either.
    I still hope GSP wins but if he doesn’t, Serra deserves respect and apologies.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    This video just aggravates me, I try to play it and it just says its loading forever and then my internet disconnects under the strain of loading it. It is just teh lame.

  • nichole says:

    how both of them kept from slapping the interviewer is beyond me. I hate that they were both subjected to such a ridiculous situation to promote their fight.

    serra’s frenchy comment was taken out of context, but still, probably a poor choice of humor in the over-analytical audience. but some folks have an abrasive sense of humor.

  • mike wolfe says:

    The only awkward part of the interview was Serra having to own up to the stuff he said about GSP when GSP was sitting there. It made Serra visibly uncomfortable and defensive, and that’s why Serra jumped on the interviewer when he was cut off. Classic distraction; try to shift the focus to somebody else when you’re looking like a horse’s ass.

  • Thomas Whigham says:

    Mike, no doubt I agree with you that he switched it to the announcer, however, that guy was the instigator–
    what? you expect him to suddenly get into GSP’s face cuz he got cut off?

    I think he was trying to be professional but point out that he was getting shit on in the interview.

    and I say that with the qualification I have wanted GSP to win since he first came in and I saw how dominant he looked, and Serra’s win shocked me and made me actually a bit sad

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    The interviewer wasn’t being ufair to Serra. He just asked Serra to confirm the things Serra had said about GSP, but while GSP was sitting there. If that made Serra uncomfortable, maybe it’s because the things he’d said about GSP were uncalled for. Also, the interviewer asked GSP about the excuse he gave after he lost to Serra, blaming it on a sore knee. GSP showed his class by saying that he was wrong to say that. Contrast that with Serra, who got mad and eventually called the interviewer a prick. Both GSP and Serra showed their true colors.

  • Diego Sanchez could not beat any of these guys….


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