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What does the UFC think about Andrei Arlovski?

Recent rumors have pegged Andrei Arlovski as the free-agent-to-be most likely to exit the UFC. After speaking with Arlovski and looking at his contract situation, I believed Arlovski’s departure seemed almost inevitable.

However, recent comments from the UFC show that they still have plenty of interest in keeping the former heavyweight champion in the promotion.

We love Andre Arlovski. We don’t want him going anywhere,” said Dana White.

White was not the only member of UFC’s brass to chime in. Matchmaker Joe Silva quickly interjected his thoughts on Arlovski.

His management is very happy with us. There is no problem with the UFC at all,” said Silva. “All they said is that they want to show what they can do in their last fight. They are not looking to deal with anyone else.”

Those are certainly encouraging words for fans who want to see Arlovski remain with the UFC. Arlovski’s contract expires after his March 1 fight with Jake O’Brien. Still, as I wrote last week, the writing on the wall points to Arlovski’s departure. His placement on the off-tv portion of UFC 82 cannot help matters either. These comments though can be seen as a sign that the UFC wants to appease Arlovski in hopes of possibly bringing him back.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Maybe he is put on the undercard so that he is forced to put on an exciting performance so he is put on the main card.

    Tis a strange ass reason but ya never know.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    I like Arlovski and his camp’s attitude here. Obviously Dana doesn’t want to pay Arlovski what he’s asking for so he’s saying “Alright, then. Let me go out there and prove it to you by knocking Jake O’Brien out. Then let’s make a deal.” It’s classy.

  • I’m sure that Arlovski is thrilled about being frozen out for a year.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Hes from Belarus… he’s used to the snow

    (Sam hopes it snows in Belarus)

  • Kelvin says:

    Adam has spoken the correct.

  • MJC_123 says:

    I think if anything Dana and the boys, are saying prove to us Arlovski your worth, you used to be a massive draw, still have the potential to put bums on seats in the arena and at home but you haven’t turned up like the Andre, of old in a while.

    With the pressure off on undercard, smash O’Brien to pieces and your gonna be offered good money again and allow yourself to rise in the HW division….Dana isn’t stupid he knows the HW division isn’t stacked but hes not paying big big money anymore to people who he doesnt think are deserve it.

    Arlovski think of UFC 82 as your end of year review….get it on and your stayin if not see you in ELITE XC with TITO at the end of the year.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Is it just me that remembers nearly everything Dana White says is not true?

  • MMA SKOOL ™ says:

    I don’t know. Both sides seem to be trying to be appear positive. No reason to start another public spat. Even if he will always be looked at as inferior to Sylvia, AA still has great value to the UFC. Heavyweight belt aside, imagine Arlovski vs. Cro Cop or Arlovski vs. Kongo… Those would be main events people would want to see.

    However putting Arlovski on an undercard when the main card has 3 Welterweight bouts featuring glorified wrestlers going against cupcake stepping stones, seems negative and insulting to me.

    Simply telling Arlovski he’d better be impressive in his last fight is different than putting him on the undercard.

  • Jeremy says:

    They may be talking positive, but I don’t think their actions have been all that positive. I mean Arlovski has been sitting around a long time now waiting to get his last fight done on this contract. Looks like they made him weight right til the end of it until they scheduled him another fight. That’s not exactly positive.

    I am interested however in what kind of offers Arlovski gets on the free market for his services. EliteXC and the IFL haven’t really shown any instances yet of being able to bring in guys like Arlovski. I am interested to see what M-1, HDNet, HFC, WVR and K-1 do with him. If they make offers and hopefully what they are.

  • mike wolfe says:

    “Wait and see” works for both sides. If AA fights up to his potential, fan interest should increase, and both sides are happy. UFC has a resurgent heavyweight and AA can justify a bigger contract, which makes more sense for UFC. If the fight is a good one, it’ll be on the broadcast portion.

  • Sergio says:

    I totally made this point yesterday:

    “And I’m starting to think that maybe this next fight may be the clincher for the nail in the coffin for Arlovski.

    An amazing showing by their former Heavyweight champ could lead to the contract Arlovski wants but UFC is hesitant to offer while another lackluster performance further solidifies Arlovski’s stigma as a legitimate but inconsistent contender.”

    I love being right, haha.

  • JP says:

    I think the UFc has shown their hand already… Andre beat Fabricio Werdum, and Werdum gets a shot at the title before Andre (Former Champ) gets another title shot… I think this in and of itself shows where the UFC stands… add to this the the fact that they have not renewed his contract yet… wanting to wait before his last fight is up??? C’mon.. .the guy held the title… Do they think we’re too stupid to realise they just renewed Jason Macdonalds contract with one fight to go?? in the same week they make these statements…
    Andre will be gone after this fight… look for him to land with the IFL (he is coaching the Chicago Team… Team PITBULL) which the UFc will go ape over… look at the fact they just filed a lawsuit against Randy for it.
    If he doesn’t land with the IFL I bet he’ll be signed by M1.

  • David says:

    This is a win-win for both UFC and Arlovski. If Arlovski loses or is boring its not aired and he can still go to another promotion. If he wins, especially in spectacular fashion, they can play it in between the main event and the previous match or right after the main event couple with Goldberg saying “Wow, Arlovski looked great what an intriguing wrench that throws into the Heavyweight Title outlook.”

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    To put A.A. on the undercard is an insult to a man that’s a former champ. Everyone keeps dwelling on the last boring bout he had w/Werdum & make it out to be that A.A. isn’t what he used to be. The guy had one boring fight, the previous bout w/Cruz he nearly knocked the guy out while lying down. I think that A.A. will come in w/a vengeance to show Dana that he’s still the Pit Bull for a reason. I think that after a year off, he’s had plenty o’ time to polish up & now it’s time to shine. I wouldn’t be surprised if his fight is the best one of the night for UFC 82. If it’s not aired, I’ll watch it on UFC On-Demand.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    I’d love to see Arlovski return. That said, he’s one of the few fighters in the UFC who would provide a lot more value to another organization than to the UFC (Tito being #1). The UFC will make a competitive bid, but I expect EliteXC or M-1 to pay through the nose.

  • Evan says:

    ” but I expect EliteXC or M-1 to pay through the nose.”

    EliteXC just spent a ton of money on Diaz and Slice so I wodner how much they have left…why didn’t they get Josh when he has been heavily rumored to go there?

    M-1 . People bring them up with every free agent but so far they are simply a “Fedor Rental Service” (FRS for short) at this time.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Why would they want Josh Barnett? He doesn’t put asses in seats.

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    “Fedor Rental Service” hahaha, that was a good one. Ya know I’m tired of hearing about M-1. Who do they have other than Fedor? When do they air their fights? They’re a brand new organization if I’m correct, so they don’t have much to to compete with, but getting the fighters that are @ the caliber like Arlovski would make them more attractive.

  • Dandaman says:

    Well, it is insulting to AA, to not be on the main card. I think it would be more pressure to perform in front of millions worldwide than just those in attendance. For the sake of the UFC’s HW division, I hope AA, has a highlight performance that he has had in the past. I have always wondered who would have won between him and Mir, back when Mir, had beaten Sylvia, if he didn’t have his accident. Because that should have been Mir’s first Defense. If AA gets a better deal from another orgranization, good for him, who knows, he could get Wanderlei Silva, status when he left the UFC and built his legacy in PRIDE.

  • BigBad Brad says:

    Yes I agree. . .Mir vs Arlovski would’ve been the fight to see. Mir gives a better performance than Tim anyday (anyone gives a better fight than Tim). I think that this O’Brien fight will be one of Andrei’s best beatings he’s ever given anyone. I think after a yr off & all the bulls__t he’s dealt w/in between. . .he’ll unleash it on O’Brien. Then to follow, Dana will see that & beg for him to stay.


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