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UFC 81 Video: Brock Lesnar talks loss to Frank Mir

  • Derek B. says:

    I really have to give it to Lesnar. He came off so professional in his post-fight interview. Just that interview alone has made me give Lesnar A lot more respect then what I had for him before his fight with Mir.

    I’m expecting to see more of this guy.

  • eazye says:

    Lesnar looked good, despite the point deduction and the tap out. Very agile and showed a lot of potential in the cage.

    Oh, btw, has officially announced Leben/Sakara for 82, finalizing the card.

  • Kelvin says:

    I agree with Derek B.

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    I agree with Derek B as well but he will have to kick the shit out of his next opponent to make me a believer that he is for real.

  • jjdnb says:

    No Lesnar is for real. He showed it against Mir. Lots of respect to him for coming out and putting on a show. His comments before and after the fight were very professional. I expect this guy to dominate the HW division in the next 2-3 years.

    I do agree with him when he said Mir was holding onto his leg for dear life, hehe, so true. I think he would have finished Mir in the begining if it wasnt stoped for the rabbit punching.

  • Derek B. says:

    Well you know my father always told me if something sounds too good to be true it usually isn’t. That was the case with lesnars debut in the UFC. It just all sounded so good to be true.

    I have to give the guy a lot of respect because I really thought that Lesnar was going to finish Mir off.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Lesnar taking on Chiek Kongo to be honest. I think that Kongo needs to be tested more on the ground and I think Lesnar will be the guy who can do that.

  • Eric says:

    Derek, a Lesnar vs Kongo fight would look a lot like Lesnar vs Mir fight, except Kongo wouldn’t be getting up.

    Give him Tim Sylvia.

  • It’s just too bad that the ref stopped the fight, right when brock was ready to give Mir the F-5 then go for the pin

  • ancy nancy says:

    I agree with derrickzilla 100%, how many Angle locks has brock broken out of in the wwe? UFC is rigged, because anyone who can kick out of as many Rock Bottoms of brock has, should never lose a match, period! you got that junior?

  • Aamir says:

    WTF. ancy nancy…. are you on crack?
    WWE is the show thats rigged. Its not even a sport. UFC is not rigged. Now, who knows what goes on under the table at UFC, but its as legit as fights go. Comparing it to UFC is like comparing oranges and apples. Sheesh. Lesnar can entertain because of the experience he got from been in the WWE. He can definetly fight too judging by the performance against Frank Mir. Mir just really got lucky because he was the better experienced UFC veteran. It was a really lame win, but theres no way in hell it was rigged. I have been in arm bars, leg locks, thumb locks, triangle holds and other stuff. Its definetly does hurt! Its not like a ‘rock bottom’ or an ‘angle lock’. In WWE you know what move your opponent is going to do since its rigged. So no matter how much it looks like a certain move should have hurt, it doesn’t always hurt as bad, because you KNOW that it was coming. The stuff that hurts the worst is stuff you don’t see coming, and that is exactly why the foot lock hurt Lesnar enough for him to tap out so suddenly. Thats a dose of reality for him. No matter how tough anyone is, if they aren’t experienced in MMA they are going to get nasty surprises like that.

  • Jordan says:

    That Frank Mir guy was obviously supposed to have win that match, the UFC is rigged unfortunately. If UFC had the caliber of fighters that the WWE had, we wouldn’t be in this whole mess to begin with. You could tell that he only pretend tapped, he wasn’t even in pain. For a guy who once suplexed The Big Show right through the ring, he sure didn’t hurt a guy who’s less than HALF of The Big Show’s size, like come on!! You’re telling me that wasn’t rigged? The Undertaker hasn’t even beaten Brock, who is this Frank Mir guy anyways, was he on ECW?


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