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Tito Ortiz appears on The Howard Stern Show


Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio this morning.

Outside of a montage of sex questions, Howard also delved into the current state of Ortiz’s fighting career. Ortiz’s issues with UFC president Dana White were discussed and Ortiz also raised issue with fighter pay.

He crossed over into some dangerous ground by giving out specific numbers about what the UFC makes through pay-per-view, ticket sales, and merchandising. I say “dangerous ground” because if the numbers aren’t accurate, the UFC might feel compelled to file a lawsuit.

Stern asked Tito about the idea of the fighters starting a union and Ortiz said that it was a possibility. Ortiz expressed his desire that fighters in all income brackets begin to receive additional compensation.

Ortiz discussed how his match vs. Lyoto Machida on May 24 in Las Vegas is the last on his current contract and that he’ll become a free agent afterwards. He touched on the possibility of competing for a promotion other than the UFC and was very vocal about wanting a rematch with Frank Shamrock.

A caller asked Ortiz about Chuck Zito. Tito said the two were friends but when asked how he would fare in a fight against the former leader of the New York chapter of the Hell’s Angels, Ortiz expressed little doubt in his ability to win that fight. He talked about his street fighting prowess and indicated that he once nearly killed a man in a street fight. Ortiz indicated that he ran into the guy a year later at a party and that when confronted, the man in question apologized for initiating the altercation.

Later on in the interview Stern began to ramble off names of famous movie stars, inquiring how Ortiz would stack up against them. Jet Li, Chuck Norris, and Bruce Lee were all brought up. Ortiz stated that he could defeat all of them. Ortiz also indicated that he could defeat Mike Tyson in 30 seconds or less in an MMA-rules bout.

Tito also made one candid personal revelation about his distant past, which was that he had been addicted to methamphetamine for several years. Ortiz claimed he was working for a moving company early in his career and used speed in order to stay up during off-peak hours.

The couple were there to promote Jameson’s new book, Jenna’s Tales: Something Blue.

  • Evan says:

    Channel 100.

    If you miss it try 101 in an hour as it’s the west coast feed.

  • Evan says:

    so he didn’t completely shut the door on coming back to the UFC?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    He didn’t shut the door on it but didn’t leave much hope for optimism.

  • lol tito could beat bruce lee! that is so funny

  • mike wolfe says:

    What a classy guy. Surrounds himself with similarly classy people. Great ambassador for MMA.

  • ufcfan says:

    ummm tito vs. frank shamrock
    wasn’t that 10 years ago??? or something

    having tito leave from a business perspective would be damaging
    his name alone brings recognition and instant marketing to a rival organization, not to mention he’ll use every opportunity to publicly bash the ufc etc.

    but from a figher perspective can anyone really argue that tito remains a valid contender in the LHW division??? with his injuries, one fight a year fight schedule, focus on outside ventures (i.e. clothing, jenna, t.v. shows)

    i can’t….

  • Sam Caplan says:

    #4, what’s so funny about it? Tito would have 50 lbs. on him and more experience on the ground. Let’s be realistic.

  • Evan says:

    “ummm tito vs. frank shamrock
    wasn’t that 10 years ago??? or something”

    It’s the biggest fight you can possibly make for him outside the UFC.

  • Matt C. says:

    “ummm tito vs. frank shamrock
    wasn’t that 10 years ago??? or something”

    Exactly. If they fight it would be the 10 yr anniversary of their first fight. At least that’s how I’ve heard them hype this potential matchup. They both are big names stars who’s light is fading. I’d watch them brawl it out. On Youtube.

  • Gabber says:

    Except Tito throwing on like 20 lbs of muscle and being brought in to fight Fedor. I think he could put on the weight no problem, he’s always a huge LHW. I think Fedor vs Tito would bring in way more buys then Tito vs Frank.

  • BABA BOOEY says:

    chuck zito claims that he wants to step into the octagon(or any other cage) and he’ll fight anybody they match him up against if the money is right.chuck is talking millions,so that’s never gonna happen. if tito said he had little doubt that he could beat chuck zito in a fight you can be sure that zito will call him out on it, cant wait for zito’s next show on HOWARD 101. it will be interesting to see if chuck zito smacks the shit out of tito for disrespecting him the next time the two meet up.

  • Mike Rome says:

    Of course the Frank fight would draw more, Fedor’s name means nothing here. His last fight did a disastrous 13,000 buys.

    Looks like Tito is gone, this talk is escalating further than ever before. Tito’s numbers are all wrong too, which makes it harder to take him seriously. The cable companies get about half the revenue, so on a 500,000 PPV buy show, The UFC makes about 10 million dollars in PPV revenue, not 40. The gates are also usually 2-3 million, not 5.

    He has a good case just using real numbers, I don’t see why he has to make shit up.

  • ufcfan says:

    Bruce Lee would kick the living crap out of Tito Ortiz

  • ufcfan says:


    i agree i wouldn’t shell out 40 bucks to watch tito/frank
    might download it though

    i’d rather tito just join another organization then start his own
    don’t we already have enough that are failing/destined to fail

  • ufcfan says:

    if tito starts his own mma organization…

    colour commentators: Jenna Jameson and Justin McCully

    HW champion: Tito Ortiz
    LHW champion: Tito Ortiz
    MW champion: Tito Ortiz
    WW champion: Tito Ortiz
    LW champion: Tito Ortiz

    every show headlined by Tito Ortiz

    Tito vs. Frank Shamrock II
    Tito vs. Ken Shamrock IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, XI, X

    all fighters must at all times where Punishment Athletics

    Jenna Jameson…head referee

    all fighters must enter to Eminem’s “Mosh”

    ways to finish a fight:

    ground and pound ONLY

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    No. 15

    Don’t forget that Tito the fighter would soon start criticizing Tito the owner. Maybe even demand a fight with Tito the owner as part of his contract as Tito the fighter.

  • Cradick says:

    Maybe Tito will win The Apprentice and the Donald and Tito will team up to create “The Trump Fighting Championship.” So, #15… you forgot owner Donald Trump and ring girl Ivanka Trump.

  • Thomas Whigham says:

    I honestly can’t tell if the first post even went through but here goes:

    Has anyone every analyzed Bruce Lee’s recorded speed/feats compared to some of the top MMA guys? I’d be really interested in what people can do now. Here is what I mean:

    Lee’s striking speed from three feet with his hands down by his side reached five hundredths of a second.[49]
    Lee could spring a 235 lb (107 kg) opponent 15 feet (4.6 metres) away with a 1 inch punch.[48]
    In a speed demonstration, Lee could snatch a dime off a person’s open palm before they could close it, and leave a penny behind.[53]
    Lee could perform push ups using only his thumbs[41][48]
    Lee would hold an elevated v-sit position for 30 minutes or longer.[47]
    Lee could throw grains of rice up into the air and then catch them in mid-flight using chopsticks.[41]
    Lee performed one-hand push-ups using only the thumb and index finger[48][54][41][48]
    Lee performed 50 reps of one-arm chin-ups.[55]
    From a standing position, Lee could hold a 125 lb (57 kg) barbell straight out. [47][41]
    Lee could break wooden boards 6 inches (15 cm) thick.[56]
    Lee performed a side kick while training with James Coburn and broke a 150-lb (68 kg) punching bag[47][57]
    Lee could cause a 300-lb (136 kg) bag to fly towards and thump the ceiling with a side kick.[48]
    In a move that has been dubbed “Dragon Flag”, Lee could perform leg lifts with only his shoulder blades resting on the edge of a bench and suspend his legs and torso perfectly horizontal midair. [58]
    Lee could thrust his fingers through unopened steel cans of Coca-Cola, at a time before cans were made of the softer aluminum metal.[59]
    Lee could use one finger to leave dramatic indentations on pine wood.

    I mean is any of that stuff that extraordinary compared to other fighters out there? Is it incredible, or just about what you’d expect from a top athlete in the UFC? I always wondered, because Lee studied human movement so much, and was always talking about intercepting based on his perception of their forward movement. Kicking before they could shoot his legs, for example. Is that, given his speed, at all realistic?

  • ArmyGuy says:

    Lee would be beaten like a drum…

  • Todd J B says:

    Titto Ortiz would be knocked out by Bruce Lee within 10 minutes. Ortiz would never be able to put him on the ground and would take amazing amounts of punishment trying to take him down.
    As someone mentioned before…Bruce Lee was not just an actor, but also a fighter capable of physical feats still unmatched by current fighters. Bruce Lee actually weighed somewhere bvetween 145 and 160, so he wouldn’t be all that outweighed by Ortiz….And he would be stronger. He trained 8 hours a day to fight and would smash Ortiz 3 times in the face before Ortiz could even imagine grabbing his legs. Bruce lee was an anomoly from standard stand-up martial arts…Surely, in a general UFC match, a jiu jitsu guy would beat a jeet kun do guy. Ortiz vs. Lee??? Ortiz would last less than 2 minutes. Let’s all be realistic. 3 faces strikes, 2 knee strikes, 2 abdomen stikes and 2 throat strikes before Ortiz even understands what is happening. Game over. Anyone saying Ortiz would crush Bruce Lee really doesn’t understand fighting.

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