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Video: Sean Sherk still believes he’s the champ

I became enraged at about the 2:00 mark. Again, I don’t know whether Sean Sherk used performance enhancers or not. But I do know that he was suspended for testing positive for them and did not present a compelling case in his defense. However, in this video he once again insists he presented a lot of evidence to the California State Athletic Commission. Since when is throwing darts considered strong evidence?

Also, Troy Mandaloniz makes an interesting cameo in this clip, which comes to us courtesy of our friends at BTW, Sherk also says that B.J. Penn has a couple of holes in his game. If Penn shows up in condition, can someone please tell me what those holes could possibly be?

  • Derek B. says:

    I think sherk is digging a deeper and deeper hole every time he tries to defend himself.

    He should let go of his past and be more focused on his future in fighting. For the next few years of his fight career he’ll always be thought of a cheater. He should just try and be as modest as possible and perhaps try to appologies to his fans for the situation he put himself into.

  • ufcfan says:

    sean sherk = world’s biggest douche bag

  • ctownhood says:

    The only “hole” , if you want to call it one, that I have ever seen in BJ has been his cardio. And judging from the last fight, the hole has been patched. Sherk is a great fighter, but BJ is world class. I predict a 2nd rd submission from BJ

  • Paul Hanna says:

    sherk fucked up.

    the more i hear him talk the more i think he did them.

  • Derek B. says:

    Sherk still has a chance to win the fight, but the way BJ Penn has been fighting it’s going to be hard for Sherk to dominate the fight.

  • Big Al says:

    Can’t wait to see sherk and BJ fight. I think that BJ will be tough to beat for a while. Sherk is just too one dimensional.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    There wasn’t anything arrogant about that clip. Sherk’s sticking to his story and wasn’t whining. He knows he has to fight Penn, and he’s preparing to do that. His conditioning is always mind-blowing, and if the fight gets past the third round he could pound out the win. Sure Penn was in better condition in his recent fight with Stevenson, but I don’t think Penn has ever approached Sherk’s cardio level. The whole ‘roids issue becomes irrelevant if he loses to Penn, who’s dramatically improved his work ethic. If Penn wins, he could rightfully argue that he would’ve won regardless of whether Sherk was stripped of his title or was just defending it without the belt loss.

  • Vess says:

    Loser ALERT!!!

  • Grape Knee High says:

    Holes in BJ Penn’s Game:

    1. Doesn’t take steroids.
    2. Attempts to finish fight.

  • Wang Chung says:

    i don’t get why so many people hate sean sherk. yes he was found ‘guilty’ of using a banned substance, but from my understanding that ‘guilty’ verdict isn’t rock solid, and therefore isn’t compelling enough to assume he’s a roid freak.

    as for bj’s holes…come on sam, everybody in the fight game has holes, even ‘the prodigy’. i dunno if i’d go as far as sherk and call them ‘huge holes’ or whatever he said, but…bj penn is not the second coming of the mma christ. as for their fight, bj is going to have to come in unbelievable shape because i highly doubt he will ko sherk, i doubt he will submit him, and i doubt he’ll be able to control sherk on the ground. meanwhile sherk will be coming in as the cardio freakazoid that he is. the longer the fight goes the worse it gets for bj, clearly.

  • Wang Chung says:

    see, this is what i can’t stand about bj penn fans…they have zero objectivity about the guy. even though his record of late isn’t too great, he still basically won those fights. he didn’t actually lose to st. pierre. and he was beating matt hughes for 2 rounds, so it was a fluke matt finished him…he wouldn’t have really lost if it hadn’t been because of x, y, or z excuse that invariably gets thrown out.

  • sven says:

    God I hope BJ kills this fool. Sherk is an insanely boring fighter who makes little attempt to ever finish a fight. Then he has the nerve to talk shit about the fans and act like its our fault that we dont enjoy his fights.

  • Derek B. says:

    “I don’t get why so many people hate sean sherk. yes he was found ‘guilty’ of using a banned substance, but from my understanding that ‘guilty’ verdict isn’t rock solid, and therefore isn’t compelling enough to assume he’s a roid freak.”

    Everyone already knows that Baroni and Sherk were juicers before they even started to do MMA. When you’re found guilty of doing steroids it’s a big deal..because you are cheater when doing so. They don’t call them performance enhancing drugs for nothing.

  • Andy says:

    Did I miss something? Sherk says he is innocent? Now I wasn’t clear as to what really happened to him, did he test positive because of the faulty machine, or did he test positive from one of his supplements while the machine was working fine.

    So which supplement was tainted? Has this information been publicly disclosed or should we just take his word for it? Has he filed a lawsuit against that supplement company? Has he filed a lawsuit against the CSAC because they were WRONG?
    If he had overwhelming evidence he should have a case.

    If Sherk is innocent has he changed his supplement formula or is he taking the exact same supplements he always has, expecting to come up negative for his next test. Will he have a 2nd sample ready if he tests positive again?

    Sean Sherk will never have the public on his side when all we have to go by is: “Trust me, I’m innocent, but I won’t show you any evidence, you just have to trust me, and I don’t care what all you think about me!”

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    Sherk got caught. If there was “evidence” as he claimed it would’ve been dismissed by the athletic commission & the suspension revoked/cleared. It’s black & white. You are positive or negative. In today’s athletic arenas there are so many ways to get ahead & steroids is the biggest crutch athletes lean on to excel in their sport. W/today’s pharmaceutical testing, it’s virtually impossible to have any kind of margin for error in the test itself. It specifically hones in on the type of drug they’re looking for. IF Sherk wants to use, then so be it. He needs a longer waning period to flush his system b4 he fights, cuz the half-life of roids is long thus causing the cells in the body to cling on to it longer. Of any drug really (cocaine, opiates, weed, etc…) steroids stay in the system a lot longer. Sherk f–ked up & is bitter he lost his belt.

  • I couldn’t care less if Sean says he is guilty or innocent… I doubt the CSAC knows if he’s guilty or not or they wouldn’t have halved his sentence. When I first heard about this shit I thought for sure he was guilty, I mean just look at the guy, but he looks like a miniature Brock Lesnar… does that make him an automatic roid head? Sean really needs to lay off the supplements for his next fight and slowly determine which are actually helping and which are pointless, probably most are just bullshit anyways.

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    Clint. . . CSAC more tha likely halved his sentence due to Sherk being a 1st time offender. They wk similar in punishment to the justice system (w/o prisoning of course). Looking at Sherk as you said, does not make him an automatic roid head. You have to be more in depth than that. Some of the most avid users of roids don’t look like Sherk. However, the test is out there for all fighters. It’s not like Sherk was picked out cuz he looks the way he does. Yes, the supplements need to be re-evaluated as well. . .but I still think it’s BJ Penn come fight night as the victor.

  • ufcfan says:

    as long as bj’s cardio is up to par
    and he keeps improving (i should add its already world class)
    his takedown defense

    sherk’s finished

    i just hope bj penn knocks him out ala caol uno

  • dsfasgtsdth says:

    why do penn fans think hes is god?
    why do penn fans worship him?
    does penn have a bible that i dont know about?
    are all penn fans gay?
    just wondering because they seem to be mad in love with him.

    no offense to penn fans i just want to know.

  • screwface says:

    i still like hermes franca, and i still like stephan bonnar…why? because they at least had the balls to admit what they did. sure i lost some respect for them as fighters but they admitted it. sherk is liar, bad role model and bad ambassador for the sport. he shouldve been banned from ufc not rewarded, and i have a major problem with danas stance on handling sherk. even with the drugs, the his fights were boring, he couldnt take florian let alone, penn. and now that the microscope is on him id love to see how he hides the juice this time. keep in mind there are a number of ways to hide it, he just did a bad job last time. and if decides to act like a real man and not do them at all, then this cardio factor is out the door.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    “i still like hermes franca, and i still like stephan bonnar…why? because they at least had the balls to admit what they did. sure i lost some respect for them as fighters but they admitted it. sherk is liar, bad role model and bad ambassador for the sport.”

    Yep, that is why Sherk is such a piece of garbage. He is obviously on roids (no man can be that big not cheating) and fails to admit it. He then goes further by claiming he is not liked for reasons other than cheating. I really think this guy should be suspended longer. For him to get a title shot this soon after cheating is a bad example.

    I have a great idea for BJ PENN. Please BJ, when you beat him, call him out right after the fight and embarrass him. That would propel this into an even more important issue by humiliating him in front of everyone.

    Possible comments include:

    “My performance tonight shows you that you can win without cheating. Sherk is a known cheater and look at him now.”

    “Go home Sean and don’t come back until you prove you are a clean athlete.”

    “This shows you that Jiu-Jitsu can beat any roid head who thinks they can cut corners to win.”

  • dsfasgtsdth says:

    ive read alot of blogs about bj penn and they all say his boxing skills are great.
    i dont think much has been said about his hands in this particular blog.
    but it really bothers me that people say that because i beg to differ.

    theres alot of MMA fighters out there who could hold there own against pro boxers there size.lets take for example rampage i think if he sparred someone like roy jones jr he would put up a good fight.

    on the other hand i dont think if bj penn sparred against someone like mayweather,hatton,or de la hoya he could last without getting overwhelmed and or killed.

    im just here to say bj penns hands are not as great as people like to say,im not saying hes terrible but people but him on a level hes not.i respect him as a great BJJ player but he is not as complete as he should be when it comes to MMA

  • dsfasgtsdth says:

    hey Jiu-Jitsu Guy if im not mistaken Royce Gracie tested postive once before but it seems everyone looks over that fact because hes a fan favorite

  • ken says:

    Q: “when you go into the fight, how do you plan to win, submission or knock out”

    sherk: “um.. well iono i was thinking lay and pray but a sub or ko wouldnt be that bad either i guess”

  • Freedom says:

    Quote “If you want to be the champ you have to beat the champ”.

    How did Sean Sherk become the champion? He beat Florian… and I dont recall Florian holding the belt.


  • Good to have you back, Jiu Jitsu Guy.

  • metro says:

    ‘Roid rage sure sucks when you have to keep it all bottled up for an interview. Or is he done cycling for his next fight?

    Sorry, but a conviction is a conviction, that means there had to be evidence against him, and even though the suspension was reduced, it still counts. And it will stay in the minds of every viewer EVERY TIME HE FIGHTS.

  • JacRabbit says:

    dsfasgtsdth… your last 3 posts are lame attempts to put Sherk on some pedestal that he’s not on while knocking Penn.

    Seriously, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a BJ Penn fan, because I could care less for his general attitude, but if you can’t respect his abilities as a fighter you’re clearly too biased to make any since.

    IMHO, BJ Penn is one of the most GIFTED pound for pound fighters to date. Heavy hands, extreme coordination, ridiculous balance, quick reflexes, the list could go on… Yes, beyond natural gifts there are things such as cardio and conditioning which he neglected in the past–he is clearly working on those issues. That said, roids or not, Sherk is a one dimentional fighter with superior cardio… not enough to pull off a win.

  • JacRabbit says:

    …and in response to the boxing comment, BJ Penn has NEVER been knocked out… look at the list of people who stood in front of him (without the added protection of boxing gloves)… Take the fat gloves off–that alone should speak for a lot

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I doubt Sherk will be able to take BJ down early which should result in him being choked out or knocked out early.

    Penn has avoided takedowns from both Hughes and St. Pierre at welterweight and both of those guys took Sherk down fairly easily.

  • Andy says:

    “Q: “when you go into the fight, how do you plan to win, submission or knock out”

    sherk: “um.. well i was planning to not let him knock me out by holding him down on his back the whole match, and if he gets up, I’ll just try to hold him down again like a wrestler who can’t knock out or submit anyone.”

    So basically he wins all fights with defense, and no offense.

    If you look at Sherks record, he has a couple finishes, by rear naked choke, the rest are majority decisions, but I had to look his record up because if I had not I never would have believed he can finish anyone before time expires.

  • Kogepan says:

    sherk is a sawed off little runt who used steroids to pump up his physique. Is obvious. The guy has little to no mma skills and just uses the juice to fight.

    While I dislike BJ as well, its quite obvious Sherk will get destroyed without the help on the nandro. 1st round submission.

  • hankd says:

    I wish ridiculous amounts of failure on Sherk…

  • BJPennIsADBag says:

    BJ Penn is garbage. All of his fans are just jumping on his bandwagon because he finally won a fight. Just wait until Sherk kicks his dumbass.

    If you are a fan of BJ Penn, do the world a favor and kill yourself.

  • garth says:

    After Sherk’s hearings and appeals were up, White stripped him of the title because he did not present a shred of exculpatory evidence. The commission said it as well. All of his “evidence” (from what I read) did nothing to convince the commission of White.
    It doesn’t matter if it was a bum supplement or not. Positive or negative is all that matters, and he was positive but a large margin. End of story.

    That said, I have a hard time understanding why Sherk gets an immediate shot. Aren’t there more deserving lightweights? If BJ can just tear through every one of ’em, let him.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    I don’t know why anyone would disrespect BJ Penn and give credit to a cheater like Sherk. Skill and dedication vs. a complete piece of crap.

    In case you haven’t noticed, roids gives you a major advantage on the competition. You can literally sit around half the day and get a better result while others are working their assess off.

    BJ is all skill. Sherk is all cheat. Screw Sherk. I hope he loses and goes away forever. He is about the worst example of cheating in MMA.


    GO U.S.A. KICK ASS!!!!!


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