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UFC sets deadline for Mirko Cro Cop

tn_cc6.jpgUFC president Dana White revealed Saturday night after UFC 81 that the promotion has issued Mirko Cro Cop a deadline for deciding whether he will continue his fighting career.

“We’re waiting to hear from him,” White is quoted as saying in an article by Gary Herman of “We told him we’d wait for him to make a decision, but he’s not making a decision.”

White added that the UFC has given him a firm deadline and that the deadline has just about passed.

“The deadline is pretty much up, and I need decision from him by Monday (February 4),” White is quoted as saying.


  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I like how he’s training in an Octagon with a Pride banner on the mat

  • bigfish042 says:

    Yeah I noticed the PRIDE banner in the center also. Hilarious!

    WTF is going on. Cro Cop website says he is completely focused on training and is NOT retiring. Adn there is Dana Asswhite saying he is ignoring the UFC and not even returning messages concerning his fighting career.

    Something fishy is going on around here. I just CAN NOT believe that the UFC signed someone for $350,000 a fight that THEY CAN NOT contact in minutes IF NEEDED?????? I think Dana is bitter that they are paying him so much and he is not worth it.

    I’ll bet Dana left an email on Sunday night the 3rd stating he had till the next dy to get back to them.

    Really think about it, can you actually believe that the UFC HAS NOT reached one of their TOP paid fighter in months??????? LIES, LIES. LIES.

  • Derek B. says:

    they are trying to get rid of him so they can have the money to pay off Brock Lesnar.

    Just plain and simple…Cro-Cop should leave and just go to M-1 for the rematch of the life time. Cro-Cop Vs Fedor.

  • I would not be at all surprised if they are trying a forced re-negotiation with him in order to pay him less money than the amount for which they signed him.

  • Tommy says:

    What’s up with people honoring their (or not) contracts anymore? People talk about the honor skill and pride of the fighters in this sport and the top guys are looking like real scum bags. Does Randy really feel likes he’s a good example to up and comers? Like taking someones money then changing your mind about what you agreed to is something you want to show your kids? Cro Cop will cash his checks but refuse to return their calls just to say if he wants to continue fighting? Like the UFC mistreated and domestically abused him. Soon as they start getting paid anything they turn into such premadonnas. I don’t believe this is an answer for many fighters as other people do but, someone should tell Cro Cop to cut to 205. He’d find his body much better suited for that weight. He won’t feel so weak and old and overmatched.

  • Tommy— No one is suggesting that Cro Cop is demanding a raise from his contracted salary. What DOES seem like a real possibility, given the conflicting public statements, is that it’s the UFC who doesn’t want to honor this particular contract, and that they’re trying to force Cro Cop’s hand into accepting less pay than the contracted amount.

  • Tommy says:

    I never said he was demanding a raise, just not getting out their and fighting. People stating that the UFC is trying to lower his pay is pure speculation though. Cro Cop hasn’t even stated that and yet the internet wants to run with that one badly. Maybe the people thinking that feel Cro Cop hasn’t been worth the money, cause neither the UFC or Cro Cop has stated that their has been an attempt to re-negotiate the contract. My point was he seems kinds unwilling to go out their and fight. People always say what might be, lets stick to what we do know.

  • Get out there and fight at whatever salary UFC management wants to pay him?

    Or get out there and fight for the salary that is written into his contract?

    We all know how much Zuffa believes in contracts being honored… or is it just in selective cases?

  • William W. says:

    Sounds like Dana is trying to cut him loose. Cro Cop has publicly stated he wanted to fight on UFC 80 and the UFC said nothing. I don’t trust Dana at all when he says stuff.

  • Tommy says:

    You guys sure don’t mind making up b.s. on the fly and acting like it has merit. Again neither side has claimed that has happened, so I believe it will be at what his contract is at.

  • ufcfan says:

    yeah i think #2 brought up some interesting points.

    maybe they are trying to get out of the contract.

    i think its silly though, based on his history alone you can’t just assume
    cro cop will never be produced good fights again. the gonzaga was a KO which can happen to anyone. now the kongo fight was a different story altogether.

    with randy gone, arlovski going, fedor signing elsewhere, the 0% chance of barnett ever coming back the last thing they need is to lose even more talent in the HW division.

  • cyphron says:


    Do you have any proof that the UFC is trying to redo the contract or are you just assuming here?

  • Derek B. says:

    Cro-Cop should move to Light Heavyweight were all the strikers are at in the UFC.

    Heavy weight is bonbarded with wrestlers while Light Heavyweight has all the strikers and BJJ fighters.

  • ufcfan says:

    Fighters come and go which is going to be a reality now that business of MMA is much larger with many organizations…but the trend is starting to get a bit worrisome for the UFC…

    Fedor (signs with m1)
    Tito (possibly based on what he says)
    Gomi (signs with WVR)

    now…potentially strong arming Cro Cop here…

    Their refusal to negotiate with either Barnett or Lindland…

    Its not good…

    Even though the other organizations are light years behind UFC
    in terms of name recognition, fighter stable, t.v. deals, ppv numbers

    at some point, one has to assume a viable competitor will arrive.
    if HDnet gets it shit together I could see them being the most likely challenger to the UFC’s dominance in N.American market.

  • Tommy says:

    Everyone can talk about all the fighters the UFC don’t have, but they have all the matters at the end of the day. Tickets sales & PPV buys.

  • Evan says:

    Not sure this is a big deal at all if he goes away. The vast majority of fans are casual fans and the casual fans only know him as some guy who has gone 1-2. The don’t know about PRIDE or his amazing history.

    What a dissapointment this whole thing has been with him in the UFC.

  • Sergio says:

    “The don’t know about PRIDE or his amazing history. ”

    Watch UFC 67 and tell me casual fans only know him as some guy who has gone 1-2 when the entire crowd is ‘oh’ing after every kick CroCop throws, regardless of whether it connects or not.

  • Evan says:

    “Watch UFC 67 and tell me casual fans only know him as some guy who has gone 1-2 when the entire crowd is ‘oh’ing after every kick CroCop throws, regardless of whether it connects or not.”

    Doesn’t matter. He is not a contender and the UFC is moving at such a lighting pace with shows and PPV’s he will be forgotten fast if he never fights again.

    I will not affect their bottom line whatsoever if he retires right now.

  • jaydog says:

    He’s probably being offered Brock (Cro”copkiller”) Lesnar. Then, only a fiercely determined Mirko would be able to pull out a victory featuring multiple LHKs to the head/neck (it’s one organ on Brock) of Lesnar. Even though, CC is my fave, Brock would be the perfect jump-start to his career.

  • Nate says:


    how can anyone say the HW division doesnt need more fighters? Who do they have. I just read an article about how the HW division is empty. Someone will pick up Crocop if the UFC doesnt keep him.

  • Captain says:

    War Mirko; not speculation.

    What’s with the Van Damme in the background? We all know Fedor and VD are in bed together but now Mirko too?

  • Derek B. says:

    I think they need to change the weight classes again.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Give the UFC some credit. Cro-Cop has fans and will sell tickets for a few more fights even if he loses. UFC management knows that. If he continues to lose, his fan support will diminish and then UFC would have sound business reasons not to renew his contract. Cro-Cop probably is trying to figure out what to do. Whether it’s age, evolution of the sport or differences between Pride and UFC, he isn’t as competitive and he’d have reason to second guess himself. There’s no basis to suggest that the situation is anything other than as presented by White. If Cro-Cop has a different story to tell, there are plenty of outlets for him to do so.

  • stephen says:

    tommy you sound like UFCs spokesman or something…weak man

  • stephen says:

    Mirko just needs to come back wanting to fight, he did for the first round of the kongo fight and then just lost all willpower. People seem to forget him winning hte pride OWGP last year.

  • woooburn says:

    “lost all willpower”

    translation: got kicked in the junk.

  • TomK says:

    It’s funny how many people are angry that the UFC *might* be trying to force Cro Cop to take less money (which would suck on their part) regardless of their contract with him, while at the same time people are defending Randy Couture for attempting to break his contract. We can’t have it both ways.

    Either contracts are worthless and parties can break them whenever its convenient for them, or contracts are contracts and people should man up and complete them. If you defend Randy, you have to support the UFC with Cro Cop — if you’re mad at the UFC for this, then you have to be mad at Randy — no double standards…

  • Derek B. says:

    UFC has made many mistakes…and to be honest…they aren’t able to put on consistent shows like PRIDE FC did for so many years.

    They’ll learn how to draw a crowd…these past few event (exception for the fight night with guida and huerta) have been bore/snore fests with maybe 1 or 2 good fights.

  • Tommy says:

    Why Stephen? Because I don’t sit back and act like I’m better and smarter then them? Sure I don’t care for every move they make but I do respect the shit out of them. Look where they’ve taken their company and the sport. I know, you could do better. I’m sure they’re taking applications.

  • Tommy says:

    Hey TomK, I like what you got to say. It’s no different then people screaming to pay the fighters more then crying when ppv’s go up five dollars. Money has to come from somewhere.

  • Jye says:

    I’m with Tommy and Tomk here… There are so many haters of the UFC and Dana White on these boards that it’s ridiculous. It’s more than likely that without Dana developing the UFC brand like he did that more than half of us would never have found mma.

  • Danny says:

    i think that there should be another weight class. maybe something like 230. they could categorize it as cruiserweight. i could make 4 som interesting match-ups between some the small heavies and the bigger light heavies. think about it. crocop, f.grffin, rampage, couture (if he were to return), vera, liddell, jardine, werdum etc

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    #27 TomK said it best. We might all bitch n’ moan, but a contract is a legal binding agreement between fighter/UFC. IT holds, and as an overall athlete/businessman you need to honor your time you promised. So that in turn means Zuffa needs to pay Mirko the $ stated in the fight agreement & not lower his purse, regardless of his past win record. A lot of these guys get a flat “per/fight salary” & a “win bonus” for the victory. IF Mirko’s contract is similar to this, then he should by all means get his salary. The UFC can’t dock his pay just cuz he lost 2 of his last bouts in the UFC. Honor the written & signed word.

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    Oh BTW. . .I say they should extend Andrei’s contract to a short 2 fight deal & make one of the bouts CroCop vs. Arlovski. That would be an amazing fight of two fast n’ heavy handed strikers/kickboxers. Whatcha thinkin?


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