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Brandon Vera reveals June return

UFC heavyweight Brandon Vera, currently sidelined due to injury, revealed over the weekend that he expects to make his return to the Octagon in June, against an unnamed opponent.

“I will be fighting in June, but I do not know exactly who I will be fighting,” Vera is quoted as saying in an article by Gary Herman on “There are a couple of names being thrown around, but nothing is official.”

Vera last fought at UFC 77 in October, where he suffered a disappointing unanimous decision loss to Tim Sylvia.

While Vera’s next opponent is uncertain, he did express a desire in taking on one fighter in particular.

“I would love to fight Andrei Arlovski,” Vera stated in the article. “He is someone I really look up to.”

While Vera vs. Arlovski would be an intriguing matchup, it’s one that is unlikely to happen unless the former heavyweight champion signs an extension with the UFC. Arlovski is scheduled to become a free agent on April 15 with the last bout on his current contract scheduled for UFC 82 on March 1 against Jake O’Brien.

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  • Dan K says:

    UFC 82 is actually on march 1st not the 2nd. At least thats what my tickets say.

  • Evan says:

    Such huge gaps between fights cannot be good for him.

  • Evan says:

    “UFC 82 is actually on march 1st not the 2nd. ”

    March 1 is a Friday. I think we have a leap year problem with dates.

  • Evan says:

    “March 1 is a Friday.”

    I meant to say Saturday.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Vera should fight Werdum and Arlovksi should fight Nogueira if Randy doesn’t want to.

  • Rich says:

    Werdum’s already been promised a title shot… soo… Werdum/Vera won’t happen..

    Werdum/Nogueira should be good..

  • Rich says:

    i was expecting to see Sylvia/Werdum this whole time… but Nogueira got the belt… so that oughtta be a GREAT fight..

  • Gavin says:

    what about vera vs. lesnar… apparently lesnar’s next fight is in june.

  • Brent says:

    I think Vera is retarded for trying to stay up at Heavyweight…. whats he weigh?… 240 max? eh… he can drop to 205 and be a HUGE light heavyweight…. Lensar would destroy him…. maybe he’ll fight Gonzaga… who knows….

  • josh b says:

    i think lesnar would prolly hurt vera pretty bad… thats if vera can defend g & p and maybe work for a sub? but i think lesnar woukd just completly over power him. but i woyld have wet dreams about arlovski vs vera! how great of a striker matchup would that be!

  • Rich says:


    Lesnar/Vera would not be a good idea..

    they want Lesnar to win.. and get better in the UFC.. Vera would be a really tough opponent.. and there’s a strong possibility that Lesnar could lose that..

    same for Vera…

    i think they should just give Vera maybe Gonzaga.. Hardonk..

    i would just say that they should give him a no-name.. but Vera’s not the kind of fighter you can do that with… i mean.. he never got an easy opponent… not even in the beginning.. and he finished them all in the first round.. and i still think if he got a rematch w/ sylvia he would beat him.. soo.. they need to just get Vera right back in the mix…

    but i would not like it if they gave Vera Lesnar…

    they’re two people that people want to see succeed right now.. and that would put one of them in .. trouble as far as the title race..

    idk.. Vera’s an amazing fighter… extremely well-rounded.. phenomenal muay thai.. and great sub’s..

    i think if it weren’t for the hand injury against Tim… he might be our champ right now..

    he said a long time ago that he was going to take the route of Couture and get the HW belt then get the LHW belt..

    i really think he could do it..

    great skill..

  • Rich says:

    josh b,

    you do realize you just said you would have wet dreams about two sweaty men, scantilly clad.. right?

  • woooburn says:

    maybe if crocop turns on his pager in time, we could see him fight vera in june? that would be great… as long as crocop is back to form.

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    Arlovski v. Vera would be the ideal match up. However, Arlovski is higher ranked than Vera & deserves a better opponent than that. I’m thinking Gonzaga or Tim again!

  • Rich says:

    “Arlovski is higher ranked than Vera & deserves a better opponent than that”

    i wouldn’t say that..

    Vera is an extremely hard test for any HW fighter right now..

    “deserves” a better opponent??

    to me… a win over Vera would be the ONLY thing that could get Arlovski a better contract…

    he’s fighting someone like Jake O’Brien next.. yet he deserves someone better than Vera?


    and you put Gabe Gonzaga over Vera…

    Vera would destroy Gabe… bottom line..

    he would come at him HARDER than Werdum did.. and w/ more stamina..

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    Rich. . .WTF? Vera maybe a hard test, but he’s not that difficult. I mean he’s not bad by any means, but I think he belongs @ 205. Arlovski has a better record than Vera, and Vera’s 1st time back in well over a yr. resulted in a loss. Arlovski won his last 2. The Werdum fight was a bore, but still a win for Andrei & they give Werdum a title shot before Arlovski? C’mon! O’Brien was a lst min. opponent picked for A.A. cuz they needed to give him a final fight in his contract, so why not hit a man while he’s down. The UFC boots him out, and gives him a lame opponent as his farewell fight? PLEASE! Vera wouldn’t “destroy” Gabe. He couldn’t even destroy Tim, and Gabe would flatten Tim like he did Mirko.

  • Rich says:

    ok bigbad bradical,

    first of all… i wouldn’t say 12-5 is a better record than 8-1..

    second of all.. i don’t agree with giving Werdum a shot at the title before AA… don’t get me wrong..

    third of all. . . the ONLY.. and i mean ONLY reason Tim beat Vera [aside from the fact that Tim’s a big pussy] is because Vera broke his hand in the 1st round.. otherwise, Tim would have taken knee after knee, and would have had plenty of strikes comin’ his way… if they rematched Tim would lose..

    and.. did you see the fight between Gabe and Werdum??

    Werdum was able to finish him w/o doing anything too crazy..

    a few strikes here and there .. some crazy kicks.. and some good knees.. put gonzaga down in the 2nd..

    Vera would put those hands and knees on Gonzaga in the first.. and wouldn’t let up.. if you really think Gonzaga would beat Vera.. you’re a little weird in the head…

    and i don’t think Gonzaga would beat Big Tim.. Tim would just keep him on the cage.. or keep his distance.. whatever he would have to do not get hit, basically..

    bottom line is… you said Arlovski deserves a better opponent than Vera… Vera’s one of the top 5 HW’s [in the UFC]… even after losing to Tim..
    and if he fought AA there would be a great possibilty of him winning.. especially seeing how AA was in the Werdum fight..
    i mean… we’ve seen AA get KO’d.. a few times.. but although Vera’s fought Justin Eilers, Tim Sylvia, guys w/ KO power.. his chin’s yet to be tested.. i think he would be able to avoid AA’s onslaught and clinch up and deliver some devistating knees.. elbows.. i mean, if he didn’t hurt AA… he could sub him.. but, AA could very well win also..

  • Rich says:

    either way we won’t get to see that fight or any other from AA.. at least in the UFC.. i’m sure he’s leaving..

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    Yes, he’s leaving & it’s a shame as I’ve said. Maybe we just agree to disagree. However, I’m not saying Vera isn’t a bad fighter by all means, I just don’t think that he’s an impressive HW. If he cut dwn to 205, he’d be a much more dominant fighter in that class. You’re right Tim maybe a “pussy” as you say, however he was the HW champ & held onto that belt for quite sometime, so he did something right. I mean he beat Arlovski (twice), Monson (an incredible submission wrestler) & Vera, so w/a 26-4 record he isn’t that bad, but a boring fighter if u ask me. And yes. . .you’re right Werdum did a tap dance on Gonzaga, but if Gonzaga held it up a lil’ bit more. . he would’ve chopped his legs off w/those kicks he was feeding Werdum. So Gonzaga IMO would beat Vera, not easily, but still would win simply cuz Gonzaga would over power Vera the same way Tim did. I just don’t think that Vera is a “strong” HW & needs to be in 205. But if Vera did beat A.A. it would be w/knees, not a submission. Gotta remember A.A. is a champion Sambo fighter & knows the ground just as well, if not better than Vera. Oh well. . .maybe the UFC will make something wk out & we will see the fight. Then you & I can make a wager. . .haha!

  • Rich says:

    i don’t think Vera got overpowered by Tim… i mean, that’s what we saw.. but i really do think that the only reason all of that continued was because of Vera’s broken hand.. otherwise, he would have been able to utilize the clinch better, and get better shots off..

    and when u say that Gonzaga would probably overpower Vera.. i just try to see the Vera/Sylvia fight in my head.. and replace Sylvia w/ Gonzaga… and … i just don’t see that panning out… i don’t think Gonzaga would “overpower” Vera.. if Gonzaga beat Vera, it would be a decision.. or a freak [one that shouldn’t happen] KO..

    i wish we could see Vera/Werdum… that would be AMAZING..

    you have Vera with brilliant Muay Thai… and then Werdum who just joined Chute Box, the best in knees and elbows..

    man.. that would be an all out brawl..

  • Rich says:

    and yes,

    Vera would be a dominant LHW… i just don’t think he’s a small HW

  • BigBad Bradical says:

    Rich….Fair enough, I concur w/you on some of your banter. But if you think Vera is as good as you say he is, why didn’t he beat Tim? The broken hand was his fault, cuz Tim didn’t break his Brandon’s hand himself. Nonetheless, Vera’s muay thai is some of the best I’ve seen in the ring (I’d say Loiseau’s is better), but he should have been launching more kicks to Tim’s body & to the backs of his thighs. That didn’t happen. To me it seemed Vera didn’t fire of his whole arsenal which disappointed me & might have IMO cost the fight. Fuck the broken hand, Rich Franklin won his belt w/a broken hand, so no excuse there. Werdum will lose to Minotauro, so we won’t have to worry about Werdum being a champ. . .but put A.A. back in the mix & you’ll have a serious force to reckon with. And let’s stop hovering over the Werdum win (which was his most recent bore of a fight). All fighters deliver under par from time to time, but we can’t hold that against a fighter to give him walking papers or lousy opponents. A.A. still won & should’ve gotten the title shot b4 Werdum was even thought of for it instead.


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