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Lesnar loses UFC debut; Mir absorbs hammerfists, cranks the leg lock

Brock Lesnar looked like an animal in his octagon debut, but loses via knee bar submission to Frank Mir.

Lesnar came out blazing taking Mir down and pounding away. Ref Steve Mazzagatti then stopped the fight, and took away a point from Lesnar due to a punch to the back of the head. They went back at it and after another takedown and more hammerfists, Mir rolled Lesnar into a leg lock that torqued the big man’s knee enough to make him tapout.

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  • Paul Hanna says:

    one of the best super quick fights i’ve seen.

    very high octane, lesner might be for real.

  • Mike says:

    Tim the punk got balled up like a booger!!!

  • Sergio says:

    Impressed by Lesnar… so much raw potential.

    I made the comment to my viewing crew that this somewhat represented an early SEG-era fight where ultimately, technique won out over strength.



  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    I told you Lesnar was a Joke!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Big Nog was showing off some serious black-belt skills there… Tim fell right into the sweep trap.

  • Tanner says:

    yeah i figured big nog would go for an arm but didn’t see the guillotine coming, couldn’t have been happier though. Big Nog has tons of heart man.

  • Ramped UP says:

    Lesnar seriously showed some stuff to watch, great action and incredibly tough! Mir i think is still holding on for dear life!

  • Rln says:

    “I told you Lesnar was a Joke!!!!!!!!!”

    The dude is hardly a joke. You just can’t compete at the highest level of the sport with only a couple years of MMA training though. I certainly won’t hesitate to purchase the next UFC with him on it. Lesnar = entertainment.

  • jaydog says:

    Big Nog was showing off some serious heavy bag skills as he took numerous blows to the face and his head bounced off the canvas a few times in the first round. Had Big Tim been more aggressive in those first two rounds, I think it would have been stopped (even though Nog may never have gone out completely). Luckily for MMA fans everywhere, Nog got a chance to show why he was in a title fight. Long live black-belt skills in MMA… at least until Lesnar learns sub defense and mauls everybody :0(

  • Evan says:

    “I told you Lesnar was a Joke!!!!!!!!!”

    No. I was extremely impressed. Give the guy some more time.

  • glock says:

    Brock looked nervous coming in . I still think he’s for real. he got caught in something that requires more experience to feel/ sense and avoid, the guy was felling sensory overload. I’m kinda glad Mir won – it’s not too bad for Lesner and good for Mir… a win win of sorts.
    As for Silvia- not good but good for noguera.

    Sure glad i wasn’t betting real money 2nite

  • Sergio says:

    The Mir/Lesnar fight went the best way possible in my opinion.

    Lesnar came out and looked like a beast or as Rogan would say, looking like Mir just raped his mother, but eventually succumbed to technique.

    Lesnar shows raw potential but obvious inexperience; Mir shows some heart, weathers the storm and catches “The Next Big Thing” in a kneebar.

  • Tommy says:

    Brocks for real but if you go back and actually watch and count instead of listening to Goldberg and Joe, Brock clearly hit him in the back of the head 5 times, not once. NOW Let’s see if Randy mans up and gives Big Nog what he and the fans deserve or will he prove he really only cares about protecting his new winning record.

  • Tommy says:

    By the way that knee bar wasn’t tight at all. It was well below the hips, it was even below Franks ass, Brock just got nervous Mir was gonna break it so he tapped. Chalk it up to inexperience.

  • Jeff C says:

    I agree with you Tommy, its just a shame that Randy won’t be a man and finish out his contract. I hope Big Nog’s reign on top is long and exciting.

  • jaydog says:

    Randy beating Nog and then retiring doesn’t help the UFC, so why make that fight? It further de-evolves the division. Let the UFC’s heavyweight division work out who’s best, give Congo/Lesnar/Gonzaga get more experienced against each other. That’s competition that I’d find entertaining (more so than a couple overhyped mega-fights).

  • Shawn says:

    Lesnar literally beat that man up. Mir played the best game plan he could have and it worked out great for him.

    Look at Lesnar in about a year from now. When he fights in June they’ll give him some type of gimme fight; it won’t be an easy opponent but it will be against someone who is predominantly a wrestler and Lesnar will win. Give this guy another year or so to really learn this game and become comfortable and we really do have the next big thing.

  • Tommy says:

    Because if Randy does in fact beat big Nog maybe it will force Fedor to man up and come over to the UFC and see just who is better. If he loses to Nog then he can stop worrying about Fedor. Either way he mans up and finishes his contract.

  • Brenner says:

    Next fight should be Brock Lesnar vs. Tim Sylvia

  • tom says:

    i too felt like the lesnar vs mir fight went the best possible way for everyone. lesnar proved to many that, while inexperienced, he has real potential in mma if he can improve his submissions defence and slow down a bit. i chalk up alot of his performace to nerves and quite honestly have fought a true submissions master. i dont think that even those of you who said he was a joke can deny that he can become a force to be reckoned with in time.
    agreed that lesnar sylvia would be a good fight. randy has nothing to prove. if he wants to ride of into the sunset so be it. the man has done some much for mma. having said that i hope he does come back, love to watch the man work.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    How about Brock Lesnar vs Justin McCully or something.

    Antoni Hardonk is still waiting…

  • Ed says:

    Lesner did look quite the beast! Give him a can or two like Eddie Sanchez then put him in with Silvia. Tim’s pretty much a stepping stone now anyway.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Sylvia will still beat the majority of heavyweights in the UFC. He isn’t a steeping stone because he lost to the No.2 or No.3 fighter in the world.

  • Kevin says:

    For all of the hype, I think Brock lived up to it, and I think we can all agree that within two fights Lesnar becomes championship material. I would like to say that Lesnar gave that match away, but in actuality although dominant he didn’t have control of the situation, leaving the door open for an experienced Mir to take control and get the win. I would also like to believe that the referee timeout helped Mir, but in that situation to I think that Lesnar just didn’t have control leading to the shots to the back of the head.

    (Also, the UFC needs to look into that official, because the world tuned in tonight to see Lesnar, and the ref should take a step back and just warned the guy. Didn’t Tito get like 3 warnings in his fight with Rashad for holding onto the cage)

    Lesnar’s next two fights, if UFC really does want to boost him up, should be against a non-submission specialist, or this type of fight will happen every time.

  • Rich says:

    OH MANN…

    here’s my input.

    I have to say that Brock really impressed me..

    he looked amazing in that fight…

    it just wasn’t happening w/ frank mir…

    but no doubt in my mind… Lesnar’s going to completely destroy his next opponent… if he learns some sub defense..


    he like… tossed heath at the fence and he just fell on his head and lights out…

    speaking of lights out..

    LYTLE looked absolutely astonishing in there tonight..

    finally a devistating win for lights out lytle.. he’s soooo good.. he just hasn’t had the best of luck in the UFC.. i hope this is just the first of many more wins coming his way..

    i just saw that Marvin Eastman actually won.. WTF…

    after getting KO’d three times … in three fights.. he just decision’d a guy who KO’s people left and right… that’s crazy to me… but.. i’m happy for him.. he deserves it..

    Great performance by Almeida… that was amazing.. like a … backflip guillotine.. crazyy…

    oh… and for the record… Tyson Griffon did not win that fight.. bottom line..

    the standup was close to even in every round… but, on top of that Tibeau got a takedown in every round… that’s three in a row that were controversial for Tyson..

    i thought Guida beat Tyson.. i thought Tavares might have beaten Griffon..

    i guess it’s nice for Griffon to know that no matter how badly he perfoms in a fight.. he can still manage a decision… if it ever comes to that..

    but ya… that was definately gleison’s fight..

    can’t believe Nate actually sub’d the sub master Jeremy Horn… something’s wrong there.. that shouldn’t have happened… horn looked pretty good in that fight though..

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Griffin was having his dirty dirty way with Tibau on the feet and everytime Tibau scored a takedown, Griffin just stood up within 10 seconds.

    Tibau did not win that fight.

  • mmaninja says:

    Lesnar was certainly no joke, he got a little to scared on the half ass kneebar – Mir didn’t even have his hips above the knee. Lesnar should have known better especially having Erik Paulson in his corner.

    Marquardt completely handled Horn with authority and what a finish!

  • Referring to “cautious” or “boring” MMA fighting by using the word “humping”: It’s not just for drunken fans in the audience anymore!

    “”He was trying to finish and he came out and wasn’t just trying to fence hump for five rounds,” White said.”

    from a Yahoo Sports story

  • Matt C. says:

    lesnar/sylvia would would huge. lesnar has already talked major crap on big tim… something like “I drive his ass right through the cage”

    And fighting Big Tim, Brock wont have to worry about submission attempts.

  • Hard Ass says:

    So, Big Nog is now the UFC champ. Where are all the Fedor haters that say he’s never fought anyone?? Didn’t he beat Nog 3 times?? Also, didn’t he beat #6 in the world Mark Hunt? And wasn’t Coleman in their first fight ranked #2 in the world?

    Let’s all face the fact that there is only one true heavyweight champ right now…..FEDOR!!!!

  • nichole says:

    you know, yay for Lesnar’s debut and all, but how about giving the winner of the bout some respect? What’s next for Mir?

    While I can’t say he’s made huge leaping strides of progress, there HAS been some improvement in his fighting these past few fights– he’s starting to show some of the promise of his pre-accident career. His ability to keep a level head and take/create opportunities for submissions like last night’s, I think, could prove to be the sleeper of the division.

  • Andrew says:

    I dont think Lesnar is a joke. He showed so much power, hell, even his little hammer fists did good damage.
    In my opinion Brock got a little excited when he was on top and got a little sloppy. If he held Mir down more and just tried to advance position instead of whaling away with hammerfists the match would have lasted a little longer.

    I was personally waiting for some devastating jabs that Mir wasn’t expecting because of the reach advantage but the match went too quick.
    Overall I was excited to see this fight. I can’t wait to see Brock again with some improved submission defense, I think he would destroy Mir if they fought again.
    Props to Mir for that knee bar but it wasn’t the most impressive submission I have ever seen.

  • Sergio says:

    “you know, yay for Lesnar’s debut and all, but how about giving the winner of the bout some respect? What’s next for Mir?”

    Why not a re-match with Sylvia?

    Makes sense to me.

  • Rich says:

    to Cupitt,

    ya.. sometimes Tyson stood up within seconds.. but they were takedowns none-the-less.. they get points.. or … they’re supposed to..

    i was really expecting them to raise Gleison’s hand..

    just like i was expecting them to raise Guida’s hand in HIS fight w/ Tyson.

    there was less controversy in the fight w/ Tavares.. but i still thought Tavares could have been the winner..

    if Tyson doesn’t finish his next opponent.. or if he gets a controversial decision.. i’m gonna really start to dislike him..

  • Rich says:

    “there was less controversy in the fight w/ Tavares.. but i still thought Tavares could have been the winner..” — in Taveres’ fight with Tyson.

  • Rich says:

    oh.. and i’m kinda sad.. because.. i originally had Nogueira winning by sub in the third… on my fantasy card.. and i figured we’d see same old Tim.. so i changed it to Tim Unanimous Decision… so… that would have totally gotten me more points.. but.. i nailed the griffon fight right on because i had him winning a decision.. and i had Almeida sub in the first.. i did… pretty good on this one i guess..

  • thomas says:

    disappointed by the coverage they gave all the stupid wrestlers in attendance….hope the ufc distances itself from the dumbest “sport” in the planet….is on the verge of making a huge mistake by dumbing down the quality of fighters….Lesnar is a confessed roid monkey who has no place in mma

  • Derek B. says:

    Once again Lesnar showed nothing but raw power and strength. His wrestling technique is way above average…but his striking isn’t even average if you ask me.

    He didn’t even throw a hammer fist to mir…he was throwing baby rabbit punches. He needs to get into some good training with Marc Coleman and learn some serious ground and pound techniques.

    If Lesnar would have thrown his weight into his punches he would have done alot more damage.

    Point is that lesnar needs to work his way back up the ladder. Let him win a few matches and then allow him to fight another top heavy weight.

  • Rich says:

    Derek B.,

    i didn’t see anything wrong w/ Lesnar’s striking.. well, i mean, it was great for a collegiate wrestler..

    those strikes looked crisp and accurate.. at least.. the ones that he landed before it went to the ground the second time..

  • Derek B. says:

    I guess you could just say I’m biased toward Brock Lesnar. I just think it’s a slap to the face to some of the other fighters out there that have been busting their arses to get where he was at. He was 2nd to main event on the card. I just think before he went to the UFC he should have had more than just 1 fight under his belt.

    Also, I don’t see Brock Lesnar getting any stand-up knockouts anytime soon in his career.


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