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UFC 81 Video: Sylvia and Nogueira during pre-fight press conference

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  • mmaninja says:

    Sylvia is so lame…

  • platypus says:

    that is confirmed.

  • jt says:


    Why isn’t Big Nog’s right eye more of a talking point in this fight (Not that there are really any talking points about this fight in the media in general)? I think it is a bigger issue than most people realize, if they are even aware of his eye problems in the past.


  • Sam Caplan says:

    JT, now that Nog is fighting in the U.S., he has to get medicals done every time he fights. His first fight was in California, which has pretty stringent medicals. To me, if he can get licensed to fight then his vision must be good enough that it doesn’t put him at too much of a disadvantage.


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