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Michael Bisping reveals next fight vs. Charles McCarthy moved to UFC 83 in Montreal

A rumored fight between Michael Bisping and Charles McCarthy has been scheduled for UFC 83 in Montreal on April 19, Bisping revealed in an interview for with Joe Ferraro on Sportsnet television in Canada.

The bout will mark Bisping’s first fight as a middleweight. He indicated to Ferraro during the interview that “the weight is coming off fine” when asked about his preparations for making the move.

Bisping has not fought since losing a decision to Rashad Evans at UFC 78 in Newark, NJ this past November. The loss was the first of the British-born fighter’s career.

UFC 83 is expected to be headlined by a welterweight title match between incumbent Matt Serra and challenger Georges St. Pierre.

  • bigfish042 says:

    When will they ever five Bisping a fight????? Maybe after they boost up his record to about 18-1??? Then, maybe he will be forced to start fighting well rounded fighters. Every fighter that Bisping has faced was pretty much ONE dimensional

  • Rich says:

    is that ‘Chainsaw’ McCarthy?

    the one that David Loiseau finished so beautifully??

  • Gong says:

    It’s understandable (though unfortunate) that they’re trying to build up Bisping again, but why does it have to be against McCarthy? XD Is there really nobody else?

  • Rich says:

    i mean… that’s totally random..
    McCarthy hasn’t been around in forever… and he comes back to fight.. Bisping?

    they should’ve given Bisping someone slightly more ‘in the spotlight’.

  • Chuck says:

    Groan….McCarthy? Why not Cote or Loiseau?! The Montreal card seems a little bit weak. They really need either a better match to pair with GSP/Serra (I don’t think Franklin vs Lutter is a particularly compelling matchup) or add a great third match like Bisping/Cote or Loiseau!

    I’m surprised they’re going in with a weaker card like this when Dana’s prediction is a record breaking sellout in Montreal!

  • Gong says:

    Chuck – I’m not really surprised. All they really want to do for now is showcase some Canadian talent. It’s partly the reason why there’s a couple “who the hell?”s in the UK cards. They’re pretty much going to sell tickets when they do shows like this.

  • Chuck says:

    Perhaps Dana figures he can get away with a weaker card because GSP is a huge draw on his own in combination with the fact that Canadian fans will flock to the event regardless.

    I guess they can get away with that for the first few times but it seems like a pretty short sighted way to expand into a new territory. With that said there’s a long time between now and April- lots could change!

  • UFC needs a British superstar if they want to continue growing the UFC brand in England. Bisping is their hand picked man and they give him chumps to fight so we can continue to be hyped and they can grow the UFC.


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