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Dana White calls out Randy Couture

Sensational headline? You be the judge, per a quote from UFC president Dana White on Thursday that appears in the Canadian Press:

With the UFC suing heavyweight champion Randy Couture over Couture’s decision to walk away from his contract, the heavyweight title remains in limbo. White challenged Couture on Thursday to end the infighting.

“Come on Captain America, step up and be a man and give these guys the opportunity to win the title,” White said.

“He’s the heavyweight champion. He signed a contract with us less than a year ago and I expect him to honour it. And I expect him to be a standup guy and give these guys the opportunities they gave him.”

What is this, pro wrestling, where the departing vet has to “pass the torch” to the younger fighters? Last time I checked, MMA was an actual sport. What’s next, comparing Couture to Hulk Hogan for refusing to put anyone else over?


  • bigfish042 says:

    This is going to get so ugly.

    ALthough they want to call Randy the HW champion STILL……They dont want Randy to fight or do ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, while being sued, having his fighters banned from wearing certain clothing.

    How the hell would Randy come back with all the disrespect now…..REGARDLESS of who started it. They are treating him and his camp like garbage, why the hell would he want to

  • joe says:

    i hate DW more and more with each passing second.

  • MMA SKOOL ™ says:

    Randy’s response will probably be the same as mine… YAWN!

    The UFC heavyweight division is only about seeing good fights at this point… Sylvia vs. Kongo, Arlovski vs. Cro Cop, Lesner vs. Gonzaga, Werdum vs. Mir, etc… Who cares about the title? Put the strikers in against each other and leg the big grapplers do their thing. Obviously the UFC sees it differently.

    The UFC will have the best Welters for a while but give it a year and a half and only Tim Sylvia will be left and other orgs will have the dominant Heavies. Chuck will get too old, Tito and some of the other “odd men out” will have left and the same thing will happen in the LHW class…

    All it means is that I’ll get to see more good FREE MMA on HDNET.

  • el boxeo says:

    hopefully this gets worse which will release mma from the ufc grip…

    if it gets worse then i see couture asking his fighters he trains to say screw the ufc.. cause if you ever reach the pinnacle like courtue did , expect to be treated this way if you have contract disagreements…

    it only takes a couple of fighters or organizaionts to be able to hurt the ufc… tito is right on with his union talk…. and other organizatons like cuban would be smart to just swoop right in an play the role of the good guys…

    come on really think about it… what differinaties the ufc with any other organizations out there… JUST THE TALENT…. aint nobody wanna see dana in the octagon or his intervews… its the talent and the fighters like most sports…

    dont pay the fighters and treat them like garbage … and then other oppoutuines will pop up…and the more money that is flowing in the more options…

    couldnt a fighters like randy be in the same postion as dana in any other organiziton…. imagine if randy said im start my own federation… using my fighters…randy’s name could sell this… tito’s name could sell this… and the money is comming in to the sport that the ufc cant just hoard the whole tihng…

    i think cuban (his business mindset) is in the postion to eventally be competitive with ufc if he does the exact opposite of what dana is doing right now…

    some people on this board think the the ufc is all powerful and untouchable… but seriously… if cuban signed couture, (couture’s team) and high profile guys like tito, then theyd be right at the ufc’s heels….

    and all this is dana’s doing… treating people like garbage (esp. guys who make you money while sitting in the stands) and pretending that spike tv is the equivalent to espn or hbo….

    cuban comes in and swoops up with 10% more than what the ufc is giving them (which isnt a lot btw) and youd probally see a new federation born in a few minutes…. THATS ALL IT WOULD TAKE TO SNATCH MOST OF THE TALENT (WHICH IS THE MAIN COMMODITY HERE)

    money will def. talk here and if its not cuban it will be somebody else with deep pockets…

  • eazye says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with Dana on this one. I mean, step up to the plate, Randy. Honor your fights on the contract. Prove you deserve to fight Fedor, beat guys he’s beating, starting with Minotauro. Just defend the title, honor your contract then fight Fedor. I’ve looked up to Randy in recent years but it disappoints me he would walk out, regardless if he’s 44 or not.

  • Beau says:

    Sam, I don’t understand what point your trying to make there. He doesn’t want him to “pass the torch”. He wants him to defend his championship or retire. What Randy is doing is unprecedented in sports. The champion can’t avoid the rightful challengers because he’d rather fight someone else. If that was the case then MMA would turn into boxing and get boring as hell. It’d be like the Red Sox saying “we don’t wanna play the yankees, we wanna play the Japanese championship team” and then throwing a hissy fit when the MLB won’t let them. Randy was under contract, Fedor was not. Therefore it was up to Fedor to make the fight happen. Fedor chose to sign with M1 instead of UFC and killed the fight. Now that the fight is dead Randy should fight the rightful challengers for the UFC heavyweight championship. If he doesn’t want to do that then he should just retire. Fedor’s biggest wins ever were against Nog and Cro Cop. I don’t know why Randy wouldn’t find either of those fights more appealing than this current situation.

  • Consider this..

    Randy and Dana are both working together and this entire thing is a fake and it’s all about the publicity.

    Randy comes back, whoops some more butt and those fights sell more PPV’s than ever before!

    oooh…. what if?

  • el boxeo says:

    to easye…

    money talks.. and evidently it aint talking for randy…

    im sure baseball owners or other major sport owners have the same feelings.. of honor your contract… screw that…

    we are in a capitalistic world… everybody is looking to make money… randy’s name is worth more than the belt…..ufc seems to think otherwise

    if you think the ufc would just let randy fight and not try to cockblock that fedor fight you are nuts….

    im glad he has the balls to stand up to the establishment.. and if this sport continues to grow , he will be a influential figure in fighters rights …

    randy has fought the best… and he wants to fight the best… if the ufc couldnt get it done then dont blame randy for trying to seek that out…. ufc with there “we aint gonna co promote” or “fedor and sambo no way” attitude is the real culprit.. not randy with his ” i want to fight the best in the world no matter what” attitude

  • screwface says:

    agreed, as much as i dislike the spotlight stealing dana white, and love captain america. the fact remains, that randy signed a contract. he came off 2 losses to chuck and retired. he wanted to come back and fight sylvia for the hw belt and dana gave him exactly what he wanted. then after 2 winning fights he decides he wants more, starts dissension in the fighters ranks, talks bad about the organization and breaks his contractual obligations, then tries to fight in others. if the deal was so bad b4 his 2 victorys, then why did he take it? its almost like he didnt think he was gonna do as good as he did himself. dont get me wrong i love randy. but if it walks like a duck its a duck. im very dissapointed at how randy is handling this. i think fighters should be getting paid more but this isnt the way to go about it.

  • el boxeo says:

    to beau…

    yeah boxing is boring as hell… smh…

    in fact.. boxing makes FIGHTS REGARDLESS OF THE BELTS but that might make money or that the fans want to see….

    Like tito v. roy…(imo wack 5 years late fight) but evidently people watched it and it sold well… no title just a fight…

    fedor v. couture would be a better more money making legacy fight WITHOUT THE BELT ON THE LINE than lets say the top 6 hw in the ufc right now.. any combo of fights for the ufc belt would still be seen as 1/2 of fedor v. couture for no belt….

    ufc is selling that the belt means THAT MUCH.. FOR REALS… sherk?? u there…

  • Pleau says:

    It’s only a matter of time before Couture, like Hulk Hogan, hosts a resuscitated version of a steroid pumped mid-90’s reality television show.

    As big of a fan as I am of Couture, I’ve gotta say I’m disappointed. I recall an interview he did with Joe Rogan on Inside the UFC where he said he wanted to come back for the competition that was building. He said he wanted to fight for another 3 years, because of that competitive desire. In the end he agreed to the terms of the contract that he signed.

    Does Couture deserve more respect from the UFC? Absolutely he does. But something must have changed in his mind between when he signed the contract and after he fought Gonzaga.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I seriously doubt that Dana just woke up and decided to have this press conference. There’s a stategy at work, especially with a pending lawsuit and lawyers involved on both sides. This may be a way of publicly announcing that the UFC is ready, willing and able to perform under the contract with Couture. Could have been done in writing, but might as well get some publicity and creat some public pressure, on Couture, I guess. It puts the burden on Couture to respond in some fashion. If he ignores it, then he’s arguably in breach. If he states that he won’t fight, same thing. Regardless of the legal considerations, it does create some pressure to respond or explain himself.

  • Amir says:

    I was behind Randy 100% when all this started, but as more and more information is coming out regarding him flat out lying about certain numbers, I starting to shift my blame on him too. Let’s face it, Randy demanding to only fight Fedor is getting pretty ridiculous, especially considering that he was KO’d @ Light Heavyweight TWICE…and…

    there are still plenty of top-world heavies that he has never faced (Nog being one of them). I just don’t think Randy has the right to completely dismiss every other legitimate Heavyweight out there as opponents, as not being good enough for him to fight.

  • Rich says:

    i don’t really like how Dana is handling the whole thing…

    but, i really don’t like the way Randy’s handling it either…

    he has a contract, and an obligation… you can’t just take off and go try to start your movie career just because you’re not getting the fight that you want..

    you know,
    he was saying… what more is there to fight for if i can’t fight the BEST, Fedor…
    when randy says that, he’s acting like he’s gone undefeated in a 50 fight career or something..
    i mean,
    when he said that … he was 2-1 for his last three fights..

    i agree with screwface,
    he needs to finish his contract and get two more wins before they even talk about a Fedor match..

    and to avoid all the flak i might get for saying this… i wanna just say that i’m a huge fan of Couture, and dislike him in no way what-so-ever.

    but he really is handling this ridiculously… so is the UFC…

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    Dana White is a tool and very naive to think he is going to dominate MMA forever. The lack of ranking system, pathetic match ups based on marketing, and his attitude leave a MAJOR OPENING for what is coming next.

    UFC may be growing, but in my opinion it is doing things that are going to make the real martial arts fan angry. He also makes this about him when it is not. It is about MARTIAL ARTS and fighting.

  • orlando says:

    I have to agree with Dana White which damnit i hate to admit. Fight your contract don’t ever fight for them ever again he has two more fights apperently….just do it leave it at that, and thats it never see the ufc again.

  • koolarrow says:

    I agree with dana on this one. Resigning is one thing but Randy’s reasons don’t add up. the public whining about what he wants is a crock of poo.
    He had up until this august or something (correct me if I’m worng) for his contract dealing with fighting, and until OCt for his broadcasting duties to be done with. So that’s 2 more fights win or lose but 2 more fights. He can fight Nog and tim or cro cop or whomever they say can be 2 more fights.
    He wants to keep his stock up and get what he wants like a spoiled child and is now dealing out the excuses to cover it up. I hope anyone can get knocked out 2 times in a row retire and come back straight to a championship fight..
    Dana is a brash person, a bulldog type you never see as the company spokesperson. Laywers, politicians etc all have people like Dana working for them, they are just kept in the background. ZUffa isn’t holding back, which can be a good thing but also a bad thing in the end.
    Lets see it play out but in the end, Randy is acting like a spoiled brat and Dana is the drunk dad keep him in check (lawsuit) with foul language.

  • bubbafat says:

    Maybe the UFC will honour the Muhammed Ali Boxing Act and start paying it’s fighters what they deserve. Start inter-promoting with other org’s. so that the best can truly fight the best. Maybe D.W. will start to backaway from the spotlight and really promote the fighter and not the brand.
    Then again, maybe I’ll [email protected]#t gold.

  • Bdavis says:

    I’m kinda tired of all the UFC vs. Randy crap! Bottom line is-Randy signed a contract to fight and is making 250,000 per fight which is right behind Chuck and Cro Cop. 250,000 folks! You know how much money that is and how many hungry familes we could feed? I don’t care for Dana either but he is running a business.

    Put yourself in Randy’s shoes. I walk in to my boss and say that I am not making enough money and Fred and John are making more. I’m not coming back to work until you pay me more than them. My ass would be fired in a heartbeat!

    Be a man Randy. Honor the damn contract and fight like everyone else in the UFC is doing. Finish the contract then go fight Fedor in Russia. Problem solved!

  • Gong says:

    Contracts are tricky. Assuming that Randy wasn’t not dull enough to pull what he did without having gone over his contract carefully with some amazing lawyers, then the whole “you signed the paper, stick to it!” argument is off the table. He knows what he’s getting into.

    Which basically leaves the UFC to … well, doing what they’re doing now. If they play their cards right, they might end up getting the public on their side and shame their HW champ. And, by looking at the comments, they’re already getting there.

    I THINK that Randy is in the right here. This is my gut feeling. Like, if they go to the courts and battle it out, Randy will eventually win. And, the UFC knows this. Which is why they’re playing a pretty clever ‘public impressions’ game with Randy. So far all they’ve done is ‘try’ to be ‘cordial’. They haven’t stripped him, they’re calling him out to be the man.

    Since the public basically knows next to nothing, they only see two things: an org that wants it’s beloved champ back, and an estranged icon they used to respect who seems to be holding out for more money.

    In the end, once it goes to the courts, the UFC may have destroyed Captain America’s reputation to such a degree that once Randy gets the best of this mess of a situation, nobody will care anymore.

  • Sergio says:

    I’m not so sure Randy deserves to fight Fedor.

    He beat Sylvia, yes. Amazing props for that. Couture stuck it to, whether or like Big Tim or not, a Top 5 heavyweight and dominated him for 25 minutes.

    Then come Gonzaga, the “CroCop Killer.” Couture won in dominating fashion, yes but I think Gonzaga’s recent outing against Werdum, combined with aforementioned shellacing at the hands of Couture, paint the picture of a fighter with no heart whose claim to fame in five years from now will be a fluke highlight reel KO.

    Meanwhile, the world’s almost-universally agreed upon No. 2 heavyweight in Big Nog was OFFERED to Couture but he denied it, citing he wants to fight Fedor.

    Maybe after beating Sylvia and beating Nog, he would have some leverage in saying he wants to fight the most dominating HW in MMA history but until then he’s a fucking whiner.

  • Rich says:

    i just don’t understand..

    why not end your career on an dominating four fight winning streak and as the HW champion [if he finished his contract]…

    Instead of…losing to the BEST in a match you begged for for years…

  • el boxeo says:


    the ufc decides to blow money expanding in the uk AND ITS ONLY TO BENEFIT THEM…. not the fighters… the fighters get injured .. then its see ya… like everyother sport….

    as far as the muhmmand ali act… why shouldnt it be enforced.. you think dana looks forward to that…

    and to “bubbafat”.. your right on… thats when it will be about the fighters and not the organizations…

    you know how many super fights are out there ( and not super fights like the best ever in talent but super fights in the most hype like a tito ortiz as an example) but the ufc is constatnly blocking this and that cause in order to fight there you have to sign a pretty restrictive contract…

    fedor i guess proved there are other money options than being a slave for the ufc… why the ufc doesnt embrace the fact that instead of promoting the brand they should be promoting the fighters and the fights themselves.. YOU WANNA SEE A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS… >>>its their inablity to give up the production rights to a HBO or ESPN… they want thier own controlled enviroment and want to reap all the rewards….

    screw that.. the more money that comes in the less of a grip they will have….

    people should be FOR ANY POSSIBLE WAY to have randy win and have that super fight with fedor.. it will show the rest of the fighters that its them and their ablity to make money by fighting that is the key commodity NOT DANA WHITE OR A UFC BELT…..

  • el boxeo says:

    people love to knock boxing but the top echelon of those fighters are making money as much at the ufc as a company…

    there are some fighters now in mma that imo are pretty close to being that name popular that arent making a relative amount of money that they are generating for the ufc….like tito says… for however wack tito might be now or i know plenty of people hate the guy.. you put him in there against ken shamrock pt 4 and it would probally generate as much money as some of these ppv… sadly but true and thats on his name….

    honestly as popular as mma is right now.. what to say another federation like elite xc but with real deep pockets couldnt just swoop in and cherry pick talent from the ufc…. would it be too much to say that there would be no real differnece in the ufc and any other brand other than the ufc has more money to pay fighters cause theyve developed a couple of big stars..

    the real differnce would be the type of fighters in the organizaiotn…..

    more money more problems dana…? every fighter is pretty much thinking what would they do if they were in randy situation… ( a good situation cause he is on top of the world name wise in mma and making pretty good money but wants more and wants a better fight) i cant belive there is one fighters out there sympathizing with the ufc…

  • Michaelthebox says:

    So, el boxeo, Randy Couture deserves to get the big money fight, even though its the UFC’s belt that makes it the big money fight? Make no mistake, Randy/Fedor was a nothing fight a year ago, until the UFC offered a title shot to a broken down 44 year old man who didn’t deserve it.

    Also, talking in terms of the UFC and MMA as a business, you have absolutely no clue how much the UFC does for their fighters. MMA is still a borderline sport, but UFC fighters are getting paid good money because the UFC has devoted huge amounts of money and good business tactics in making the UFC popular.

  • Rich says:

    wow, #25…

    you’re saying that randy didn’t deserve the title shot..

    but when he got it… he totally destroyed the then champ.

    and then totally destroyed the next guy in his path..

    i’m pissed that he won’t finish his contract… but for you to say that he didn’t deserve that title shot is stupid.

  • vegeta187 says:

    I am usually right there with you Sam but this time you just do not make much sense. Randy Couture is the UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION whether he wants to be it or not. He’s not the M1 champion or the champion of any other organization. As champion of the UFC it is his contractual obligation to fight for the organization and defend his title against the rightful contender. Sure Fedor is great and i can understand why Randy wants the oppurtunity to fight him but the fact remains is that he signed a contract with the UFC and he should abide by it and as a UFC fighter he should fight the rightful contender to the UFC title who has trained just as hard as him. He owes the number one contender the oppurtunity to earn the title by defeating him .

    Lets use this weekends Superbowl as an example. Could you imagine the out cry if the Patriots, the AFC Champions of one of the NFL’s divisions, decided eh we don’t feel like playing the Giants this week and we are going to leave the NFL because a) we don’t feel certain members of our team are getting paid enough and b) we think the CFL champs are the best team so we’d rather play them. Such an act would be a complete slap in the face to the Giants who have played hard all year just for the oppurtunity to play yhe AFC champions in the Superbowl. The Patriots would be expected to do the honorable thing and play the game they aggreed to play by stepping on the field on week 1 of the season.

  • el boxeo says:

    to michealinthebox…

    lemmie ask you one question… is randys name bigger than the ufc belt… watch and find out when sylvia wins that belt… and see that belt shine… yeah randy was “made” by the belt the same way those fighters “made” the ufc….

    you think nog v. silva is a big money fight… cause of the belt.. lol.. yeah right.. BROCK LESNARS NAME is more of a big money fight than the ufc belt…

    i dont belive that the ufc pays their fighters accordingly… i belive that they use really restrictive contracts that push down the wages of the fighters…. for as much as they are making right now (top guys) its a joke with how much money they are generating… BOXING (top guys) make more money and is considreed less popular in some ways than mma… explain that….. explain how boxers can fight TOMATO CANS as mandatories and still make more money that super fights in the ufc…

    they both are doing sellouts (ufc is doing more) and mma is rising in popularity….. but the top guys arent making as much money as they are bringing in bottom line….

    do i thjink the ufc has done a great job promoting the sport??? yeah… but have they failed or gonna fail in the near future .. def… not giving up production to make it on HBO is a big mistake.. (HBO pays licence fees for some of the crappiest fights)lol… their endevour into the UK.. again what is the point.. UK isnt gonna buy PPV… its not set up like that….so why are you wasting money expanding over there???? having 12 ppv like wrestling.. imo is a big mistake that will bite them when their ppv become diluted like wrestling…they couldve made the same money in ppv sales had they taken away all those uk shows and had half the ppv…

  • Rich says:

    el boxeo,

    you’re complaining that the UFC has too many shows in a year and they’re going to become obsolete..

    i can guaruntee you that if they had half the events they have now in a year… you would be crying about that as well..

    you should be happy that you get to see these fights this many times in a year.

    and boxer’s get paid more.. ya.. well.. mma’s been around for 15 years.. boxing’s been around for well over 60-70 years.. boxing is still technically more popular than MMA..

    guys in MMA go for 15 minutes in the octagon… maybe 25 for a title match… boxers gor for at least 40 min. every fight…

    plus, BOXING is just a bigger sport… there’s waaaaaay more promotion, drama, build-ups, etc…

    “i dont belive that the ufc pays their fighters accordingly… i belive that they use really restrictive contracts that push down the wages of the fighters”

    chuck liddell got a half a million dollars in his fight with Wandy…


  • Rich says:

    “mma’s been around for 15 years”

    i mean… UFC’s been around for 15 years… and really.. they’re what blew MMA up in the media.

  • el boxeo says:

    to rich

    chuck liddell got a half a million dollars in his fight with Wandy…


    ^^^^floyd mayweather made 20 mil in 24 minutes i belive…you think that is over paid…… and i would say that both were sellouts and both did fairly well in ppv.. now explain to me why chuck could only make that and how much do you think the ufc made…
    you’re complaining that the UFC has too many shows in a year and they’re going to become obsolete..

    i can guaruntee you that if they had half the events they have now in a year… you would be crying about that as well..

    ^^^^^its great to have exposure.. but the ufc is going by the way of professoinal wrestling… it was too once super popular and now look at where its at… i know that the ufc will put out a bs ppv even if it sucks because they have to continue the 78..79..80.. count all the way to 200 mabey… how about letting the fights build up without having to follow that pro wrestling monthly model… and this isnt counting the live events on free tv… i was just referring to the ppv mostly…


    guys in MMA go for 15 minutes in the octagon… maybe 25 for a title match… boxers gor for at least 40 min. every fight…

    ^^^^ there should be no correlation between length of fights and money made… tyson made mult millions not even fighting 3 minutes


    plus, BOXING is just a bigger sport… there’s waaaaaay more promotion, drama, build-ups, etc

    ^^^^^^the fact that boxing is on record as having stolen many of mma ideas and stuff to keep fights or shows interesting tells you that mma adn the ufc did their job tremndously… and boxing gets no love in the press.. promotion and drama and build ups .. well thats the promotion and who is promoting it… boxing has no federation like the ufc… they promote like that cause everyfight is a one time deal…. (sort of)… and in BOXING ITS MORE ABOUT THE FIGHTERS THAN IT IS ABOUT THE BELTS OR THE WBC, WBA AND OTHER BULLSH1T ORGAINZATIONS…

    like i said before .. when mma is more about the fighters than it is about the UFC when the bigger pay days will occur for the fighters…. and yeah id rather see figthers make that money more than the ufc… cause which model do you see as more constructive … pro wrestling or boxing… id rather have mma like boxing because i know that better fights will be made, and the money will determine who is fightiing who… WHERE AS BOXING YOU CAN GET A BUNCH OF DANCERS NOT WANTING TO FIGHT OR GUYS WHO REALLY PRACTICE THE SWEET SCIENCE LIKE A RELIGION, THE MAIN REASON I LIKE MMA IS CAUSE IT SEEMS LIKE ALL THE FIGHTERS GO FORWARD AND ARE FORCED TO FIGHT IN SOME WAY…

    no running in that octagon and if you do you seen as done..

  • cyphron says:


    Randy destroyed the champ? Please, if it wasn’t for that one punch that caught Sylvia by surprised (I give Randy credit for that), I doubt he would’ve made it out of that fight the winner. Randy basically bear hugged Sylvia for the rest of the fight. Watch that fight again subjectively and tell me if that was domination. The ref allowed Randy to lay on Tim the entire fight. Any other fighter and they would’ve been stood them up way before then. Compare that with the Gonzaga/Cro Cop fight.

    Randy know he won’t be able to count on another lucky punch and that’s why he’s refusing to honor his contract. I applaud Randy for his two great underdog wins, but he knows he can’t keep pulling miracles out of his hat forever.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Rich: Any fighter can win any fight. Just ask Matt Serra and Georges St. Pierre. Title shots aren’t given out because a fighter could potentially beat the title holder, they’re handed out because the fighter deserves a title shot based on his recent fighting history. Couture didn’t deserve the shot, regardless of what he’s done with the opportunity.

    el boxeo: You can say whatever you want about Sylvia, Nog, the belt, whatever. One year ago, Randy was retired, and few people would have given him a shot in hell against Sylvia, Nog, or Fedor. Then the UFC gave him a fight he didn’t deserve, and he beat an injured Sylvia and a possible overrated Gonzaga. He won those fights, and now we all want to see Randy/Fedor. But the plain, inarguable fact is that the reason that is a big fight is because the UFC gave Randy a title shot he did not earn.

  • Rich says:


    you say randy wouldn’t have won the fight if it wasn’t for that punch at the beginning..

    Sylvia had 25 min. to recover… and every round starts on the feet..

    i really do doubt that THAT punch is what allowed randy to get big Tim to the ground every round… actually, he even stood w/ Tim the entire 3rd round.. and still beat him..

    and those fights weren’t miracles..

    randy’s obviously got some talent.

  • Nate says:

    FEDOR vs Randy Couture!
    FEDOR vs Randy Couture!

    Two legends need to battle! I cant freaking wait, make it happen already.

    FEDOR vs Randy Couture!
    FEDOR vs Randy Couture!

  • Bdavis says:

    If these freaking “contracts ” are so bad, then why does almost every fighter on the plant want to fight in the UFC? If they are so bad for fighters then why are they scrambling to sign with the UFC? Huh? Any answers? Cause it pays the bills, stupid!

  • Daddy Fresh says:

    Dana, just let it go man. just go do somthin else go get laid.


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