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Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza not likely to be cast member on “The Ultimate Fighter 7” (TUF 7)

We’ve posted several spoilers pertaining to the new cast for the upcoming seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” We even confirmed that a rumored member of the cast, Matt Major, is in fact NOT involved with the show. Like Major, another heavily rumored name associated with the potential TUF 7 cast is Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza.

Souza is one of the greatest competitive grapplers on the planet and has done fairly well since getting involved with MMA. So well that many speculated he’d be this year’s version of Mac Danzig (i.e. a ringer worthy of a UFC contract without having to win a tournament but included on the show to get him exposure).

While I heavily researched all the cast spoilers and the rumor dunking report on Major, I haven’t been able to dig up anything concrete on “Jacare.” However, I really doubt at this point he’s been cast for the show. Again, I’m not basing that opinion on hard evidence. Instead, I’m using basic deductive reasoning.

Of the fighters I’ve spoken as sources for the cast spoilers, all told me the fighters in question left for Vegas on Thursday. Well, Caleb from apparently conducted an interview with Souza in San Diego this past Saturday:

I caught up with Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza after a Brazilian jiu-jitsu seminar at Brandon Vera’s Alliance Training Center here in San Diego on Saturday.

So unless he was given special permission to report late or is brought in as an injury replacement, I don’t think he’s going to be involved with TUF 7.

There’s also an exchange between Caleb and Souza in which “Jacare” indicates his future in the U.S. in regards to MMA is “unknown.” Everyone wants to know when you will be fighting MMA here in the United States again.

Jacare: That’s what I am here to find out. So at the moment it is unknown.

Jacare: At the moment it is unknown.

Anything can happen but let’s be realistic. And if Jacare is not involved with TUF, it begs the question, what does this man have to do to get a big contract offer? There are so many promotions out there and he’d be a good fit in all of them.

  • Jeremy says:

    I would definitely like to see more international talent on TUF overall. But since I didn’t expect Jacare to be on there I guess I can’t be upset he’s likely not.

  • paddiosf says:

    Wow, that’s a huge name to be on TUF cast, he was rumored to sign with the UFC last year….I’ve only seen him on different internet sites but he’s definately has to be consider one of the favorites going in…his BJJ is the top notch….so i hope like a previous comment says more international talent coming in, the only problem is the language barrier, will be interesting…alot of captions i’m sure………….

  • Davey D says:

    Having Jacare in the UFC would be sweet. He would crush most on TUF 7 but hey, anything can happen right?

    I’m hoping to see Roger Gracie in the UFC sometime within a year or so. He would be an awesome choice for TUF as he’s based in London and would gain a lot more fan’s for the UK/European show’s.

  • Thedude says:

    He could have lost the first day and was back home on Saturday


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