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Paulo Filho to rematch Chael Sonnen in March

In an article on, WEC middleweight champion, Paulo Filho’s boxing coach, Josuel Distak states that Filho’s next fight will be a rematch against the last man he defeated, Chael Sonnen, in March.

“Last fight I had a lot of weight problems with Paulão, that’s why he wasn’t well. Sonnen asked for a revenge and we accepted.

Filho defeated Sonnen last December at WEC 31 under controversial circumstances. For the best part of two rounds, Sonnen appeared to be outworking Filho both standing and on the ground, however late in the second round Sonnen got caught in an arm bar which caused him to scream in pain. The referee, fearing the arm would break, stopped the fight without Sonnen having tapped. Once the fight was stopped, Sonnen immediately started complaining to the referee.

Filho stated after the fight that one of the reasons for his poor performance was that he had trouble making the 185 lbs. weight limit and that he was considering moving up in weight to the light-heavyweight division. According to Distak, that will actually be the case after this fight.

Thanks God this will be Paulão’s last fight at 84 category. After this fight he’ll go up to 93kg category”

In my opinion this is pretty crazy. If he can’t make the weight, he can’t make the weight but as it is he is a fairly short for a middleweight, and at light-heavyweight, you’d think he’d be at a great size disadvantage. I’m sure he’d walk right through anyone in the WEC light-heavyweight division but I doubt Zuffa would be too pleased with the decision.

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  • Brent says:

    “Sonnen appeared to be outworking Filho both standing and on the ground…”

    It wasn’t an illusion – Sonnen was wrecking him – Filho looked like he didn’t know what was happening – he was still rocked after the ref stopped the match.

  • Rich says:

    Filho will lose.
    his performances in America have sickened me.

    the fight shouldn’t have stopped the first time.
    filho would have lose within a few min. if it wouldn’t have stopped.

  • Captain says:

    I don’t understand this. Chael might BEEN winning the fight but Filho beat him fair and square. Chael shoud have been thanking the ref after the fight for saving him from a broken arm and months of recovery. You could tell by the look on his face that he did not know what to do and was in agony.

    Filho is not a good fit for 205.

  • Rich says:

    Filho gassed within the first two minutes of the fight…
    at least, it seemed that way to me…
    and that… is ridiculous…
    i’m not impressed w/ paulo filho and i can’t stand that some people, including the WEC, think he’s the best MW in the world…

  • Rich says:

    Anderson could KO/sub Filho.
    Rich Franklin would destroy Filho.
    Henderson would end his career.
    Wandy dropped to MW… that fight would put Filho in the hospital.
    Yushin Okami would get a decision over him..
    ‘Mayhem’ Miller would beat him..
    Robbie Lawler would probably KO/TKO him…

    i mean,
    when i think of the best MW fighters… Filho doesn’t even come to mind.. which is pretty sad seeing as how he’s the champion..


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