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Dan Henderson thinks Paulo Filho was a “juicer”

In a recent interview with, Dan Henderson had some interesting things to say about WEC middleweight champion, Paulo Filho. are your thoughts on Paulo Filho?

Dan Henderson: I don’t think he has been very impressive in his last two performances since coming to the US but I think that’s what not being able to use Steroids will do to you. you saying Filho may be a juicer?

Dan Henderson: Well that’s my opinion anyway. He hasn’t looked good since he left Pride. Was steroid abuse a problem in Pride?

Dan Henderson: People didn’t get tested.

Those are some pretty strong words from Henderson, especially when the only thing he has to back it up with is that “he hasn’t looked good recently” and that “people didn’t get tested” in Pride.

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  • Rln says:

    I think people tend to overlook the fact that some steroids are legal in Brazil. I remember Wandy saying in an interview that he would have to make a fairly drastic change to his supplements because a lot of them were marked as illegal to use by the NSAC. DSE didn’t give 2 shits about people using steroids and encouraged people to use them ( Pawel Nastula comments) so they could fight as often as possible. Fighters were just commodities to them and they certainly didn’t put their well being ahead of their own(DSE’s) pocketbooks.

    Personally I don’t fault Filho for using any legal substance available to him in Brazil if it wasn’t mandated by DSE to be illegal and clearly it wasn’t.

  • linx says:

    People got to stop saying “because they were good in Pride and do bad inside the octagon, than they automatically used steroids”. That’s some BS, first of their fighting style automatically changes once they come to the octagon, due to the rule changes and the new platform. It’s too early to say something like that, let them first get used to the octagon with a couple of fights before start saying they were on steroids or were overrated. Dan Henderson should know better, he lost some of my respect I had towards him once he stated this BS (rampage is another one btw). I was going to root for Dan in the silva fight, now I’m all silva. War Silva!

  • Evan says:

    Word around the campfire is some people not being able to use EPO in the UFC, not so much steroids.

  • jt says:

    Tons of Juice in Pride. Look at Shogun’s physique in his fight with Forrest, then go back and look at his fights in Pride. There is no comparison. Filho too.

    Linx, you have no idea what you are talking about, but that’s OK….

  • bigfish042 says:

    Sam Cupitt…….

    I have heard both that PRIDE did test for steroids and also that they did not and didnt give a shit???? Can you give me a definite answer??? the only “proof” I hear is poor octagon performance and changes in physique. I was just curious if you knew or had definitive proof if they tested for steroids in PRIDE

  • cyphron says:

    Wow… you hear two great fighters in the UFC insinuating that Pride fighters juice. And you lose respect for the fighters instead of the organization? The evidence is there: Shogun, Wanderlei, Cro Cop. If Nogueira loses this weekend, that’s the nail in the coffin.

    Everyone should just watch the fights of Shogun, Wanderlei, and CroCop side by side with their fights in the UFC and tell me that there’s no difference. Pride fans are die hard.

  • Brent says:

    “I think people tend to overlook the fact that some steroids are legal in Brazil.”

    Steroids in Brazil are legal in Brazil for the same reason they are legal in the US – legit prescriptions/therapies from doctors treating illness/injuries. They are not legal in either country for athletic performance enhancement.

    Most everyone in combat sports is juicing – just like every Olympic sport, yes – even Ping Pong and Synchronized Swimming… Lucky athletes have doctors and coaches that actually know how to cycle and dose guys properly so they can test clean.

  • Danny says:


    i do believe the henderson was in PRIDE 4 quite sometime himself. its funny that its everbody except 4 him. i’ve never liked hendo. he’s a lil too cocky than he should be. all he is is a great wrestler who happens to have a sick right hand. and even then he throws it wildly hoping to land. if u look at the fight with wanderlei, they were both throwing wildly when he happen to catch him.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    Funny how you guys have insulted me the past couple days, yet one of the biggest names in the sport also has a problem with performance enhancing drugs. Get a clue, this sport will not be legit until there are no cheaters. Look at the card this weekend, at least three confirmed cheaters.

    Don’t like my opinion? Shove it. I don’t care. I have only insulted the known cheaters, not the legit fighters with character.

    Way to go Dan. Keep calling them out.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    “Most everyone in combat sports is juicing.”

    You are full of it. Wait until you see what is coming the next few years. Legit fighters with tremendous character. Just be patient fight fans because this UFC roid fest will not last much longer.

    I am convinced that this holloywood style stuff promoting known roid heads will end eventually. I think the UFC is making a mistake promoting Lesnar so much, as he is the shining example of what is wrong with this sport. The recent title matches are pathetic in my opinion. Just match two idiots together based on promotions and not if they earned it.

    Sherk should be thrown out of the sport along with the rest of them.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    It would be interesting to run a piece about the tactical differences between fighting in the UFC (Octagon and five minute rounds) vs. in Pride (ring and 10 minute first round). Steroids were/are a factor, but I doubt that’s the only reason some former Pride fighters have struggled. Interview(s) with fighters like Rampage and Henderson on that subject would be interesting.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    JJG, isn’t this the second time you were leaving but have come back? You’re like “Eric the Actor” from the Howard Stern Show.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:


    First of all, for a writer your grammar is pathetic on your ProElite profile.

    “I love sports and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to earn a living covering it.”

    Sports and it don’t go together my friend. Back to school for you. LOL. Or perhaps your education is also a joke? I don’t care if I make mistakes, as my title is not writer.

    Second, I really don’t care that you have fought in the PAST. Post some statistics (with website links as proof) and maybe I will respect you. Until then, I really don’t care.

    Ya, I’m really going to post a pic. I keep a low profile on here genius and never post pictures on the Internet. I have nothing to prove. My career speaks for itself. You are simply a dime a dozen writer on a website with about 15 visitors a day. I also liven this place up, so for someone like to insult me is amusing, as it will only cause less hits to your amazing and (non) influential website.

    Keep getting your face kicked in by Sherdog and go away. At least I am a leader in my field. No one is smoking me, I guarantee you that.

    Now you can ban me. Have a nice day.

  • linx says:

    #4 JT, shogun couldn’t train properly because he was having problems with his knee, it really takes that much out of you (yeah, I know forrest was also injured in his shoulder, but you can work out much better with a injured shoulder than an injured knee). shogun is the only one that had a different physic on his debut, wandy, cro cop and big nog all look the same to me as they did in their pride days. just because you lose a fight doesn’t mean you were on the juice before, it just means you were beaten by a better fighter that night. There are so many fighters that are legends and sometimes they lose too, doesn’t mean that they were using steroids before when they were winning. I don’t like to just assume someone was on roids just because they were winning fights, both shogun and wandy were tested during Pride 33 and they had the same physic as always.

    Rules and platform changes do affect the game, and if you don’t agree with that, I’m sure you’re the one who doesn’t know what his talking about. All I’m saying is let them get used to the new platform that’s all. The octagon is much bigger and has its ups and downs, Dan even mentions this in his interview.

    Oh yeah, and #1 saying that some steroids in Brazil is legal where the same is illegal in the US, please list the ones you mean. I don’t think your argument holds any water either. Steroids are illegal in Brazil, just as they are in the US and Japan.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    JJG, I’m too entertained by your trolling to ban you at this point.

    So you’ve “left” the site twice because you couldn’t handle the verbal heat? You must be a HELLUVA competitor.

  • cyphron says:

    I wonder where JJG got his doctorate from? I couldn’t tell the difference between him and some random poster on! His prose is stunningly eloquent!

    I am not talking about the rules or ring/cage differences between the UFC and Pride fighters. I am talking about the demeanor and forcefulness of their attacks and the ferocity in their actions. Watch Wanderlei VS Fujita. Watch CroCop’s tear through the open weight grand prix. Man, either those have too much caffeine in their drinks or they got some sort of… roid rage. Can rules and fighting arena take away your will to fight?

  • Derek B. says:

    Sam what in the hell is trolling?

  • Foojita says:

    Ummm…Filho actually wants to go up in weight because making 185 is too difficult for him.

    Why would he be taking steroids if he’s having trouble making the 185 lbs limit?

    This accusation seems kind of baseless.

  • linx says:

    Cyphron, watch cro cop vs fedor, do you see cro cop going all out like a mad man? Wandy is always rushing through his opponents when he feels like their easy (fujita’s case), but if you look at his fights with rampage, arona, hendo, you’ll see he doesn’t rush in like a mad man. The fight you’re referring to with cro cop was the one against wandy, where he rushed in to finish it as soon as possible. This is because cro cop was going to fight a second fight that night, and wanted to avoid early injuries and save his energy. This is what tournaments do to fighters, cro cop and barnet fought twice that night, barnet though was not as lucky and his first fight went full time limit (against big nog).

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Derek B

    A person trolls when he or she posts things that are intended to provoke a strong reaction rather than stating a sincere belief or opinion. I’ve heard that the term derives from trolling with a lure while fishing. When trolling, with a lure, you’re trying to annoy the fish (other readers) into striking (writing angry responses). It also has a secondary meaning in the sense that trolls are ugly, offensive creatures, just like the posts of those who troll. Jiu Jitsu Guy may be trolling, or he may have a personality disorder. He claims to have a doctorate of some kind, so maybe he has some clinical insights he’d like to share.

  • Nate says:

    Shogun vs Chuck!
    Shogun vs Chuck!
    Shogun vs Chuck!

    bwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant wait!


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