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UFC 84 fight card

When: May 24, ’08
Where: Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand
Watch: PPV

Main Event is the Lightweight Title grudge match between Interim champ BJ Penn and suspended champ Sean Sherk.

Here’s the latest on the UFC 84 event:

    Main Card

  • B.J. Penn vs. Sean Sherk (UFC Lightweight Title)
  • Wanderlei Silva vs. Keith Jardine
  • Tito Ortiz vs. Lyoto Machida
  • Antonio Mendes vs. Thiago Silva
  • Goran Reljic vs. Wilson Gouveia
  • Prelim Card

  • Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura
  • Dong-Hyun Kim vs. Jason Tan
  • Shane Carwin vs. Christian Wellisch
  • Ivan Salaverry vs. Rousimar Palhares
  • Jeremy Stephens vs. Terry Etim
  • John Koppenhaver vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Fight card subject to change; bouts will be added as we confirm them.

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  • bigfish042 says:

    Five ounces of Pain staff…..

    Are these fights CONFIRMED or still rumored? I am interested in the Thiago silva/Evans fight. Is that CONFIRMED or still just a rumor. I would love to see that one

  • Rich says:

    i just can’t wait to see salaverry in action again.
    i soooo hope he wins.

    i’ve never liked lyoto machida… i just don’t think he’s a good fight FINISHER…
    but i hope he spanks tito soo bad.
    tito’s attitude is startin’ to piss me off.

  • Matt C. says:

    Technically, nothing is confirmed until it appears on And they tend to wait until just after each event to officially announce the full card of their next event.

    That’s why you check out sites like this to get the heads up!

  • Danny says:

    i think its put up or shut up time 4 evans and ortiz.

  • Jonathan says:

    Interim Champ? I thought it was clear that BJ Penn is the Champ and Sean Sherk is the Former Champ, not suspended Champ.

  • T Money says:

    Yeah what the hell is that?? what do you mean suspended champ? that guy got his title taken away for testing positive for steroids. bj penn is now the reigning champion, and he is going to destroy sherk in a matter of seconds.

  • Rich says:

    i don’t know about that, T Money.


    Sherk will probably be the hardest fight of BJ’s career.

  • JoelHiers says:

    Definitely..Sherk will be penn’s hardest fight, if hughes wasn’t his hardest fight(even though penn lost).. Penn is the interim champ because Sherk did not have a fighter take the title from him, the UFC took it from him. Machida will probably win a decision of ortiz because I think we can all admit..when it comes down to it, Tito can not rely on his attitude to win fights. the whole, getting in to the other persons’ head, isn’t the best strategy anymore. I’m an amateur fighter and i’m sure people will disagree with me about this because i’m not the most fluent fighter but i have my own opinions. Ivan Salaverry is a great (adapting) figher persay. He fights the fight his opponent does not want to fight. As far as Rousimar Palhares…never heard of him so I have no comment on him as of this point. Thanks for reading!

  • Steve says:

    Lyoto Machida should be next in line for the belt, not Forrest Griffin, Forest is good but his resume is shitty except for his match against Shogun. Lyoto has taken care of everyone the UFC throws in front of him, That’s pure bullshit. Rashad has never seen a pace like Silvas, he will be in for a rude awakening.

  • KAs says:

    BJ Penn is going to destroy Sherk, and then he is going to destroy GSP, and then Hughes if he doesnt bitch out. BJ Penn is the best fighter, nobody can stop him.

  • NB says:

    Sherk will beat BJ via desicion. BJ is talkin trash and that is just motivation to beat him down. as far as tito, fuck him i hope he gets pounded but seeing as who his opponent is it will prob go to a decision. the evans fight will be a very good one. i am rooting for evans in that one. o by the way does anyone know when roger huerta will fight again

  • double L says:

    in response to steve:
    come on for real you think lyoto should be next in line? are you serious…he hasnt fought anyone all that impressive Sokoudjou was his best fight the rest arent great fighters at all if he took fights against more big name fighters then maybe. Shogun Rua came in as the top LW but they needed to give him a fight before the title shot as they did with rampage vs eastman. but forrest beat shogun impressively. if anyone should be given the next title shot it should be jardine with wins over both chuck and forrest. this fight for lyoto if it happens will be a big test cuz it will be against a big name guy granted tito only really seems to shine against shamrock but he can still bang…so no lyoto DOES NOT deserve a title shot for a long while until he starts taking top competition for fights the wont have that big name in mma. and the comment is quite ridiculous saying he deserves it over forrest come on now

    for the rest of the fights
    the silva evans fight will be an amazing fight both like to stand up and bang and go for the knock out, but if it goes to the ground i give the advantage to silva with you Black belt BJJ, so i think if rashad keeps it standing and can keep from being taken down i think he will walk away with his hand raised

    penn and sherk:
    well your typical wrestler vs jiu jitsu king match up but this is somewhat like the stevenson match up for penn even though sherk’s cardio and wrestling is well beyond stevenson’s this fight is a good one for penn to defend his belt if he can force action early like he did with joe daddy and can prevent from being taken down and when he does he can sprawl and get it to his feet then i believe he will walk away with the belt still but he needs to work alot on his cardio to keep up with sherk cuz knowing sherk he will be pushing action and be making him work and knowing penn (even with his new cardio plan) will tire because of his lack of cardio

    thank you for reading please let me know what you think

  • Big James says:

    Hold on correction, Sean Sherk, is no longer the champ, after the suspension, he IS THE #1 contender, BJ Penn is the current lightweight champ, not the interim. BJ Penn by desicion.

  • Big James says:

    Know that Penn is champ, I don’t think he will move up in class again.

  • dc cain says:

    I don’t know but it sounds like a few of you don’t watch a lot of fights.1st bj penn is the real champ and still will be the champ after he beats that cheater down(knock out or submission) and yes he will move up in weight class again, he wants gsp bad(i think he won the 1st) he also wants to win the belt in ever weight class(hes beat heavy weights before. 2nd tito is one of th best lh in the world.he’s never been knocked out with one punch like chuck(i like chuck by the way) he went all five rounds with randy and he stood on top for years, no one can beat a confident in shape tito.

  • Orbit11 says:

    This is an AMAZING card! I am so stoked to see every one of the first 5 fights! I wish I was there! There is not a dull moment. We get to see Sherk (thoroughly pissed off) vs. BJJ BJ, see whether Soko has adapted to the cage, see if Tito has what it takes to beat Machida (I think he does), and a real test for Rashad Evans in the form of a guy that I think has a great future in the UFC Thiago Silva.
    PLUS Wand with something to prove? This will be insane.

  • 515 says:

    Jeremy Stephens and Terry Etim…fight of the night!!!


    BJ PENN is the CHAMP, Sean Sherk is the CHUMP, BJ’s gonna “mop da floor”w/ this roid donkey! 2 min / 30 sec of the 3rd rnd by RN CHOKE!

  • Nick says:

    This may be the best UFC card in 3 years, this is just……WOW!

  • ctownhood says:

    If BJ comes into this fight in the same shape as he was in for the Stevenson fight… hope for Sherk. I really hope the Sokoudjou vs Nakamura fight makes the broadcast!

  • Franky says:

    This is the FIRST UFC event that I am going to. I really don’t care that I have nose bleed seats because I am going to be there!

  • BHos says:

    sherk will kill him.

  • Shaun says:

    first three fights are very good.

    BJ over Sherk by submission
    Machida over Ortiz via decision
    Silva over Jardine via ref stoppage

  • el capitan says:

    lyoto machida look like the p4p next best thing. i think tito is done for and what i really want to see is lyoto vs anderson silva, that is the fight for the year, they both worked rich frankin one of my favorites but i want to see anderson silva lose and if lyoto beat tito bad that lyoto is the next an only big match for silva in the really seperated weight class

  • el capitan says:

    i just read some of the previous responses and “double L” will eat all words directed towards lyoto, did you see his record? he was the only guy b4 silva that worked franklin and that alone is a big deal. should he get a title fight, sure y not gardine is sloppy and lucky, wanderlei is getting old but will beat gardine because they are brawlers and hes better brawler, chucks power is falling off and he cant take people who get up close or take him to the ground and jackson has no competition if he beat henderson who i think would win in a rematch in both his previous losses, lyoto is looking pretty good, unless in jumping the gun hes on thee way.

  • jason says:

    My thoughts on the upcoming fights,Lyoto defeating Tito by decision-Sherk just wearing out B.J.penn-Wanderlie silva defeating jardine by t.k.o due to knees in the clinch.


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