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UFC 81 Video: Tim Sylvia is a winner

You can say whatever you want about Tim Sylvia, and I won’t ever defend some of his actions outside of the cage, but the guy wins fights. If he wins Saturday’s fight against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira he will become a three-time UFC heavyweight champion.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    Another proud member of the “got caught with steroids” hall of fame. Way to go Tim.

  • Zack says:

    Tmmy by TKO in the 3rd. His reach will cause problems for Nog, and Nog will have a very hard time handling him in the standup and on the ground (if it even goes to the ground). Nog’s best chance will be to hurt him early – like Randy did – and then wear him out.

    I hang on Randy’s nuts as much as the next guy, but take away the early combo that floored Timmy and give Timmy a healthy lower back, and I think it would have been a much closer fight.

    Like it or not (and to be honest I don’t like it either), the dude has pretty sharp skills for his size and will probably whip that ass.

  • Brent says:

    I don’t have a fight prediction, but it would be great to see some hysterical, impotent rage-filled rants on all the MMA forums if Tim wins…

  • SteveXtreme says:

    Hey Sam or anyone who is knowledgeable about the subject, Where can i go in Vegas to bet on the fights? And how many lines do they usually have?

  • Hard Ass says:

    Are you kiding me? Tim Sylvia may be the worst fighter (not the best!) He is god awful!! Didn’t he just lose to 44 year old who really is a 205 fighter?? He’s an uncordinated freak who fights like he has full blown aids. He wouldn’t last 3 mins in a ring with Fedor and about 20 ther fighters for that matter. Stop hated Fedor and give him credit for being the greatst alive. Who can beat Fedor right now……Sylvia (hell no) Nageria (obviousy not) Cro cop (try again) Lener (give me a break.) Fedor hasn’t fought anyone? The question is who is even out there for him to fight…..

  • Rich says:

    agree w/ brent.. HAHAHA..

    and COMPLETELY disagree w/ Zack..
    “the dude [sylvia] has pretty sharp skills”… I REALLY DO HOPE YOU’RE JOKING..

    you said sylvia’s reach will cause problems for noguiera..
    maybe, if Tim’s smart enough to use it… he sure as hell didn’t in the last two fights.

    sylvia’s obviously lost all power in his arms.. hence not being able to KO Monson, Randy, Vera, Arlovski the third time, Assuerio Silva…
    i’m starting to think the first couple of fights were luck for him..

    i’m sure he won’t let his hands go on Noguiera… he’ll just throw a few here and there…
    i sure as hell hope he doesn’t plan on fighting the way he did in the fight w/ Vera… i’d rather die than see that garbage again..
    he never really has used his reach EFFECTIVELY… that’s for damn sure..

    really … there is absolutely no reason for him to win this fight…at all…

    but i’m sure he will…

    by some miracle from the heavens…

    i mean, theoretically, when you look at how Tim’s always fought… this fight should end via sub [Nog] in the 2nd min. of the 1st… but somehow… Tim pulls off these miracles..

    all i’m saying is that i would have given chieck kongo [who’s not even popular] or even CRO COP [who’s 1-2 in the UFC] a title shot before TIM.

    Tim’s obviously not a likeable guy.

    plus, he just stated in a recent interview that he had sex w/ the HW belt on… which is disrespectful, unbelievably disturbing, and 100% unsanitary!

    and realistically.. he’ll probably lose to the next challenger if he does get the belt… which i believe is Werdum..

    the only reason Tim should beat Nog is if Nog tears his ACL on the first step towards Tim and has to withdraw…

    but… i’m sure Tim will win… in the same boring fashion…

    i can’t wait till he quits.

  • Rich says:


    that’s a big comment…

    READ IT.

  • mike wolfe says:

    I don’t really understand all this “don’t like Sylvia personally” stuff. For pity’s sake, you’re not taking him home to meet your mothers, you’re watching him fight. And more often than not, he wins. If he keeps the fight standing, I think he will win again. As far as disrespecting the sport, you guys should read some of the stories about what’s happened to the Stanley cup. Sylvia’s use of the belt is no big deal.

  • Zack says:

    Rich – you are talking like a fan and letting your dislike for Timmy color your view of him. I just saw that Randy picked Timmy to win, and Randy knows a little something about fighting.

    I’ll gladly eat my small crow if Nog wins (and frankly would love to see Nog as the UFC champ), but your crow pie will take several sittings to finish if Timmy has his hand raised.

  • Rich says:

    Zack, you’re right… i do hate Tim.

    but that’s not why i said what i said.

    he really DOESN’T have any skill.

    he may utilize his reach every once in a while, but not effectively… i wouldn’t say he’s ever won a fight because of his reach… except for maybe the Monson fight…

    i WOULD really like to see Nog as champ… i like Nog…

    if Tim wins the belt… who else will he beat??

    he’s facing Werdum first… who is now w/ Chute Box… which is dominant..

    Fabricio could beat Tim on the ground or standing.. but, i just don’t see him beating Tim…

    so let’s say Tim gets past Fabricio…

    let’s say he faces the winner of Lesnar/Mir… or Murr [as Lesnar puts it].

    Mir already beat him once… and that was back when Tim was still good.. i don’t think Mir would have a problem beating him the 2nd time… he’d probably do it in better fashion, actually.

    Lesnar would match the power of Tim.. and could impose is will in the wrestling game whenever he wanted to… but really… to know how Lesnar would fight Tim i’ll have to see the fight w/ Mir.

    i would love to see Tim fight Cro Cop.. because i’ve longed to see Tim KO’d.

    idk how Chieck would do against Tim.

    I’m just saying if he gets the belt.. i don’t think he will be a good champ… and i don’t think he’ll have the belt that long..

  • DeathDealr says:

    I think Tim is a joke shit look at his stomach its called WORK OUT hes a BUM!!!

  • DeathDealr says:

    Tim had his arm busted bye MIr so it shows that tims a WIMP!!!


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