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UFC Newcomer Rob Yundt to Replace Alan Belcher at UFC 81‘s Thomas Gerbasi reported today that Alaskan Rob Yundt will step in for Alan Belcher to face Ricardo Almeida at UFC 81: “Breaking Point” on Saturday night.

Unbeaten UFC newcomer Rob Yundt (7-0) has stepped in on short notice to replace middleweight up and comer Alan Belcher against Ricardo Almeida on Saturday night’s UFC 81 card in Las Vegas. Belcher was forced to withdraw from the bout due to a severe case of bronchitis.

Yundt boasts a 7-0 record coming into the bout against Almeida. No word has been made as to whether the fight will move down to the preliminary card or stay a part of the pay-per-view broadcast. As of right now, UFC’s Event Page has the Yundt/Almeida bout still listed as a part of the televised card.

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  • Gabe Gardner says:

    Betting on the hometown guy big. Do us proud Rob!

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Time for staffers to change those picks…

  • Jeremy says:

    Just watched this guys fights on The guy is a really, really big middleweight. From what I saw in the AFC fights, he is a ground and pound fighter, but it’s a vicious g’n’p style. He goes for it all on his punches and roughed up every guy he fought. He was much stronger then all the fighters he fought in Alaska. He doesn’t seem to even try and move out of guard though at all. Has big slams as well, basically carried some guys all around the cage llike ragdolls.

    After he wins he has a very interesting celebration where he tries to knock himself out. He literally unloads on his own face with right hands, then kind of does a Chuck Liddell type pose. This guy would have been a good candidate for TUF 7 it would have seemed.

  • Tony D. says:

    Do you want to make me ha-PPPYYYY!!!

  • John S says:

    Yundt is a monster in the cage! Rumor has it he shoves a jalpeno in his ass to make him mean and aggresive.

  • sean says:

    he actually was the first alternate for the show and was there in case one of them coul dnot make weight. All of his medical was current because of that, then he got the call 3 days out and of course took the fight.

    Rob is a freakishly strong Middleweight…


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