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Exclusive: Paul Bradley to be on seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF 7)

paul_bradley.jpg Two-time All-American wrestler Paul Bradley is currently involved with filming for the seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” multiple sources have revealed exclusively to (

Bradley is 5-0 as a professional mixed martial artist and has never competed for the UFC.

Known as being an “old school wrestler,” the former Iowa Hawkeye wrestled at the collegiate level between 184 pounds and heavyweight. Bradley earned All-American honors competing at 184 pounds as a sophomore and a junior. He was also a three-time NCAA tournament qualifier between 2003-2006.

As a sophomore during the 2003-2004 campaign, Bradley not only earned All-American honors but finished second in the Big Ten after going 26-14. He ended the season finishing fourth in the NCAA tournament. As a team, Iowa won the Big Ten championship and finished second in the NCAA tournament. Bradley was a key contributor in the program’s success that year, winning five major decisions and recording six pins.

During his junior season in 2004-2005, Bradley went 24-9, earning his All-American honors for a second consecutive season. He finished fourth in the Big Ten Championships that season.

In his final season of eligibility in 2005-2006, the senior compiled a 16-10 record. Bradley failed to earn All-American honors but placed in both the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments for a third consecutive season.

After graduating college, Bradley went right into coaching and has served as a coach for both the University of Indiana (Bloomington) and University of Buffalo.

He made his MMA debut in October of 2006, submitting James Powell via guillotine in the first round. Bradley most recently competed for the Masters of the Cage promotion this past September, where he was victorious after TKO’ing Mike Van Neer in the third round. Fellow former college wrestling standouts Johny Hendricks, Shane Roller, Eric Bradley, and Jake Rosholt all appeared on the same card.

Bradley has trained in the past at Miletich Fighting Systems in Iowa.

The seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter” is scheduled to debut on Wednesday, April 2 on Spike TV at 11 p.m. ET. It will be preceded by a UFC Fight Night 13, which will emanate from Broomfield, Colorado and will feature a main event involving Joe Lauzon and Kenny Florian. Matches between Thiago Alves vs. Karo Parisyan, Matt Hamill vs. Stephan Bonnar, and Marcus Aurelio vs. Spencer Fisher are scheduled as well.

Light heavyweight fighters Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Forrest Griffin are slated to serve as coaches on the show, which will feature middleweight competitors.

Bradley is the fifth fighter confirmed by and as being cast for TUF 7. Previous names reported include Brandon Sene, Mike Marrello, Aaron Meisner, and Dante Rivera.

Click here for additional cast spoilers from for the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter 7.”

  • Evan says:

    I don’t know if you guys are just doing a good job describing the fighters for this season but I am really excited for TUF 7.

  • Jeremy says:

    So far from all the rumors I have seen there are some good prospects on this season and then some guys who just don’t belong. I still don’t understand why we need three guys from Jorge Gurgel’s gym either.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jeremy, when I spoke to Matt Brown in October, he was training out of several gyms in New York and wasn’t as Jorge Gurgel’s any longer. It’s always possible he could have went back but I do know some local Jersey-area promoters that were looking to promote him now that he was located in the East.

  • Rob says:

    You should check into to see if Dave Mewborn will be in this season. There are some strong rumors down here in Georgia and people in his camp (Hardcore Gym) have said he has made it.

  • Jeremy says:

    Sam, that’s quite possible I was just going off of what mmajunkie was reporting. I personally have no idea where he trains, it just seemed odd to have three guys from that gym. Especially when there are many places that are just as good if not better out there.

    I am totally interested in seeing how the 2 middleweight prospects do. Dollaway and Meisner should be fine additions.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jeremy, no prob. It was just an FYI. Personally, I don’t mind if a bunch of guys are from the same gym, so long as they deserve to be there. I think all three guys do. And I think it becomes an interesting dynamic if they have to fight each other at some point. To me, that’s legitimate drama as opposed to contrived drama.

    I am anxious to see how they do as well. So far I think they’ve done a great job in selecting the cast. It seems like they are using the show as a vehicle to help re-stock the middleweight division.

  • Jeremy says:

    I don’t mind if they are all from the same gym either, as long as they belong. But I have a tough time swallowing any guy belonging in the UFC with a losing record or no record at all. I know people will tell me, records don’t mean everything, and while that’s true to a point I think some stock has to be put into it. And when you are the top promotion in the world I think it has to mean a little more. But I guess that’s a different story/argument for a different day.

    Overall I think, from what I have seen of the cast, that it is a pretty good group, with a good handfull of interesting names.

  • Big D D says:

    So is Paul related to Eric?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Big D, there is no relation.

  • sven says:

    An Iowa Hawkeye? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Big D D says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Sam. Your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed.

  • Gail Bradley says:

    The Hawks produce champions boy! So be careful what you say!

  • sven says:

    I know they have a great wrestling program. Doesnt mean I hate them any less though.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Rob, I made a few calls and all indications are that Dave Mewborn in not on this season.

  • Becca Coronado says:

    You hate ’em cuz you ain’t ’em boy! And it’s not a “great” wrestling program, it’s one of the BEST, if not THE best, in the nation let alone the world. Recognize what comes from you mouth hater. And make sure you speak RESPECTIVELY to Bradley’s sister; she will not hesitate to put you in your place….

  • sven says:

    They arent great in football or basketball. As a matter of fact they suck pretty hard at both and those are the sports I really hate them in. NCAA wrestling means nothing to me. It ranks right behind womens volleyball and badminton. So being good at wrestling has nothing to do with why I hate the Iowa Indreeders.

  • Gail Bradley says:

    Hey Sven, let me spell inbreeders for you. I N B R E E D E R S. PUNK.

  • jv says:

    bradley is gonna work everyone on the show! go hawks! the kid’s a badass! i’ve seen him punish plenty of punks at the union bar. g’s up ho’s down.


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