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Exclusive: Jon Murphy to return during March ShoXC event against Shane DelRosario

m_a1bfd0739b13ef3134a4f6c2f9431948.jpgEliteXC announced during Friday’s ShoXC telecast that its next ShoXC will be held on Friday, March 21, in California. ( has learned that one of the feature matches will be a showdown between heavyweight prospects Jon Murphy and Shane DelRosario.

EliteXC has yet to formally announce the bout.

Murphy, 4-2, last competed in August in Jackson, Mississippi, winning his ShoXC debut against Dave Huckaba, knocking him out at 0:19 of round 2. This will mark his first fight since undergoing arthrosopic shoulder surgery in December. Murphy resumed training in early January.


  • Jeremy says:

    Sam, any truth to Rafael Feijao fighting Lew Polley on the Februaru EliteXC card?

  • j says:

    This sould be a war. Shane is a banger as is Jon.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jeremy, yes, Rafael Feijao is on the card. I don’t know if Lew Polley is or not.

    J – Yes, Murphy vs. DelRosario is a great matchup. Both like to strike but their striking styles are different.

  • Jeremy says:

    Nice, that’s a good signing for EliteXC, Feijao said he was fighting Polley, but obviously since nothing has been announced I was just wondering.

  • William W. says:

    Awesome match up. Glad to see Murphy back in action.

  • j says:

    I would like to see an MMA match between Shane and Gary Turner sicne they are both under the ProElite banner.

    On a side note, Shane lost his WBC HW Muaythai title to Ginty Vrede a couple of weeks ago. It is being reported by several Dutch Muaythai Forums that Vrede passed away today. RIP if it is true-he had a bright future.

  • CITC says:

    Finally going to make one of Jon’s fights!

  • j says:

    I know this is not MMA news but this is a small martial arts community and it is sad and should be known when we lose someone so young and talented. I posted a link and a rough translation (google translation) of the article.

    In London yesterday Thaibokser Ginty Peace deceased very unexpectedly of a heart attack. The 22-year-old resident of Heiloo (near Alkmaar) was working on a sparringtraining when he was unwell and flauwviel.

    Zwaargewicht Peace was known as a great talent in the martial art circuit. Two weeks ago he was still convincing Muay Thai world champion in Las Vegas. He won this title of the big international Thaiboksbond WBC in a party against the hitherto ongeslagen American world champion Shane ‘Rocky’ Del Rosario.

    Of the 22 professionals that the Surinamese Dutch Muay Thaibokser moisture, he lost none. Nineteen Peace be decided by a knock-out.


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