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Exclusive: Chris Leben to fight Alessio Sakara at UFC 82 on March 2

Rumors began circulating last week about a middleweight matchup at UFC 82 on March 1 in Columbus, Ohio between Chris Leben and Alessio Sakara. ( has confirmed through Leben’s management that a bout between Leben and Sakara is indeed scheduled to take place.

“Yes, we fight Sakara in Columbus.” said manager T. Jay Thompson when contacted for comment via e-mail.

Thompson, who is also the promoter of the ICON Sport promotion in Hawaii, also added, “Chris has been in training camp for the last four weeks and is excited to test himself against Sakara.”


  • Evan says:

    Well so much for him going to ICON.

  • Rich says:

    that fight oughtta be CRAZY.

  • bigfish042 says:

    Sam Caplan…….

    How many fights does Leben have left of his UFC contract?? Do you have any idea?? I thought he was leaving the UFC?? I thought his contract was over in very close to ending Do you have any input. Thank you

  • Anton K says:

    Leben… gotta love that crazy mo-fo!

  • Evan says:


    Two fights ago he had one fight left and was leaving for ICON. So we can assume he has re-signed for some length.

  • josh b says:

    im glad he is fighting! very exciting fighter! either you love him or hate him! and i HATE his mohawk he hade when he fought mcdonald!

  • Rich says:

    I used to hate Leben soooo much.
    He talked all that crap, and i hate shit-talkers.
    [although he could actually back it up, i still couldn’t stand him]
    he was just a punk.
    very unlikable.
    didn’t respect the other fighters.
    when he finally got the ass-beating i’d been waiting for ever since he joined the UFC… by the hands of anderson…
    he seemed to change.
    but once he got handed two consecutive losses from starnes and macdonald… he was completely transformed into a respectable guy.

    i guess sometimes u just have to beat respect into people.

    did you see the after-fight interview w/ Leben after the Leben/Martin fight?

    i love the guy now.

    and he’s obviously been working on submissions lately. .which is something you can’t lack if you’re going to be a good fighter in the UFC. . .


    i think he could probably sub sakara… if he doesn’t get a ko…

    i’m just glad he finally took a few beatings and got some sense.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Man when Leben knocked out Martin that was one of my favourite MMA moments.

    But unfortunately Leben is way too slow to be able to knockout Sakara who I’m afraid will just pick Leben apart.

    UFC 82 is STACKED. I wouldnt of minded seeing this fight but I think Koscheck will gets dibs on tv coverage before Leben does.


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