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ShoXC: Part One of Live Event Review

I wanted to first start out with a disclaimer because we are getting a lot of new readers to the site. In case you aren’t aware, I am a lead editor/writer of is a sibling company to EliteXC, which both fall under the ProElite, Inc. umbrella. As such, the review you are about to read probably won’t be as objective as if it were written by someone who wasn’t affiliated with the company. But I wanted to chronicle my thoughts nonetheless. Do with them as you wish.

By now you’ve either seen ShoXC or read a live blog or post-fight results so I’m not going to try and recap the blow-by-blow of each fight. And normally when I do my recaps, I spend a lot of time critiquing the telecast. However, since I attended the show live I will have to abstain from making specific observations about the television production aspect.

Last night was the first time I attended a EliteXC/ShoXC event live so I will give my perspective on how the live aspect of the show was executed in comparison to other major national shows I’ve attended such as the UFC, IFL, and BodogFIGHT. Also, being a Philadelphian, I will also try to provide insights about the fights from the perspective of someone who has seen quite a few of the guys on last night’s show compete on smaller shows over the course of the last year.

Because my review is so long, I’ve decided to break it down into two parts. Part I will be my thoughts of the show overall and Part II will be my thoughts on the fights and the fighters.

Overall, I felt the the show went well. It was well organized and was executed without any major hiccups from what I saw. The pacing was really good and the matchmaking was solid because the fights themselves provided a lot of action.

When trying to figure out why the show went off so well, the first thing that came to mind was staffing and leadership. When I went to the Bodog show in Trenton this past July I was surprised by the lack of direction in the back. This wasn’t the case with what I saw last night. If I had had any problems with anything the problem for me wouldn’t have been trying to find someone I could go to but trying to figure out WHICH person I should go to. And I mean that in a good way. There were EliteXC and Showtime personnel everywhere.

The EliteXC and Showtime crew were extremely courteous and friendly. Yes, I realize I work for and that puts me in a unique position, but from what I saw, all of the other credentialed media, fighters, and trainers received the same treatment as I did. Some of them weren’t happy with their vantage point (understandably so), but I won’t get into that because the beauty of having a press pass is that you can pretty much go wherever you want if you’re not tied down to a lap top (but even then you can still move around if you have wireless).

If you’ve read my reviews of EliteXC shows, you know that if there’s one thing I believe they are doing right it’s that they are putting on strong live shows. Seeing EliteXC and Showtime operate last night gave me some insight as to why the shows come off as well as they do, which is that there is plenty of staff on hand to ensure details aren’t forgotten, thus allowing everything to operate efficiently.

So I believe EliteXC has a good handle on the execution of the actual show. However, I really think that level of execution needs to transcend over for when it comes to the planning of the shows. So far, EliteXC has been late in finalizing cards and allowing themselves an optimum amount of time to get tickets on sale early and give themselves plenty of time to market the shows. The UFC just about has cards booked through May. And I mean, it feels like we’ve been talking about Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir for about six months now. I just don’t understand why EliteXC can’t be on the ball like that? It’s certainly not a case of them not having good people on board or not having enough of them. Without knowing for sure, my guess is that they need to streamline their internal process of finalizing cards.


  • William W. says:

    Great article. I agree that they need to put a bit more planning into the ShoXC events and make the matches have more “weight” to them. The idea of a ranking system and “Get a spot on the big show” matches are good ones.

  • JON says:

    You didn’t mention the Quach fight. I thought he did well but he should have finished McMasters. He usually fights at a lower weight which may have had some effect.

  • Captain says:

    The DJ scratching shit is really annoying.


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