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WEC Vice President Peter Dropick confirms March show in Sacramento a possibility

I was able to interview WEC vice president of operations and production Peter Dropick for my latest column.

As someone who is a big fan of what the WEC is doing, it was great to be able to speak with Dropick and get some insight into what the promotion’s plans are for 2008.

I was also able to ask him about a rumor that the WEC’s card in March could be held in Urijah Faber’s hometown of Sacramento with a possible title featherweight title defense from Faber against Jens Pulver.

While Dropick was clear to state that nothing in that regard is official, he was candid in revealing that the WEC is currently working on that scenario. And it’s a scenario that could even involve pay-per-view:

Q: There’s been a rumor that the WEC show scheduled for March could be held in Sacramento in Urijah Faber’s hometown. Is there any truth to that?

A: It’s a possibility. We’re still looking at dates and venues and our availability for TV, if it’s Versus or possibly … we are looking at a pay-per-view opportunity as well. I hope to have that wrapped up within a week, hopefully. That’s obviously a fight (Faber vs. Jens Pulver for the WEC featherweight title) that makes sense, and I think everyone wants that fight.

I was also surprised to learn that right now the WEC is planning just six live shows in 2008. However, Dropick did leave the door open for more shows to be added to the schedule:

Q: How many shows does the WEC plan to run in 2008?

A: It’s going to be a minimum of six fights. That’s what I have scheduled now and I could potentially add a few more to that. In addition to that we have the WrekCage taped program on Versus. That program will be a combination of fights that didn’t make our live broadcasts along with some of our best fights that have aired already. So we have eight WrekCage programs in 2008. That’s six live and eight WrekCage.

Click here to read my interview with Dropick in its entirety.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Nice interview. I would of liked to have heard an update on Filho but I guess there wasnt much you could have asked him.

    I would very much like to see Faber vs Pulver. Although I believe it would go just like Penn v Pulver 2.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Sam, what would you like to know about Filho?

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Just thoughts on a future opponent. Whether or not they were just keeping him on the sidelines until they could establish a new opponent or if they had secured a new dude. If he was considering going to 205 because 185 was too hard to cut anymore.

    And also on an unrelated note, whats happening with your fight eh.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    There’s been no real progress made with my “fight.”

    As for Filho, in a question that didn’t make the cut but was asked on the record, Dropick said they are currently looking for new challengers for him. We didn’t discuss his weight class, but I seriously doubt he will move to 205 lbs.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I was actually really surprised when he said he had trouble making 185. The guys like 4 foot nothing. This is probably a gross generalisation but is it just me or do Brazillians hate cutting weight.

  • Rich says:

    filho loses his next fight.
    i’m willing to bet.
    i see plenty of holes in his game.
    and i’m sick of people calling him the best middleweight in the world.
    in his last fight.
    he was losing the first and second round.
    he gassed in the first.
    for a mid-weight.
    that’s just sad.
    if it weren’t for the armbar [that the guy didn’t even tap to].
    he would’ve been finished shortly.

    and for comment #1.
    i don’t think pulver/faber would look like penn/pulver 2.
    obviously pulver’s a changed fighter.
    and faber’s only loss is by ko, if i’m right..?
    and that’s what pulver’s known for..

    but it would be a great fight to see.
    tell u that much for sure!

  • Evan says:

    Sam …question if I may.

    Have you tried to get a press pass from Zuffa for either WEC or UFC? I would imagine you would get shot down for this blog but I would think you would get a green light under the CBSsports banner.


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