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ShoXC Preview and Other Random Thoughts


I first wanted to apologize from the lack of updates from me. I am currently in Atlantic City for tonight’s ShoXC card. I’m here for a variety of reasons, including the fact that one of my wife’s jiu-jitsu instructors, Wilson Reis, will be fighting on the undercard.

While I train occasionally at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu United in Jenkintown, PA, my wife practically lives there. There are times when it isn’t easy to separate yourself from being a journalist and a fan and this is one of those times, as we’re really excited to see Wilson compete.

There are quite a few fighters on this card that I’ve had the opportunity of meeting and seeing fight on smaller shows over the course of the last year, and it’s just really nice to see some of these guys finally get some well-deserved exposure.

I probably won’t be able to get back to regular blogging for a few days, which is something I’d normally feel bad about. But I feel especially bad about it considering we once again broke our own monthly traffic record at I think this is now six months in a row. I’d like to thank all of the readers who check our site out daily and make it a point to tell their friends about 5 Oz. I also want to thank all the other writers on the site who have been stepping up. My schedule keeps getting crazier and without their help I don’t think there’d be much of a blog right now.

Onto the show though, which I think has a chance to be very good. One complain I hear from casual fans is that they aren’t familiar with who the fighters are that are competing on ShoXC. Well, you do have a couple of name guys in Eddie Alvarez and Paul Daley. Not to mention, does a great job giving the public pre-fight coverage of the card. If you go to the homepage and click “Pre-fight Interviews” you can see interviews with 17 fighters that will be competing on both the undercard and televised portion of the show. The interviews might give you additional context as to who these fighters are.

Here’s my preview of tonight’s show, undercard bouts included (which will not be televised on Showtime or, unfortunately):

1. Welterweight: Matt Makowski vs. Joe Shilling – I read a thread on the UG several weeks back complaining that EliteXC booked a guy in Shilling who has never had a pro MMA fight before. Well, there’s a reason why they use the “ShoXC” moniker for this franchise as opposed to just “EliteXC” and it’s because these shows are proving grounds for fighters.


  • Brent says:

    Can’t wait to see Brad Daddis’ guys win – Reis, Linebarger, and Makowski!

  • Zack says:

    I’m excited for the fights tonite, especially Eddie A, but can I make one complaint? – what’s up with all the Catchweight nonsense and changing weight classes at the last second? Seems extremely unprofessional and makes the card seem very “local” and small time. Stick with generally agreed on weight classes and make the fighters live up to them.

    End of complaint.

  • Zack says:

    Wow. Alvarez is going to be a star. He’s really really fast and strong. I hope he picks 155lb, as the match-ups for him there in the future would be awesome.

  • screwface says:

    alvarez was really impressive, as was paul daley. very entertaining. pleasantly surprised.


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