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Akiyama vs. Misaki a No Contest reports that Japanese MMA site God Bless the Ring says that the finish of the Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Kazuo Misaki fight has been overturned.

Misaki was declared the winner on the New Years Eve Yarennoka show when he delivered a brutal soccer kick to Akiyami’s head. However, there has been a public outcry that the kick was illegal because Akiyami’s hand was touching the canvas when he was struck.

The decision has been officially changed to a no contest.

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  • paddiosf says:

    i miss those soccer kicks…

  • stephen says:

    keep it official, Akiyama is a cheater and shouldnt be able to fight. Remember sakuraba? i cant believe their was an outcry. That man deserves nothing

  • hbdale309 says:

    I wonder why Yarrenoki doesn’t use the Pride rules? Pride rules are the best. It’s not like they are in the U.S. and cannot use soccer kicks and head stomps b/c of commissions. I don’t get it.

  • bubbafat says:

    The unified rules of MMA. They want to establish cred so they can co-promote with N. American companies. N. American companies and their fighters have to abide by NSAC rulings no matter where they operate in the world, if they want to operate in Nevada at all.


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