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Nate Diaz Tired of Manny Gamburyan

Nate Diaz faces Alvin Robinson this Wednesday at UFC Fight Night 12. He spoke with about the fight and a couple other topics, including Manny Gamburyan.

GF: What do you think about your opponent?

ND: I’m sure he’s tough. Everybody’s kinda tough these days and I’m not under estimating him. I’ve only seen a couple of his fights so we’ll see when I get in there.

GF: Manny Gamburyan has been looking to get a rematch with you, stating whenever he can that he only lost because of a shoulder injury. Any thoughts?

ND: You know up until now I’ve tried to be respectful about him since we were on the same team and everything but he’s making it hard for me to be that way. He must have forgotten how our training sessions went in the house. I can tell you I wasn’t the one getting tapped out and socked up the whole time but if he’s still holding a grudge and wants to fight me again than let him beat some guys and work his way back up. He’ll also need to get that operation so he can’t use that as an excuse again. If he can do that I’ll be happy to fight him again.

GF: After this fight what can we expect from you?

ND: I want to keep busy competing in tournaments or anything else to keep me busy. I hope the UFC starts giving me more fights. I see some guys fighting 5 times a year and I’d be happy to do that.

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  • Popetastic says:

    I can’t stand either of the Diaz brothers. They are so arrogant. Gamburyan was dominating that fight, plain and simple.

    Diaz won on a technicality. An injury.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    100% agree #1… neither fighter really impresses me anyways and they are going to both be mid-tier LW’s as it is

  • josh b says:

    You cant tell me you dont enjoy nick diaz fight tho! and you must have not seen the fight with gomi? nate on the other hand… eeh…

  • Anton K says:

    The Diaz brothers are far more entertaining and compelling. Gamburyan keeps his name out there simply because of the bs he tosses Nate.

    Bring Nick Diaz back to the UFC!

  • Popetastic says:

    Yeah, the Gomi fight was awesome. But the image of Nick walking out of the cage after losing to KJ Noons, flipping everyone off, makes it hard for me to like the guy.

  • Patrick says:

    Really, Manny does need to shut his mouth about Nate, he’s dwelling on it and in this sport these things happen, you deal, and you then move on. Diaz is obviously very good with his bjj and he’s got some serious aptitude when it comes to just chaining submission after submission together, he’s a jits machine gun, he’ll just keep shooting until one lands and it’s impressive. Get over it Manny, come on.

  • Rich says:

    he was flipping the doctors/ref’s off because that was a huge fight for him..
    although that is kinda wrong.. i’d have to say i’d do the same..
    and i feel nate was caught off guard by the agression of manny, and if they fought again it would be a different story.. manny would end up in some kind of submission..
    but back to nick diaz.. i used to hate him sooo much for the fight with robbie lawler.. lawler’s one of my favorite fighters.. i’d say in my top 5.. and nate was being a douche.. taunting him and stuff.. and then knocked him out.. that made me sick to my stomach.. but gradually i grew to like nick diaz as a fighter and i enjoy watching him fight now.. but in his fights w/ iron mike… and kj noons.. something seemed wrong.. am i the only one who noticed him to be sluggish?? i’m actually suprised that he managed to beat iron mike effectively.. because his arms were like spaghetti strings when he punched..
    and then against kj noons.. i noticed the same thing.. although he was more effective in that one.. for the time that he fought..
    maybe something’s been wrong w/ him…
    i thought he was sick against iron mike [he said he was travel sick] but then it happened w/ noons… so who knows..

    on my ufc fantasy card i actually have nate diaz losing a decision to alvin robinson in his next fight..

    so i kinda just contradicted what i just said… but.. idk.. that one’s still a tossup for me.

  • mike wolfe says:

    I’d love to see a re-match. I was convinced that Manny would win until the unexpected injury. The guy is just relentless and very strong for his size.

  • JacRabbit says:

    “I’d love to see a re-match. I was convinced that Manny would win until the unexpected injury. The guy is just relentless and very strong for his size.”

    I 100% agree… nate’s bjj is quality, but I personally don’t see him performing well against manny’s strong and compact frame.

  • […] smack It doesn’t take much to push a Diaz boy’s buttons, so obviously after being asked 20 times about Manny getting a rematch, Nate Diaz is gonna say “Bring it on bitches, lets do this shit.” […]

  • Goldenarms says:

    who cares about manny. hes boring as hell.

    who wants to see him lay n pray on everybody?

  • graeme says:

    I aggree I don’t like the diaz brothers either I honistly think they are too emotional they are useless when they don’t have anger fuling them that is why I think they are so cockey because they are trying to get that edge they need to win by being pissed typical street fighter trait I think they are less professional than others the only fight nate looked good in was his preminarly fight all others he got dominated before submitting his guys not to take anything away a win is a win but evrybody knows manny has his number

  • graeme says:

    I would like to see a rematch between nate and manny and I honistly think nate is really worried about it because he is getten upset he knows that manny is dangerous personally I think manny is a much better fighter I was impressed with nate’s last fight but I still think whiman luzon or manny are better fighters than he is I hope they can fight again so we can get some closure here and as I said I think diaz is tryin to dodge manny because he knows manny will blow his winning streek

  • screwface says:

    Diaz brothers never disappoint, even in loss. Manny is a little pitbull but doesnt stand a chance against nate imo. I love the the emotion they bring to the ring, not every1 grows up in a perfect world. yes they do have that street fighters mentality but thats to be expected if you know their history. and i second that, bring nick diaz back into the ufc. i dont know how anyone can decide not to respect the action they bring. they might not seem intelligent in interviews, but the technical skills they exhibit says otherwise.

  • bob says:

    personally I really hope the nate and manny fight happens it could be a grudge matchsimalar to sanchez vs koscheck hopefully it will be a better fight than that one was it was a pretty lackluster preformance my money is on manny if the rematch happens definitly.

  • ryan says:

    I would like to see a rematch between the too as well I think the tuf season 5 was stacked personally I thought either luzon or diaz would win although come the querter finals diaz looked a bit sluggish and the semifinals were even worse I thought the fight was gonna get stopped but diaz pulled it out in the end I would like to see gamburayan and diaz finish up but personally I am gonna have to aggree that manny seems to be the better fighter

  • graeme says:

    personally I really don’t care for nate’s older brother nick he has always said that the other tuf winners were undeserving and that they sucked for lack of a better word witch was pretty uncalled for I think he deserved to be thrown out of the ufc because he is a out of controll person with an attitude and when he looses he freaks out like a little 3 year old so good riddance nate is pretty cockey too but his performances are impressive but it would not surprise me to see the same kind of behavior out of him down the road hopefully he will not follow in his brothers image but that b.s he pulled on the show really bothered me I hope he changes his ways and tries to act like a better professional than his bro

  • Derek B. says:

    both of the diaz act like someone is always after them.

    They get the paranoia from smoking all that weed!

  • jeff says:

    I aggree with you graeme nick diaz is a complete ediot nate diaz is less of one but I think when he looses we will see if he is as big a poor sport as his brother it wouldn’t surprise me but I like watching nate fight after the behavior of nick diaz from his loss to kj noons he doesen’t deserve to ever fright again the elite XC should drop him for that espically for shoving that camara man.

  • Evan says:

    I kind of like them simply because its more fun to have people to root against some times.

  • maximus says:

    personally I don’t blame diaz for being upset they took that fight away from him and left it in kj’s hands too many fights are being stopped just because of a little blood or a little violence refferees and doctors have both stopped fights in my opinion the corner should be the only one too say weather or not his fighter can’t continue and the ref should not be allowed to stop the fight unless the guy is visibily unconcious and taking shots if he is still concious the fight should continue untill he either taps or gets knocked out cold jackson vs liddell that fight should not have been stopped and nither should the fight between hughes and st pirrere the second one UFC 65 it is just dissipionting that the sport is being controlled to the point where they are taking the intensity away

  • alex says:

    I love nick diaz he is one of my faveroite nate diaz is pretty annoyimng tough but annoying he is no where near his brother when it comes to skill nither is he as good as people have said nate vs kimbo someone actually said nate would win dude kimbo is huge he would rag doll nate espically since nate is so weak nick diaz I would not be surprised at all to go three rounds with kimbo because that dude just does not go down but nate no he could never mess with a guy that much bigger and stronger and you forget kimbo is a skilled fighter too and much bigger manny was killing nate when it came to strength kimbo would knock him out in 3 seconds nate diaz is good on the ground but horrible at evrything else he gets pushed around by evryone some fool actually said diaz deserved to fight penn that is redicioluos nick diaz is worthy to fight anybody he is that good nate diaz no way

  • alex says:

    personally I think nate is a bit of a punk he should fight gamburayan I don’t know why silva does not make it happen I would not mind seeing diaz fight kenny florian either but what ever I just wanna see how he acts when he gets beat up that is what I am waiting for


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