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Drwal vs. Heath Dropped From UFC 81 is reporting that Tomasz Drwal will not be part of UFC 81 due to injury:

A knee injury has forced light heavyweight Tomasz Drwal to withdraw from his February 2nd bout with David Heath on the UFC 81 card in Las Vegas. No replacement will be made for this fight, and UFC 81, which is headlined by the interim UFC heavyweight title fight between Tim Sylvia and Antonio Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira, and the UFC debut of Brock Lesnar against Frank Mir, will carry on with eight bouts.

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  • josh b says:

    sam, i know this is out of left field… but am i the only one that just cant get over the fact that tim sylvia is already getting a title shot after just one “win”?! and he couldnt even finish vera who had a broke hand the second and third round! aside from the fact that yes… i cant stand tim sylvia… he is still a top ten heavyweight with only 3 losses on his record. i do acknowledge that, but he gets dominated for 5 rounds by randy, comes back and eeks by a decision win and is granted a title shot? …anyways, sorry for my rant, just had to get that off my chest… ill go back play xbox and be fat and dream i was in the UFC.

  • Jeremy says:

    Seems that David Heath is back on the card now against Anthony Ruis according to


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