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White on Couture: “We’ll keep it (an interim title) forever. Believe me, we’ll hold on forever”

If you hate interim titles then you’re not going to like UFC president Dana White’s latest comments in Kevin Iole’s post-UFC 80 wrap up on Yahoo!.

According to Iole, White has no plans of stripping current heavyweight champion Randy Couture of his title. Usually such loyalty is only received for fighters who test positive for steroids, but I digress:

“It’s out of my hands,” White said. “He’s got a half million of my money. He can fight. He can fight if he wants to. We’ll keep it (an interim title) forever. Believe me, we’ll hold on forever.”

That’s just crazy talk if you ask me. The UFC, which filed a lawsuit against Couture earlier this week, is likely only keeping the title around Couture’s proverbial waist solely for legal maneuvering and not because White is nostalgic.

Also, was it just me, or was the fine print during vignettes during last night’s UFC 80 telecast that clarified Tim Sylvia vs. Rodrigo Nogueira’s match at UFC 81 was for the interim title pretty much buried? I saw the words “heavyweight” and “title” pretty clearly but “interim” was almost microscopic.

I understand why the UFC plans on keeping the heavyweight title as interim for an extended duration but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. The prospect of the the winner of Nogueira vs. Sylvia being just an interim champion for a protracted period of time just sucks.

And yes, I realize “interim” is merely a technicality and whoever wins that match will be the UFC heavyweight champ for all intents and purposes but isn’t White the same guy who was just quoted in an interview with that he still believes that MMA is pure? Well, what’s pure about having an interim champion with no end?

* * *

In other Couture-related news, his wife, Kim, revealed on HDNet’s “Inside MMA” this week that she is scheduled to make her amateur MMA debut on February 23. Her first fight will take place during a “smoker” at the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas against a female fighter from Vancouver.

A “smoker” is an in-house fight card hosted by a school for the purpose of allowing fighters to gain experience before they start accepting fights outside of the school. In most cases, fights usually occur between fellow students at the school and utilize amateur-style rules and having padding.

It’s unclear whether Kim Couture has aspirations of fighting pro.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Well, if she turns pro Mr. Couture can give her some advice about her contract.

  • Evan says:

    Just a small insignificant footnote…

    He met this gal when he did TUF, he left his old wife for her. This was in Matt’s book.

  • screwface says:

    good, the more filfs the better imo :p no disrespect randy but you know your wifes a hottie.

  • Evan says:


  • glock says:

    I’m beginning to think that Dana (and or the UFC) loves Randy (and /or fighters in general) the way that McDonalds loves cows…..

    Can’t you just feel the love….

    This is all gamesmanship. Randy and Fedor will hopefully meet and are trying to get a bigger slice of the pie than Dana is willing to give them. Randy knows full well that his clock is ticking as does Dana, nobody wants to see the hay get rained on, so it’s just a matter of time -they may be able to do this without him it seems to have a life of it’s own Japan seems like a good venue but so does Dubai, UAE, and abu Dahbi,if for no other reason than the funding.

  • Nate says:

    Couture vs Fedor!
    Couture vs Fedor!
    Couture vs Fedor!
    Give me Couture vs Fedor or give me death!

  • Nate says:

    PS: Bleh, Couture saying he made millions also helped out Dana White. Now everyone wants to work for him in the hopes of making the same amount of money. Before this everyone thought UFC was so tight, you got paid $14k total as a headliner. Dana doesnt want to lose top fighters to all the other MMA leagues.


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