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UFC 80: UFC Hands Out $35,000 Bonuses to Evening’s Standouts is reporting that B.J. Penn, Wilson Gouveia, Paul Taylor, and Paul Kelly all received a $35,000 bonus on top of their earnings for the UFC 80: “Rapid Fire” event.

These bonuses were $20,000 less than the more recent UFC events. No reason has been given yet as to why that is.

It was reported on the broadcast that B.J. Penn received “Submission of the Night” honors for his Rear-Naked Choke victory to secure the UFC lightweight championship against a bloody Joe Stevenson. The submission came toward the end of two rounds of complete domination by Penn. The beginning of the end of Stevenson was when Penn scored an elbow on Joe that brutally cut his forehead and caused him to bleed profusely all over the Octagon. There was in interesting interaction between Penn and Sean Sherk during the post-fight interviews when B.J. started out saying, “Sean Sherk, you’re dead!”

Wilson Gouveia received “Knockout of the Night” honors for his flash left hook knockout against Jason Lambert. Gouveia spent most of the first round on his back receiving ground and pound strikes to the face. He came out in the second round with a new-found determination and created some distance to score a few solid strikes against “The Punisher” before the KO at 0:37 into the round.

Paul Kelly and Paul Taylor both receive the bonus for “Fight of the Night” as the two British fighters kept a high-pace throughout the entire three rounds, ultimately resulting in a unanimous decision victory for Wolfslair Academy’s Paul Kelly. The two went back and forth in standup and ground battle, but Kelly seemed to continuously get the better of the exchanges in his UFC debut.

There is still plenty of post-UFC 80 to come. Stay close to Five Ounces of Pain for more UFC 80 coverage.

  • jaydog says:

    My KO of the night goes to Jorge Rivera. The camera angle was awesome, right over the shoulder of Rivera, you see this straight left headed toward a terrified and beaten-up Kendall Grove and then KaBoom! his head snaps back and he crumples to the ground. The bout may have been mis-ruled a TKO, but for me, it was an awesome moment and a clear KO. The Wilson shot was a lucky haymaker (thrown from the hips, no less) at the end of a sloppy combination series. Sure, it turned the fight around, but I’m a sucker for Rivera’s story of fighting to put food on the table. At his age, it’s really admirable; an uplifting victory over a snot-nosed punk.

  • Boondock says:

    Found the site a few days ago and love it.

    Keep up the good work fellas.

    Long Live MMA!


  • screwface says:

    riveras ko was def a great unexpected outcome. i have a feeling grove will be cut soon. but that was a great way to start the ppv. brutal ko, gj rivera.

  • Jaydog, I totally agree with you. And if you don’t give it to Rivera you have to give it to Marcus Davis. Gouveia was swinging out of desperation.

    Screwface, yes, Grove has lost a couple in a row, but do you think that the UFC is ready to make Grove the first TUF champion to be cut?

  • xx2000xx says:

    Paul vs Paul, fight of the night, and there is no debate about that too.

  • screwface says:

    mike i say this because, dana seems to be thinning the herd lately, and grove is team punishment, nice way to say f*ck you tito, but i hope im wrong.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    No way does Grove get cut anytime soon. He’ll be put on a fight night against another low level opponent, and if he fails that, on an undercard or to WEC. They aren’t going to cut a TUF champ without giving him every single chance they can.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    The only reason I could see them not giving the KO of the Night to Rivera is, as the very short fight unfolded, we could see that it was going to happen. Gouveia WAS swinging out of desperation, but he pushes Lambert away to create distance and took a couple solid swings. It was a huge turn of events and a big flash KO. For the upset factor though, I can agree with Jaydog, but for a comeback flash KO and a dramatic Lambert crumbling to the ground, I can side with the UFC too. Lots of awesome KOs to choose from yesterday.

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