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Chuck With Chicks

TMZ caught Chuck Liddell hanging out with his posse – all-female and all-blonde. Click on the image for the video.


A touch of the gloves to MMAmania.

  • Evan says:

    wow…did I read that title wrong at first glance…

    thought this wite was going in a WHOLE new direction…

  • Derek B. says:

    I’ll take 2 please!

  • Paul says:


  • Adam Morgan says:

    Ummmm. Is TMZ the most worthless website ever? Lots of videos following celebrities around while their bodyguards yell and they try to get into their cars. That’s entertainment.

  • Owen says:

    PIMP! …and this guy is gonna be 40 pretty soon

  • Evan says:

    Adam…I think TMZ is run by paparazzi and the videos is where they dump of their un-sellable (is that a word?) left overs.

  • Evan says:

    “PIMP! …and this guy is gonna be 40 pretty soon”

    I am willing that “pimp” has a serious case of dirty dick.

  • Andy says:

    After seeing that I have more respect for Chuck simply for the fact that he didn’t dis anybody on the camera, he was all smiles, and he is still accessible to the fans in a small way even with his “rockstar” status. That is way more impressive than the girls, cause it’s a lot harder to tell a fan “NO” than to score as many hot chicks that he wants!

  • JohnnyRev says:

    Chuck Liddell like him as a fighter or not, is probally the coolest cat out there ! He is half crocked with hotties and still stops and takes kick ass shots with people! Gotta love that !

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Man Chuck looks shitfaced.. f’n hilarious though good for him

  • mike wolfe says:

    Chuck’s a killer in the octagon and out of the octagon.


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