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Why Brock Lesnar will beat Frank Mir

UFC 80 is scheduled for this weekend in New Castle, England. And while I’m looking forward to B.J. Penn fighting Joe Stevenson for the UFC lightweight title, I still have my eye on UFC 81, which is scheduled to take place a few weeks later in Las Vegas on February 2.

The match I’m looking forward to most at UFC 81 is the heavyweight clash between Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir. As a former wrestling fan, I have to admit that I am curious to see the visual of a former WWE heavyweight champion standing in the middle of the Octagon. I am also dying to see how Lesnar will fare against legit competition such as Mir, a former UFC heavyweight champion.

Some of you are sick of the hype behind Lesnar and you want to do all that you can to ensure the tainted influences of pro wrestling don’t infect mixed martial arts. But whether you like it or not Brock Lesnar is coming to the UFC in a few short weeks. And if he’s going to compete as a legitimate athlete then he should be treated as such until he gives us a reason not to.

And being that he’s going to be competing in a few short weeks, I wanted to break down his matchup against Mir. The strange thing is the more I looked at the fight, the more I became convinced that this is a fight Lesnar will win. And here’s why:

1. Mir’s striking isn’t good enough to expose Lesnar’s standup – Ultimately, I think Lesnar will prove to be much better on his feet than some people are projecting. I was able to interview Pat Miletich in December of ’06 following a seminar he taught in the Philadelphia area. Lesnar had spent some time at MFS in Iowa during the early portion of his training and Miletich got to work closely with him. Miletich said that Lesnar was surprisingly light on his feet for a man of his size. Footwork is the first step in the long road towards becoming a polished striker.

There are other reasons why I believe Lesnar will prove to be an effective striker. He showed impressive power and accuracy when he was raining shots down on Min Soo Kim from the mount at “Dynamite USA!!” in June.

Throwing punches from the punch and on the feet are two different things, but you could at least see the power in Lesnar’s hands. If some of that power can transcend to his standup game, at the very least he’ll give opponents something else to have to be concerned about in addition to his wrestling ability.


  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Mir shouldn’t close and grapple with Lesnar, at least not until later in the fight. Lots of leg kicks will take away Lesnar’s movement and ability to shoot, and will also set up punching combos for Mir. If Lesnar’s stand up is rough, he will have a difficult time checking or countering the leg kicks.

  • HexRei says:

    Why Mir will win:

    The ref won’t let Lesnar continue to fight with a broken arm.

  • Luke says:

    Sam – your man crush on Lesnar is affecting your judgement.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    Reason #4: Mir was never very good to begin with.

    Have all you Mir fans never seen his fights against suck-ass guys like Ian Freeman and Wes Sims? He was *brutalized* by Freeman and *barely* beat a shitty fighter in Sims. And this was “in his prime”. Mir always sucked. He gets one lucky armbar that Sylvia incorrectly defended and he’s been enshrined in this bizarre fanboy hall of fame with Belfort.

    I personally think Mir will be lucky to make it out of the first round without a broken face.

  • Jiu-Jitsu guy says:

    I wrote this on Frank Mir’s website. I think we need to seriously discuss how Brock is not a natural athlete and proven user of HGH.

    Title: Mir will win in spite of Brock being a PROVEN HGH USER

    I wish Frank the best with this fight, as he is a true champion and solid man. This is in contrast to Brock, who was found with growth hormone in 2001. He says he has no problem being tested. Ya, no kidding. He knows he cannot get caught with that, or at least in the past.

    I have NO RESPECT FOR CHEATERS. I hope Frank breaks something in a brutal submission. He deserves it. I have had it with these so called athletes (like Marion Jones) who would have been nothing in sports without cheating.

    I also don’t care what Brock did in college, as I would bet anything he cheated with HGH then. He won the title in 2000 ONE YEAR before being busted. I guarantee you he was not a legit wrestler. He was a pumped up cheater who was probably an above average athlete in reality. Just like many of us who played college sports and excelled, yet never took a thing.

    Send this guy into early retirement Frank. He doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as you.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Luke, my only man crush is for you. My reasons for believing Lesnar will win are purely technical.

    Mike, if Mir throws kicks then they better be low. Lesnar caught Kim’s kick and took him down that way. He could possibly do the same to Mir.

  • Brent says:

    I don’t know how this fight will turn out, but Sam probably remembers the Pat Miletich seminar where he told us Lesnar would be a force at heavyweight and that his real wrestling skills were no joke and he was training MMA seriously…

    It will be interesting to see, for sure.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    #5 is that you Frank Mir?

  • Rich says:

    lol @ luke & HexRei !!

    man crush…

    frank mir was one of the best fighters in the world before his accident… in my opinion… if what he said after his defeat of hardonk was true… and he really is back in the jist of things… he should have no problem beating lesnar… i’m SURE that lesnar’s ground game isn’t good enough to keep him from getting submitted… and for the ones who say he looked good in his fight against min soo kim… here’s a thought… u have a 6 foot plus man that is practically pure muscle… fighting a small asian man… did anyone count lesnar out in that one?? frank mir will be a different, more experieced, and bigger (no offense min soo kim) opponent.. and in agreement w/ wolfe.. i would hope that he plans to use leg kicks.. because those would totally shut lesnar down… and fact of matter is lesnar might not know how to defend them.. and he might not expect them…
    on the other hand…
    if lesnar is serious about this fight business in any kind of matter… he will have done some research on frank… and worked on sub-defense… and any other grappling from the bottom… and… worked on the stand-up game in terms of head kicks, leg kicks, maybe a strong clinch game… anything aside from boxing.

    THEN AGAIN— this IS the UFC and ANYTHING could happen…
    mir could win by ko in 4 sec.
    lesnar could win by a triangle in 1 min.
    ANYTHING could happen

    in other words…
    no matter what i’ve just said about lesnar… there’s not enough footage to accurately predict anything w/ him.
    [emphasis on ‘accurately’]

    sooo. . .

  • Rich says:

    i just realized how huge that comment was.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Rich, what does Kim’s ethnicity have to do with anything?

  • Rich says:

    hey, grape knee high, first of all… fighters have ‘off’ nights… which is the only way i could describe the fight w/ ian freeman.. who isn’t that much of a ‘suck ass’ fighter anyway… and did u miss the second fight between mir and sims? Sims might as well have left the arena in a body bag..
    and then u dog on belfort, who happens to be one of my favorite fighters.. if u take a look at some of his losses u start to see a pattern…
    randy couture [twice]
    chuck liddell
    tito ortiz
    these are losses to pioneers of the sport!
    vitor’s O N L Y problem is that he doesn’t utilize his jui jitsu like he should.
    and back to mir..
    if he wouldn’t have broken tim’s arm when he did… he still would have submitted him within the same minute they went down..
    plus, if u wanted to bring up bad fights that mir’s had… instead of bringing up Sims & Freeman u should have mentioned his fights with Marcio Cruz and Dan Christison..
    because… those… were travesties.

  • Derek B. says:

    I have to disagree with you on this one Sam.

    You will be able to time Lesnar’s punches so easily it’s not even funny.

    His big muscles aren’t going to allow him to be very agile inside of the ring.

    I just don’t see Lesnar winning the fight….sorry but I just don’t think he’s mentally ready to fight someone like Mir.

  • bigfish042 says:

    I still think Mir will pull out the W via submission. But it will not be easy by any stretch.

    The UFC spent a lot of money on Lesnar. They did not do it have the debut be floundered away. They must know something. Just like their bottle fed Bisping, the UFC would not risk Lesnar getting crushed in his very first fight.

    They plan on using his name to make the UFC some bucks. They would NOT of placed him with Mir if they didnt think he at least had a decent chance

  • Rich says:

    um… sam… it doesnt…but… he was asian… might as well not leave out any details right? either way… he’s a small man… hahaha..

    p.s.- small man compared to lesnar that is.

  • Rich says:

    u know… now that i think about it… i wonder how lesnar’s gonna do in the cage??

    shouldn’t be too bad right?
    he had a few steel cage matches in the wwe.

  • dice says:

    Mir was never that good? Yeah I actually have to agree with that one. He is easily the worst UFC champion of all time (has there ever been a fight where he looked in shape?). But I am quite shocked at the number of people picking lesnar over him. The current betting line has mir at +115 to +140. That means a lot of people are putting money on lesnar.

    There is no doubt that lesnar has a chance of winning, he is an enormous wrestler with a lot of intensity. However for people to think he is the favorite in this fight seems absurd, we at least know where Mir stands whereas with Lesnar we don’t have a clue(standup? Cardio? sub Defense?). He will get tapped in less than 4 minutes. I just hope he doesn’t get injured permanently.

    PS Here is a little tidbit of info, go find the 2nd or 3rd fights of guys like Couture, Henderson, Randleman or just about any other wrestler turned MMA fighter. They mostly won, but looked extremely raw in doing so. I expect the same from Lesnar (the raw part, not winning).(watch Enson vs. Couture and you will get an idea of how this fight will most likely go)

  • drewdoodoo says:

    Sam, Mir’s standup isn’t good? You obviously didn’t see the training video where he kicks his wife in the face.

    I see Brock charging straight at him from the second the bell rings, then Mir breaks his leg again after kneeing Brock in his huge face.

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  • Grape Knee High says:

    Rich, Min-Soo Kim is ~250 lbs. Or, in other words, around the same size as Mir. Kim is not a small man by any means, which is how he gets the freak-show matchups that he does in K-1.

    Also, that fight with Sims was a sloppy fight where both gassed heavily. He could just as well have been KO’d by Sims. And Sims sucks. And the reason I bring up these fights is so people can’t complain about “post-accident” nonsense. This was when he was supposedly in his prime. If he didn’t look good back in the old days when people barely cross-trained and he was in his “prime”, what makes anyone think he’s elite in the new MMA world of fighters with better cardio, athleticism and cross-training?

    Other than a lucky armbar against Tim Sylvia, who has Mir beaten that makes you think he’s so great? Pete Williams?

  • Derek B. says:

    Mir is a great fighter Grape. He is former UFC heavy weight champion…how can he not be a great fighter?

    Do you just get lucky and become a champion? I don’t think so. He worked for what he has accomplished.

  • Lesnar will overpower and out cardio Mir. His only chance is a submission from the bottom and I don’t see it happening.

  • ufcfan says:

    great analysis…

    i too am intrigued by the fight. i’m still leaning towards mir. i think brock is going to be extremely nervous/excited/anxious for this fight..and i find it highly likely he will score a takedown but in the ground n pound, you can easily get caught in a quick armbar, choke…i just see lesnar making a mistake and getting caught.

  • Rich says:

    not only was it great that he beat pete williams… but it was the way that he did it…
    i’m just getting sick of people giving him absolutley no credit what-so-ever.
    dice: “He is easily the worst UFC champion of all time”
    DICE… that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard!
    you would have to be stupid to make a comment like that.
    and grape knee… you keep mentioning this ‘lucky armbar’.
    there’s no such thing as a lucky armbar… lucky ko’s.. yes…definately… lucky submissions.. no..
    tim sylvia’s just too damn stupid.
    Tim Sylvia, a man known for his striking, decides to tank frank mir, a man known for his submissions, to the ground.
    that greatly show’s sylvia’s stupidity.
    he says he got caught in the moment and caught the kick and took him to the ground… why not catch the kick and punch him in the face? or.. not catch the kick at all…
    but… that’s just BIG TIM for ya.. can’t stand the guy… but.. that’s a different story..
    frank mir is a good fighter and u guys need to show a tad bit more respect.
    he has astonishing jiu jitsu. and there’s not too many heavyweights that have as amazing a ground game as he does.

  • brutus says:

    Wouldn’t Lesnar benefit from utilizing a clinch game to beat Mir up? If his wrestling and strength are as good as people say he can stay out of both standup exchanges and the ground, situations were Mir is at his most dangerous.

  • HexRei says:

    22 mma blaster Says:
    January 16th, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    Lesnar will overpower and out cardio Mir. His only chance is a submission from the bottom and I don’t see it happening.

    Totally! With an incredible 1 MMA fight against a can and such a great record of WWE fight wins how can we possibly disagree? He’s truly a proven warrior!

  • Captain says:

    I’m picking Mir with an armbar from the bottom. I wouldn’t take it to the bank but I’ll certainly take the credit if it happens.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I know that Mir was injured in a motorcycle accident, but that was before I was into MMA. Exactly what were his injuries? Spinal? Head? arm/leg? Specifically how did they seem to change his style or skills?

  • Captain says:

    ^^^While there may have been other injuries, what I remember is he broke his femur. Yikes!

  • Captain says:

    Oh, he couldn’t train for a long ass time while his leg healed and became fatter than he ever was before. Even after he could start training again they were worried that hard training would snap his leg becuase it’s held together with screws and metal plates and rubber bands and such.

  • haga says:

    The city in England where UFC 80 is being held this weekend is Newcastle, England, not New Castle.

  • Evan says:


    sometime in 04 and he was a champ at the time. I think they did an interim title if

  • Evan says:


    sometime in 04 and he was a champ at the time. I think they did an interim title if I remember right.

  • Barochoc says:

    Lots of bias guys in here. I’m exited to see what Lesnar will bring. He’s a very aggressive fighter with incredible strength. He’s very compact & I reckon he’ll be a bitch to submit. People forget very quickly that wrestlers in the WWF not WWE have to have pretty good conditioning & are very powerful. Some stars have been known to do over 300 shows in 1 year!!!!! You can’t do that & be a pussy even if most of the strikes aren’t real.
    Here’s Lesnar winning at Dynamite!! USA:

    I’ve rarely seen a fighter tap out from strikes in this position. Reckon they were seriously powerful strikes. He’s very powerful & doesn’t look to slow for my books.

    Mir has more experience no doubt but he’s not at the level needed to end this quickly if possible. Not taking away his achievements but UFC has come a long way in the last 4-5 years. Just look at GSP! The future as they call him. So well rounded it’s not funny. That’s where all fighters want to be.

    I’d like to see Mir win because I consider him a vet & he’s been through the mill. I just hope that the fight is a good one & that the UFC haven’t made a big mistake with Lesnar. Something tells me that this is going to be someone’s wake-up call.

    Anyway, Arlovski would wipe the floor with both of them. I’m praying for him to get his shit together. He’s exciting but let himself down in the Silva rematch.

    Ciao 4 now & don’t hate, appreciate 😉

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Oh Sam, you so crazy.

    You can take it to the bank that a dude with 1 fight against an absolute can will beat a former UFC heavyweight champion.

    Lesnar will come out and throw a couple of punches and then will run Mir into the fence and then take his legs out. He will then go ape shit with punches and throw one big looping one which Mir will catch and then break.

    OR Lesnar will take Mir down and Mir will spin on the bottom trapping an arm and then apply a fight ending toe hold.

    The first one is a lot more likely but the second one is what happened the last time Mir was in this type of situation.

  • Rich says:

    the first fight between arlovski and sylvia was the interim fight for the heavyweight title.
    Arlovski won and became the heavyweight champion.
    mir never got around to getting the title shot because of an unsuccessful return.
    u know…
    lost the first match back..
    then performed horribly in his second match back. [although he won]
    and then got seriously jacked up by brandon vera in the third fight back.
    after a quick win over hardonk and a possible win over lesnar.. and maybe one more fight.. he can finally get a shot at the title again.
    as much as i hate tim sylvia and wouldn’t wan to see him as heavyweight champ again… i would like to see him and mir meet for the title again.. for old times… you know..

  • Asa says:

    Regarding Brock and hormones in 2001, he was training for Pro wrestling at the time in OVW (WWE’s WEC) where he was bigger than he ever was while competing. Nowadays he looks like he did when he was a collegiate wrestler, so I highly doubt that he’s still on HGH. Besides, it makes you bigger (good for WWE stuff) but makes your muscles weaker (bad for MMA).

    And if you think taking steroids for WWE crap is cheating, then you guys must hate Rachelle Leah, and number of other chicks whose tits are “cheating” for entertainment work as well. :)

    I think Mir has a chance, and I think Brock has a chance. Should be a fun fight.

  • mike wolfe says:


    Are you suggesting that Ms. Leah is a pro?

  • wetnap says:


    “Rachelle Leah, and number of other chicks whose tits are “cheating” for entertainment work as well”

    I think you are mistaken regarding Rachelle’s fabulous boobs. I do think the camel toes in this photo shoot might be cheating.

    Can you find all seven?

  • pdmania says:

    I say Lesnar in the first round by head kick. His stand up is second to none.

  • Joe says:

    I see lesnar keeping this fight where he wants i dont see mir being able to take him down and no offense to hardonk dont use that to gauge mirs abilitiy because hardonk has very little in the way of wrestling ….And thank you for whoever brought up the Mir vs Cruz fight…Cruz not nearly as good a wrestler as Lesnar and im talking the legit kind and he jacked mir up pretty bad….I see this going close along the lines of mir vs cruz…Or if Lesnar has any kind of clinch game …clinch and pound reminiscent of couture

  • Patrick says:

    Brock wasn’t caught with HGH or steroids, they were a vitamin supplement. And for the record, I think Mir will win because of experience. Brock in the past has never been caught short on agility, cardio, or speed though. With a few fights under his belt, I personally think he has a chance at a good run in UFC

  • BJJMMA says:

    UHH Mir submitted Roberto Traven in his debut, that dudes a fricking bjj nutjob, franks gonna screw lesnar like a prom night prostitute. Mir wins via triangle in the first round. Wrestlers always leave on arm in its just their nature.

  • BrockLesnar'sGynecomastia says:

    Haha. Brock Lesnar Lost!
    Your guess was wrong.
    You lost.

    No tards that like watching goons who wear clown makeup, capes, and man-thongs in MMA please. Leave it in WWE fake wrestling. go home.


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