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Georges St. Pierre talks his MMA legacy

In a recent interview with, former UFC welterweight champion and current UFC interim welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre discussed the looming rematch with Matt Serra and what lies ahead for Georges if he regains with 170 lbs. title.

In St. Pierre’s plans for the future his manager, Shari Spenser talks about how once ‘Rush’ regains his title he wants to move up to both the middleweight and light heavyweight classes to challenge for the title.

“He wants to leave a legacy,” Spenser said. “He wants to be the most dominant fighter the UFC and MMA has ever seen, and he intends to accomplish that by dominating the 170-pound weight class, moving up to the 185 weight class and then eventually the light heavyweight class.”

This could be construed as getting a little ahead of himself, as he still has to get past Serra first, and then the likes of Fitch, Parisyan, Penn etc. But how crazy would it be to see St. Pierre fighting someone like Anderson Silva or Dan Henderson or Rampage or Liddell?

I know it’s a long way off thinking about any of that, but its interesting to see what type of mark St. Pierre wants to make in the world of mixed martial arts.

  • The Bean says:

    I think GSP is the man, with limitless talent. I could definitely see him throwin down at middleweight, but i couldnt see him hanging with the 205’ers….what does he walk around at on fight day, 190? All that aside i would say he’s already made a lasting mark on the ufc, and mma in general, and he has nothing but great things ahead of him.

  • yenny says:

    That would be rad! Wait a minute… he’s not looking past Serra is he?

    When Serra gets a hold of this, he’s going to be super motivated to play spoiler again and eat pizza.

  • dsid says:

    I like Serra, but St. Pierre will roll through him this time. He already made the mistake of taking him too lightly once and I don’t see any way it’ll happen a second time.

    Will be interesting to see Serra drop down to his natural class at 155, though. That class will be crazy stacked then, with Penn, Serra, Sherk, Stevenson, etc., etc. Good stuff down there right now.

  • Gabber says:

    Man, I love GSP but hate to say it, there’s way too many people banging on the WW door. He would have to be dominate for a long, long, time before anyone believes he has no competition.

    You have to be devoted to be a champion. The only reason Randy (and possibly BJ) have done what they’ve done is because they lost. Started over again. I think if GSP loses again, if it’s against Serra or someone two years from now, that blemishes the legacy. I would be pissed to see him brush off a top notch WW to fight a plug at MW and I wouldn’t want to see him get an automatic title shot. That’s just not right.

  • The Bean says:

    I think GSP getting an instant title shot at middleweight would be awesome…Silva has no real competition after Hendo, at least not for a couple of months when they begin to groom all the new middleweights. So whoever wins this fight would be who fights GSP for middleweight. GSP could jump back and forth between both classes easy, boxers do it all the time.

  • jjdnb says:

    If Serra dropped GSP, imagine what Anderson Silva could do to him

  • The Bean says:

    @ #6

    Serra landed a lucky, some would say illegal) punch…not to take away his win…but GSP wins that fight 9 out of 10 times….whatever this has all been said before. You can’t tell me that GSP wouldnt give Silva a serious run for his money.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    GSP is listed at 4″ shorter than Silva. He can put on more weight, but eventually it will slow him down and reduce his endurance. Meanwhile, there’s nothing he can do to make up for the height difference. Silva put his knees into Franklin’s chin with little effort, and Franklin is only 1″ shorter than Silva. It would be much easier for Silva to fire them into a shorter fighter like GSP. I admire GSP’s enthusiasm, but seriously doubt his ability to stand with Silva. There’s no way he could be bang with the light heavies who are 4-6” taller and 35 lbs. heavier.


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