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Road to UFC 81 (video): Mir training for Lesnar

Mir doesn’t sound to worried about Brock Lesnar, but admits there’s not too much tape of Brock to study.

Thanks to for the video.

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  • Jeff C says:

    “Mir training for Lesnar”? He just layed there the whole time and didn’t really do anything but kick a few pads. If he don’t get it together Lesnar is gonna absolutely destroy him.

  • Freedom says:

    Jeff… I mean come on… how old are you dude?

  • Jeff C says:

    I’m 33, what does that have to do with anything? These are supposed to be responses about the video not me. Get with the program.

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    Jeff, thats funny b/c it took me a while to title this post. I mean, Mir basically talks the entire time. Except for when he kicks the pads held by that chick (his wife??).

    Raw Vegas is usually good for something interesting, but this one falls kinda flat.

  • Freedom says:

    You think thats how he really trains?

  • Jeff C says:

    I’m not saying that’s how he trains, I just thought it was funny that the video said Mir training for Lesnar and he was just laying on his back the whole time lol. I thought it was funny until you called my age into question for no reason. Loosen up man, I was kidding around.

  • Jeff C says:

    Btw, It wasn’t a knock on you Mr. Takedown I appreciate the video. I’m just hoping that Mir comes in shape because he don’t look too impressive in this video.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    There’s a really bad pun in this about Mir’s laid back attitude, but I’ll refrain.

  • Rich says:

    I hope that Mir whips Lesnar’s ASS!

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    We expect to interview Mir right before he fights Lesnar. If there’s any questions you guys want us to ask, please let us know.

  • Evan says:

    A few random questions…

    I want to know how close he came to retiring after his accident
    How is his knee is doing
    Does he still ride
    Does he think he will stick with the WEC doing commentary long term (I think he does a great job doing it)
    How does he prepare for the commentary (I ask this because there is no film on some of these guys)

  • platypus says:

    can mir pull off a gogoplata on lesnar?


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