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Winner of Mar/Koscheck contest is…

Winner of the Mar/Josh Koscheck prize pack for the best caption of the Liddell/Silva action shot is #124 Ross with:

Hokey pokey sing-song
You put your left hand in
I put my right fist out
I hit you in the face and hear the Vegas crowd shout.

Ross’s entry was the most original variation on a theme used by several other entrants. Nice job Ross, now you’ll have a Mar shirt for every day of the week. And big thanks to Mar Clothing for supplying such a diesel prize.

There were many really good entries that also stood out like #60, #97, and #135. Thanks to everyone who participated because this type of reader response allows 5 Oz of Pain to continue to offer more free sh*t to you guys. It’s pretty badass when sponsors come to us asking to giveaway their gear for our contests.

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