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“Get to Know Joe” UFC 80 contest from Five Ounces of Pain!

On Jan 19th, Joe Stevenson is fighting BJ Penn for the UFC Lightweight Title. To hype this bout, wants you to “Get to Know Joe”. For this trivia style contest, we have prepared seven questions about Joe Stevenson and you’ll need to search Joe Daddy’s website to find the answers.

Each day, 5 Oz of Pain will reveal the question of the day; the answers can all be found at Keep track of your answers and after the final question is revealed on Sat 1/19, be the first person to post all seven correct answers.

What will you win for all your hard work? The Joe Daddy himself has provided Five Ounces of Pain with your prize – win a t-shirt bundle from Stevenson’s new line.

To Enter: Check this post each day for the “Get to Know Joe” question of the day. On Sat. 1/19, we’ll reveal the seventh and final question.
How to Win: Be the FIRST PERSON to post all seven correct answers in the Comment String of THIS CONTEST POST.
Timing: Contest ends Saturday Jan 19th, immediately after the seventh “Get to Know Joe” question is revealed.
Judging: 5 Oz of Pain will announce winner on Monday 1/21/08

Question 1: Of his 30 wins since age 16, how many victories have been tapouts?
Question 2: Who does Joe consider one of the “best grappling instructors in the world”?
Question 3: Joe snapped a pic of which UFC fighter playing Guitar Hero?
Question 4: What meal service, also used by Bon Jovi, cooked up special meals for Joe in preparation for his trip to England?
Question 5: What are the name’s of Joe’s 3 sons?
Question 6: Who gave Joe Daddy the only KO loss of his career?
Question 7: What sport would Joe’s parents NOT let him play (even though they said ‘yes’ to fighting MMA)?


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